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Buying Runescape Gold from Probemas

When it comes down to gold in Runescape, whether it is OSRS or RS3, Probemas is your one-stop shop for all Runescape gold related needs. Grind along with tedious and repetitive tasks could become a thing of the past with a few simple clicks on our website.


What is Runescape Gold?

Runescape Gold is the main currency that is being used in the game to pay for different tradable items and to make certain activities much easier to do. It can be earned by killing In-Game NPCs such as bosses, or by killing other players in the wilderness. You can also obtain it through non-combat activities such as Alching. RS Gold can be traded to other players for different reasons, such as buying an item directly from another player or to help a new player. That means trading RSGP to anyone in the game is completely unrestricted. RS Gold is stackable in the form of coins, and the maximum amount of coins the player can have is 2,147,483,647 coins. In OSRS, the player can exchange each 1,000 Gold coins to one Platinum token to be able to exceed the limit. But in Runescape 3, the player can exceed the limit by exchanging every 25 Gold coins for one Spirit shard.

Why should I buy Runescape Gold?

Runescape Gold is the thing that makes your game less boring and much easier. It helps you to quickly finish many boring processes or to completely skip certain procedures, therefore reaching the end-game will be much faster. For example, you will be able to use the fast and expensive skill training methods, such as chinning. There are many skills available to trained using such expensive methods, so you guaranteed to train at least 70% of the skills in a short time. 

Runescape Gold can also be very useful when it comes to questing, as buying the required items for completing the quest from the Grand Exchange saves you a lot of time. It also helps you to unlock certain quests much faster by using the expensive training methods to reach the required level for the quest. 

Buying the best gear in the game is also possible when you have a lot of RS Coins. A High-tier gear is actually essential to enjoy most of the game activities, such as Raiding or boss killing.

But what if you are interested in some gambling? In Runescape, gambling is one of the best ways to enjoy your time. In the Duel arena, you will be able to challenge others for Runescape Gold, if you win, you get all the RS Coins, if you lose, your RS Coins will be given to the other player. But be sure that is always available to buy more RS Coins if needed.

Is buying RS Gold safe?

Buying Runescape Gold is safe but it can also be kinda risky based on how you do it. Buying Runescape Gold from unknown websites or players usually results in being scammed or banned. But keep in mind that being scammed has a much higher chance than getting a ban. There’s actually a main reason behind getting banned for buying RS Gold, which is that either the RS Gold you pay for is stolen or earned through using a 3rd party program. So make sure that the website you are dealing with is a reputable website because being scammed or banned is such a pain. In, the RS Gold being sold is always obtained through legal methods, which means that you are provided with much safety and most likely will never be banned. Keep in mind that there were no complaints from our customers related to being banned during our entire career.

Why should I buy Runescape Gold from Probemas?

In, we offer you cheap RS Gold, fast delivery, and high-quality service. We are a large company that has been in RS Gold selling business for almost 5 years with 0 complaints from our customers which can be seen through the positive reviews on our service. Our Runescape Gold is obtained by hand without using any kind of Bot. The ordered Runescape Gold is being delivered in a short time as the average speed is around 5 minutes. We have great customer support reflected through a 24/7 live chat on our website. We also offer you the lowest price of Runescape Gold on the internet, as well as a variety of giveaways on our Facebook page.

How do I pay for the Runescape gold?

Buying Runescape Gold through is so fast and simple, following the steps below to order your RS Gold.

1- Choose the desired amount of Gold:

On the beginning of the page, you choose to either buy OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold. Fill the fields with the desired amount of Runescape Gold or the budget you have for buying RS Gold. You will also need to provide an email address (to receive the payment receipt), in addition to your Runescape Name. After that go ahead and click on “Checkout” to proceed.

2- Pick a payment method:

On the Checkout page, you have to pick your desired payment method followed by clicking on “Buy Now” to proceed to the next page. Discount Codes are also available to use which gives you RS Gold bonuses.

3- Complete your Oder:

After clicking on “Buy Now”, you will jump to the chosen payment website where you have to fill the required details to proceed with the payment.

4- Receive your Runescape Gold:

After completing the payment procedures, you will be connected to an employee through our 24/7 live chat by clicking on “Click here to proceed to live chat”. The employee will provide you with the required information to complete the delivery, such as the meeting place, etc.

How will I receive the purchased RSGP?

Receiving the ordered Runescape Gold on your account is pretty much easy. After completing the payment on, you will be able to contact an employee through our 24/7 live chat who will tell you how to meet In-Game. The meeting will be done in a specific world and the employee will ask you to wait in the designated place. You will have to wait for less than 5 minutes until the employee sends you a trade request. He will double check through the live chat to make sure everything is okay, then the Runescape Gold will be traded in an instant.

Note that Probemas employees will never need your RuneScape account details.

What if I want to sell my RS Gold to you?

You can do that as well, you earn a decent amount of real money by selling your Runescape Gold to us. You can do that by referring to SELL RS GOLD tab to choose the amount you wish to sell and its type either OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold and click “Sell Gold”. You will be redirected to the live chat to know how to meet In-Game to trade the Runescape Gold. The way you receive your money is by providing a Skrill email or a Bitcoin wallet. We also provide bank transfers (USA, UK and European sellers only) by a direct transfer to the bank account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In general other websites mostly ask for ID verification, but in we won’t do that as we have no ID policy for most of the available payment methods. Except for some super rare cases related to suspicious credit card payments, where we might ask you to verify your ID to complete your RS Gold order. This is done for your own safety, as it prevents any unauthorized purchases to be done via your own Credit card. So it is completely secure and you should never worry about it.

Currently, we are accepting 8 different currencies covering most parts of the world. You can choose the desired currency depending on the local currency of your country or the main currency of your bank account. Go to the top right corner of the page, choose from the available 8 currencies and the gold price will change depending on the chosen currency. We do that because it makes the payment much easier for our customer as well as helping us to reach the majority of Runescape Gold customers around the world.

First of all, be sure that the majority of the RS Gold selling websites are charging processing fees which are usually hidden. Also, you may never notice these fees if they are not hidden as these websites might add additional fees at any time without giving a notification to their customers, which is totally disrespectful and unfair. In, we will cover the payment processing fees for all of our payment methods, except for Paysafecard, Subway, CVS Pharmacy and/or Dollar General gift cards. Otherwise, we will never insert any additional hidden fees regarding any RS Gold order, our customers will only pay for the amount they see in the Checkout page.

In, you can always ask for a refund, but that does not apply to the delivered RS Gold orders. The order can only be cancelled and refunded if you ask for it before we transfer the Runescape Gold to your account. So keep in mind that we will never accept any refund requests regarding any delivered Runescape Gold orders.

In we offer fast and high-quality customer service that will solve your issues in a very short time. That’s because we provide a 24/7 live chat where you can ask us any question in your mind, and/or report any problem related to Buying/Selling Runescape Gold. You can also contact us via Skype or by sending a message to our official customer support email address ([email protected]). Sending a message via our social media pages is another way to contact us. For more details, please click on the CONTACT US tab.

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