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Selling RS gold and using Skrill

May 16, 2019, 22:23

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If you wish to earn an extra buck or two, selling your Runescape gold is a wise and clever move. If you are a capable player, staker,  skiller, a PK’er or just have lots of GP – sell it and make it into cold hard cash. Probemas has been successfully operating in the RS gold trading market for many years now. Thousands and thousands of completed transactions later we would like to introduce a new way to sell gold.

Use Skrill. Skrill is an Online Wallet offering instant money transfers worldwide FOR FREE. It’s part of the Paysafe Group, arguably the largest provider of payment solutions for individuals and businesses worldwide. Right now Skrill is considered to be the most efficient, secure and most reliable way of making fraud-free transactions to anyone, anywhere in the world. Probemas prefers and suggests you to use Skrill to receive payments from Probemas.

Why use Skrill?

Because Skrill is a lot better for users than PayPal. The system became outdated and is truly inefficient when putting in comparison against platforms such as Skrill. Furthermore, Probemas has ceased all transactions through  PayPal because of quickness, safety as well as transparency that Skrill allows. Not yet convinced? Here are some facts:

  • PayPal can freeze your real-life funds without giving a reason, Skrill does not do it
  • With PayPal you aren’t able to have a directly linked debit card (in most of the world) which allows you to deposit cash from an ATM or pay in restaurants, stores anywhere in the world, with Skrill you can
  • Just as PayPal, Skrill can provide secure and almost instantaneous transactions anywhere around the world

How to create a Skrill account?

This will be a step by step guide on how to create a Skrill account for the secure, quick and obstacle-free conversion of your RSGP into cash.

1. Go to Skrill’s website.

2. Select register on the top right-hand side.

3. To join over 20 million other people using Skrill, you have to:

a.      Enter your Name and Surname (letters of the English alphabet only)

b.     Enter your email

c.      Create a password

4. Voila! You’re done. Almost. The instance you create an account, a confirmation email should be sent to your account. As of now, your account is live.

5. You don’t need to make a deposit in order to fully activate the account. Either verify your ID now or leave for a later occasion (whatever suits you best).

#Extra side note: Skrill will likely require that you set up an enhanced security option, this could either be a unique PIN code or you can use Google Authenticator.

So, in just a few minutes you created a working account for quick and easy real-money transactions from Probemas or anyone else in the world. Skrill is quickly becoming the first option for employers and regular individuals alike around the world. You don’t hear that about PayPal, now don’t you? So, to test how quickly it works, go to the selling RS gold part of our website and tell the live agent you want to receive money via Skrill. Follow their instructions and get your money!