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Frequently Asked Questions

Runescape 3 Gold is the official game currency that is used for trading various items, such as weapons, etc. In addition, it is used to make some game activities largely less complicated. You can earn it by killing In-Game monsters such as bosses, or by Skilling and PKing. RS3 Gold can be used directly to trade a player for an item or can be used through the Grand Exchange to offer for a desired item. It can also be given to your friends for free without restrictions in a form of Gold coins which is stackable up to a maximum amount of 2,147,483,647 coins. But you can use Spirit shards to exceed the RS3 Gold stack limit, each Spirit shard costs 25 Gold coins.

Runescape 3 Gold is all you need to fully enjoy the game. In general, you use RS3 Gold to reach the end-game in a short time. That is being done by finishing a lot of boring processes much faster or even skip some procedures. For example, Training your skills is very boring and consumes much time, but there are some expensive methods to train your skills much faster. These methods are also available for the majority of the skills, which means you will be able to train them all in a short time using RS3 Gold. Runescape 3 Gold can be also used to finish quests much faster. That can be done by buying the items needed for the quest from the Grand Exchange. In addition, you can unlock a lot of quests in a short time by training your skills the expensive way to achieve the required levels for any quest. Buying a top-tier gear is actually the main use of RS3 Gold in the game. It is essential to have the best in slot gear to fully enjoy the end-game activities such as Raiding. Gambling is also something else to do in Runescape 3, as you can use your RS3 Gold or items to bet on a fight between you and another player in the Duel Arena. If you win, you get all the RS3 Gold (yours and the opponent’s), if you lose, everything will be given to your opponent. But don’t worry, because is always there to sell you any amount of RS3 Gold.

Buying Runescape 3 Gold is very safe but it can be risky in some cases based on the seller you are dealing with. Buying Runescape 3 Gold from unknown sellers probably ends up being scammed or banned. Actually, being scammed is much popular than having your account restricted. In general, the well-known reason for being banned is that you bought stolen RS3 Gold or it was earned by a bot. In, all of our resources are large and legal, which means buying RS3 Gold from us will never give you a ban. It’s worth to mention that we have got 0 feedbacks regarding being banned during our 5 years of selling RS3 Gold.

Runescape 3 Gold is pretty much unstable, the prices will always be different, that means the price at the moment is not going to be the same after a few minutes or hours. It totally depends on the demand and the Gold supply, each factor affects the prices in a different way. For example, if the demand is very high, the RS3 Gold prices will be very high, and if it is very low that means the prices will be very low. And the opposite effects apply when it comes to Gold supply. There is also another affecting factor, which is the game updates. If the released update is featuring a modify to a certain popular money making method, then the prices are going to be affected depending on if this modify is a nerf or a buff. Also, keep in mind that releasing new items will always result in higher RS3 Gold demand, which means higher market prices.

Buying Runescape 3 Gold from is not complicated at all, you just have to follow the steps below to order any amount of RS3 Gold you want:

1- Choose the Gold amount: On the top of the page, you choose to either fill the fields with the wanted RS3 Gold amount or the money you have to spend. Then you enter an email address (to receive the payment receipt), as well as your Runescape Character Name. After that, you click on “Checkout” to proceed.

2- Choose a payment option: When you proceed to the payment page, you will need to click on “Buy Now” after choosing a payment method to proceed. You can also use Discount Codes to gain RS3 Gold bonuses.

3- Finish the Gold order: Clicking on “Buy Now” will send you to the checkout page where you have to enter your details to complete the RS3 Gold order.

4- Receive your Runescape 3 Gold: After finishing everything related to the payment, an employee will contact you via our 24/7 live chat once you click on “Click here to proceed to live chat”. He will then tell you how the RS3 Gold will be transferred to your account.

Receiving your Runescape 3 Gold order In-Game is so simple. Once everything related to the payment is done on, the employee will tell you which world you have to hob on in addition to the place to meet. This actually will be told to you via our 24/7 live chat, so make sure to not close your browser. The employee will be right next to you in less than 5 minutes to send you a trade request. After that he will have to go back to the live chat to check your character name once more, then the RS3 Gold will be successfully traded to your account. Note that our employees won’t ask you for any details related to your Runescape 3 account apart from your In-Game name.

In, we offer you fast delivery, high-quality customer support and our RS3 Gold prices are probably the lowest. We are a legit company that has 5 years career of selling RS3 Gold worldwide. All the feedback we receive is very positive and you can see that by checking the reviews. Our supply of Runescape 3 Gold is coming from legit sources such as boss killing without the use of any 3rd party program. The delivery of the Gold is done in less than 5 minutes. We have high-level customer support as well as a 24/7 live chat to answer your questions. You can also find many giveaways being held on our Facebook page.

In, we offer the best deals ever for our customers from all over the world. Our main goal is to reach the majority of Runescape 3 community and provide them with a very cheap competitive RS3 Gold prices. Not just that, you can also find many discount codes via our social media accounts, each code will give you a different Gold bonus. We have been selling EOC Gold for almost 5 years and our resources are very large that it won’t be affected even if we sell a very cheap EOC Gold. The high-level service we provide will always be the same and it will never be affected by the Gold prices.

In, we provide a variety of payment methods, which means it doesn’t matter where are you from because you will always find a suitable method to pay. We have more than 20 payment options available at the moment, the most popular are:

1- Credit/Debit card: Using Credit/Debit card to pay for RS3 Gold is always safe, that’s because all of your details are not accessible by anyhow. Everything is encrypted and totally hidden away from us.

2- Gift cards: Gift cards are similar to Credit/Debit cards in terms of simplicity and safety. They are actually Prepaid cards, you won’t be able to spend more than the specific value of the Gift card.

3- G2APay: G2A Pay is a website that works as a gateway that provides many payment methods to suit your place of residence. It has over 150 global payment methods combined all together into a single checkout. Which means finding a preferred payment option is not a problem anymore.

4- Skrill Skrill is easy, very fast and provides 100% safety. Once you are redirected to the Checkout page, all you have to do is providing your Skrill details (email address) to complete the checkout and you are done.

5- iDeal: iDeal is directed toward our customers in the Netherlands to pay for EOC Gold directly through bank transfers in an instant. It’s very easy and 100% safe.

6- Bancontact: Bancontact is a well-known payment option in Belgium, it requires having a Credit/Debit card of a Belgian bank account. There is also a mobile app that completes your payment by touching your screen twice, simple as that.

7- Bank transfers: Using Bank transfers means that you transfer the money directly from your bank account to ours. It’s very safe and doesn’t require much time to be done. The best thing about it is that you can use any bank around to complete the checkout.

8-Bitcoin: Bitcoin is an online very well-known virtual currency that is being used to buy online anonymously. Which means it is the best payment option in terms of safety to pay for anything online. Not just that, the payment doesn’t take much time as it’s done the Bitcoins are sent to our wallet.

9- Ethereum: Just like the Bitcoin, it is a virtual currency that makes your life easier by providing you with top security you to shop online.

10- Litecoin A virtual currency that works the same way as Ethereum and Bitcoin. It provides the same safety of the other virtual currencies, but it has a different value. Note that an ID verification is not required to complete your payment, and be sure that we will never charge any additional fees.

We also offer you 8 different currencies to make buying Runescape 3 Gold much easier for all the customers worldwide.

In general other websites mostly ask for ID verification, but in we won’t do that as we have no ID policy for most of the available payment methods. Except for some super rare cases related to suspicious credit card payments, where we might ask you to verify your ID to complete your RS3 Gold order. This is done for your own safety, as it prevents any unauthorized purchases to be done via your own Credit card. So it is completely secure and you should never worry about it.

Currently, we are accepting 8 different currencies covering most parts of the world. You can choose the desired currency depending on the local currency of your country or the main currency of your bank account. Go to the top right corner of the page, choose from the available 8 currencies and the Runescape 3 Gold price will change depending on the chosen currency. We do that because it makes the payment much easier for our customer as well as helping us to reach the majority of Runescape3 Gold customers around the world.

First of all, be sure that the majority of the RS3 Gold selling websites are charging processing fees which are usually hidden. Also, you may never notice these fees if they are not hidden as these websites might add additional fees at any time without giving a notification to their customers, which is totally disrespectful and unfair. In, we will cover the payment processing fees for all of our payment methods, except for Paysafecard, Subway, CVS Pharmacy and/or Dollar General gift cards. Otherwise, we will never insert any additional hidden fees regarding any RS Gold order, our customers will only pay for the amount they see in the Checkout page.

In, you can always ask for a refund, but that does not apply to the delivered RS Gold orders. The order can only be cancelled and refunded if you ask for it before we transfer the Runescape3 Gold to your account. So keep in mind that we will never accept any refund requests regarding any delivered Runescape Gold orders.

In Runescape 3, a variety of ways are available to start making a decent amount of RS3 Gold, the more complicated the method is, the more profitable it is. They are not just complicated but also requires have high requirements. For sure you can also use the easy money making methods to gain small profits, but they are kinda boring. One of the easy methods is telegrabing Wine of Zamorak from the Captured Temple so you can sell them for decent Runescape Gold in the Grand Exchange. Another easy method to gain RS3 Gold is buying elemental runes from any magic shop around the map, then you sell them for a higher price in the Grand Exchange. You can visit our blog to check out the detailed money making guides if you are looking for more profitable methods. But note that earning Runescape 3 Gold by yourself is not easy and it consumes a lot of time in addition to the fact that high levels are required to start using these huge money making methods. That’s why is here to provide you with an unlimited supply of EOC Gold that you can purchase, so you can spend your time enjoying the game rather than spending it on making money by yourself.

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