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How much is OSRS gold worth in 2018?

May 12, 2019, 22:38

Update July 15th, 2019

For more recent article visit What is RS3 and OSRS Gold Price in 2019? blog post. In case you're looking to cheapest Runescape while staying 100% safe, make sure to Buy RS Gold from trusted provider like Probemas.com

Have tons of gold, and you do not know for how much you can sell? Or, maybe you want to become the next Zezima and take the RS world by storm with your new wealth? Read the article below to find out how you can track
 OSRS gold prices and get the best deals while keeping your real funds safe and RS pockets heavy!

Runescape gold - basics

Gold in Runescape can only be obtained in-game. Players get it while carrying out tasks, selling goods or looting drops along with a few other less used methods. However, sites like Probemas offer a fresh solution to those players who are new and want to kickstart their progress! This method is also excellent for experienced veterans aiming to get that 3’rd age set or skillers looking to reach 99 in construction, herblore, magic or other skills. We sell Runescape gold here. Yes, yellow, bright gold. In-game currency is usually sold in millions, with pricing being determined per 1 million Runescape GP. The value fluctuates over-time, differs between service providers and is affected by the market also. Looking at the trend, during the time, it has become similar to real money. When the economy is doing well (many players, cool updates etc.) – the value shoots up for gold sellers, goes down for buyers and vice versa. So you have to be in constant connection with the community and be in touch to know the most up-to-date prices.

The scarcity of gold and its influence

The actual value of GP in OSRS relies strongly on the shortage of this very intriguing and unique form of currency. In the early days of OSRS, while there were fewer players, gold prices were higher, because it was harder to obtain it, but in the past year or so, the value remains steady and stable. Probemas always goes hand in hand with the market. We are always looking at the demand to ensure that every possible GP is sold at the most reasonable prices. Our service is tirelessly preparing and offering excellent deals. Because no hidden fees apply, OSRS gold is delivered quickly, and you can instantly see the final price before purchase. In the end - what you see is what you get with us.

Buyer beware

If you want to buy Runescape gold, think of yourself a hunter. You are hunting for the best deals. Be patient and do not look for miracles because they just do not exist. When it comes down to the final price of OSRS gold and how much it is worth, most websites tend to stretch the truth and use trickery. What do we mean:

  • Websites that have invested in their reputation (like Probemas) operate public social media accounts, blogs and spend a lot on development. These companies have too much to lose to do fraud. While low-end and small-budget webs could take your money and scam you because they have nothing to lose.
  • Some sites could annoy you with the processing fees, hidden taxes and other nonsense that inflates the final cost for nothing.
  • No live support means that your problems could be resolved very slowly. Thus always prefer a service provider who can give you answers or help you out at any time.
  • More payment methods mean a more involved business that looks to satisfy their customers. If you can choose only one payment method, you are more likely to get scammed.
  • Giving information should be done carefully. Ensure your safety by carefully analysing the payment procedure. Do not provide ID photos or other info without reading the info first.


The worth of Runescape gold is always changing. As updates get brought in, players come and go, value per million keeps changing. The RS economy is a living organism and prices fluctuate frequently. What we can ensure you on is that once you open Probemas - the price you see is the price you get at the checkout. No processing or additional taxes/fees will be applied. Oh and by the way, any player can get a small discount if he or she reads everything on our page from top to bottom. There are small gifts scattered around the place!

Also, you can see the price of gold in your native currency. Probemas operates using eight popular forms of currency and also accepts BitCoin. Ten payment methods are currently available. A from any place on the planet can get the same price no matter how he or she chooses to pay. You will be able to check out with millions of in-game currency without the annoying hassle of fees, taxes and other nonsense implicated by other services. Returning customers get badass deals so wait no more and become a part of our community!

If you have questions regarding pricing, feel free to contact our live support team and ask them about OSRS gold. They will answer with speed and professionalism!


Since the dawn of time, gold trade has been around as a common practice. From friends selling to friends and self-made Runescape millionaires sharing their wealth, it has become a massive business. With many players finding the positive aspects of this market it just keeps on growing. The prices have been very different throughout the years of Runescape, but to truly understand what affects the market and what to expect in the future, get familiar with this.

  1. Gold trading before Runescape 2 was a secret thing. Although no real track records are left, without many forum posts or one or two websites here and there, no real business existed. Scarce info sources show that the prices could have been between 6 to 11 USD per million in today’s money.
  2. Runescape 2 is launched, and RS just blows up. It is what OSRS is designed and patented after. With many improvements over the years, gold market improved accordingly. Although overhauls and changes happened, gold prices remained the same, although adjusted for inflation the price drops to approx. 5.5-10.5 USD. The cost would have kept rising, but the vast numbers of new faces and massive amounts of players joining the game made the market more competitive. More gold meant lesser costs for buyers. That is a win-win situation for us, players!
  3. Runescape 3 is when the bad things hit the fan. It is a subject of debate, and while appreciated by some people, gold traders are probably amongst those who did not enjoy the move by JAGEX. Gold prices dropped to around 1-2 USD and kept falling since with occasional increases happening over the period.
  4. Free trade removed – gold prices crash once more because players left the sinking boat. Also, you could not trade significant sums larger than 50k, so much ingenuity and creativity went into every deal while prices were staggeringly low. Runescape seemed lost and subsequently lost a lot of loyal and devoted players. With free trade coming back, gold sellers returned with a bang. Because the demand was high, everyone had their expectations raised to the max! This stage increased the prices to 1,8-4 USD per million.
  5. Today’s (whenever it is you are reading this article) gold prices are listed on the homepage of our website. Do not forget that loyal customers get discounts. The market finally seems stable, and sellers along with buyers can happily and calmly buy OSRS gold from Probemas.

Future of gold prices

Knowing so much about the past, we can speculate (a bit) about the future. As you see with every update where there has been something added to the game (RS 2, bringing free trade back etc.) – gold prices seemed to have risen. The times when prices dropped were terrible for gold sellers and most players involved because then everyone loses. Prices fall, tons of scammers emerges, and players leave. Absences mean a less competitive game, more bots and so forth. As players, we do not want to see such updates. However, an upcoming update promises to be spectacular and should be added to the game shortly! Old School Runescape mobile seems like the next big thing and players should keep an eye on gold prices. Now is the time to buy, guys!

Insiders and market experts sense an upcoming increase in prices for gold. Because gaming will become more competitive and players will be able to carry out tasks on the go, this means that gold will be even more necessary. So the best time to invest and get your GP for OSRS is now!