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The process of buying Runescape Gold

How do I buy Runescape gold?

Probemas is a progressive and forward-thinking company that prioritizes its customers and their comfort. Currently, we accept over 20 payment methods as well as 8 currencies - USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NOK, SEK, DKK.

The wide variety of currencies accepted, and payment methods available ensure that customers from all around the world have equal access to Probemas cheap gold. We give you one of the best prices in the market, without any hidden fees. Just enter the amount of gold (in millions) you would like to purchase, your character name, email, and press ‘BUY NOW’ button.  On the checkout page select the most preferred payment method available and complete purchase. Once you have successfully paid, message our 24/7 available live chat to pick up gold. The gold is delivered to the designated pick-up location in f2p world. A wide majority of our client’s orders are completed within 5 minutes time.

Is buying RuneScape gold safe?

In, the RS Gold being sold is always obtained through legal methods, which means that you are provided with as much safety as possible and most likely will never be banned. In addition to this, we always use only high-level accounts to trade customers which provides an additional layer of safety for your account. In 6 years of business, we have never had a single customer complain about getting banned.

Why should I buy Runescape Gold?

Getting RuneScape Gold or especially OSRS Gold is no easy task - to keep afloat, you are forced to keep grinding and investing a tremendous amount of time into it. Skilling, questing, raiding - doing all of this for the sake of getting RuneScape Gold simply takes all fun out of the game. This is why here at Probemas we offer a much more feasible solution - simply Buy RS Gold, and start enjoying the game right away!

Buy RS Gold from professionals

Having been in the shoes of players that struggled to get RuneScape gold themselves, we decided to dedicate ourselves to providing services that offered cheap RS gold to everyone. Having almost six years of experience and tons of feedback to vouch for our services, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve found the most legit and best shop to buy RuneScape gold. We take all the difficult aspects of the process into our own hands, mitigating all possible risks and delivering a safe product to our buyers. Our customer support has been extensively trained to help you and make your process of buying RuneScape gold as easy as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way is to contact our 24/7 live chat which can be found at the bottom right corner. For more contact options visit our CONTACT US page.

Most of our payment methods do not require ID verification.

You can buy as much as you want as long as it is above the minimum order amount which is 5M for OSRS and 30M for RS3.

You can choose the desired currency by going to the top right corner of the page. Currently accepted currencies are:









The price you see is the price you pay. The only exceptions are for Paysafecard, Subway, CVS Pharmacy, and Dollar General gift cards.

This can be done by participating in our Loyalty Program. To read more visit our Loyalty Program page.

We have been selling and buying RS Gold since 2013. As you may think that on-site reviews are usually fake, we have gathered quite a bit of reviews at independent websites like Facebook and Trustpilot.

400+ Reviews at

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The order can be canceled and refunded at any time before the delivery. As these are virtual goods, the delivery is final and refunds after delivery are not possible.

Yes, in OSRS (Old School Runescape), the player can exchange each 1,000 Gold coins to one Platinum token to be able to exceed the limit, while in RS3 (Runescape 3), the player can exceed the limit by exchanging every 25 Gold coins for one Spirit shard.

You can! To do that, simply go to our Sell RS Gold page.

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