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RS3 Gold

What is RS3 Gold?

Runescape 3, just like its daddy’s – OSRS and RS2 keeps the same principle of economy. Money is the primary form of currency and is labelled as gold. Earned by cutting trees and selling logs, trading various items, looting or completing tasks. Gold is obtained through grind and hard work, everyone knows it, but do players find this fact enjoyable? Absolutely not!


There are, however, quicker ways to reach your gold related dreams. Forget about long-lasting sessions on double-XP weekends. Do not go through another setback with losses in the Sand Casino and stay on top of your game all the time. Probemas wants you to know that every player can easily buy RS3 gold fast and safe.


With EOC and many new skills along with updates having been introduced to gamers over the years, the grind just seems too time-consuming as of now. We understand the struggles and difficulties faced by RS3 players, who are forced to spend endless hours balancing joy and unpleasant parts of doing repetitive tasks. Just know that we offer a shortcut to fun without having to cross the “Bridge of Grind”.


Is buying Runescape 3 Gold from Probemas safe?

We want to be clear on this one – payment and transfer security are our top priority! When purchasing RuneScape 3 Money at Probemas, you can be sure that our provided services will be of highest quality. From top to bottom, all the steps and processes beginning with calculations and ending with GP delivery are done quickly and smoothly. Professional support agents and we, as a team, take every possible precaution to make the process as inconspicuous as possible. ID verification? Forget about it! We only might need it with PayPal, but unlike other sites, we will not ask for documents when you use a credit card. Client’s security, privacy and happiness when buying Rs3 Gold are our primary concerns, so you will not be traded by some random mules, as most of gold shops do - we are professionals ready to do our job right!


Not sure yet? Over a 100 pages of positive feedback and returning customers should make you turn the other cheek to competitors and stick right here. Besides, no hidden taxes are applied, thus meaning that Probemas is a user-friendly, transparent, safe and secure space where any player can find RS3 gold for sale.  


How to buy Rs3 gold?

We are so glad you ask that. In reality, no process feels more natural. Just select the number of gold (in millions) which you would like to buy, or enter the amount of real-world cash that you can spend. The calculator will then show an amount of gold or a cost which you should pay to complete your order. Simplicity and tireless improvements make Probemas the best place for cheap Runescape 3 gold.


Once you set the amounts, select a preferred payment method. Our reach is global, so clients from all around the world can find payment options. There are ten possibilities to complete a payment including credit cards, PayPal and other more regional services. The latter will benefit clients from specific regions such as the Netherlands, Scandinavia, etc. As mentioned before, only PayPal transfers, and only sometimes, require ID verification.


So all in all, buying RS3 gold is quick, easy and the experience is as pleasant as possible. Remember that if you have any questions about the price or any other feature – contact our live support!


But why to buy Rs 3 gold from

It does not matter whether you are a newbie in the RS3 world or a hardcore, maxed out pro. Everyone needs gold. That is a fact, and you cannot run away from it. Not convinced yet? Let us remind a few things and outline the best features of Probemas to make us your premier shop and site for the cheapest RS3 money.


Safety and transparency


No level 3 mules and no bots - we make sure that our trades are risk-free. As opposed to competitors gold stores, you will not have to worry about your account when shopping at Probemas. Payments are transparent, and your data is not stored anywhere.


Quick gold delivery process


You will not have to wait years or ages for your gold to be delivered. Just finalise the order, contact our customer support, get in touch with a live agent and have your gold delivered within a few minutes! Purchasing Rs3 Gold has never been easier! Also, over 98% of our client’s orders reach them in 5 minutes time.


Professional customer support


Are you tired of people who can barely speak English and take ages to respond? Everyone at our customer support is a well-trained expert fluent in English. With your convenience in mind, they will make sure that you enjoy your experience of buying RuneScape 3 Gold, standing by to assist you 24/7!


Variety of payment methods


Most shady sellers and scammers only suggest and utilise a single payment option. Probemas is different. We offer a great variety of payment methods when purchasing RS3 Gold. Players from the Netherlands can buy Rs3 GP with iDeal, customers from Sweden, Denmark and Finland can easily obtain with Trustly, and buyers from Belgium and United Kingdom can checkout with Sofort. Skrill and Bitcoin also can be used. Customer conveniences to a maximum - compromises to a minimum!


Best RS3 Gold prices

Our prices are always transparent. What do we mean? Don’t you just hate when a site or a seller promises one price which seems nice, but later it increases due to fees, taxes and other nonsense? Well, we do just the opposite of that. Probemas always lists the final price for a million GP of RS3 money. How we like to say it – what you see is what you get with us!


To show our appreciation for our buyers, we will let you know that there is a discount code, somewhere on our website. Trust us, it is not that hard to find, but once you do just that, RS3 gold will become even cheaper! Well worth the effort.


Discounts for bulk purchases

An individual approach is our motto. We can always offer special deals for customers who decide to buy RS3 Gold in large quantities! Besides, returning customers and long-time buyers get awesome deals and loyalty discounts. We seek to build a positive relationship with our user base and have a client-first mindset every step of the way.

These aspects, along with many other reasons, make us the best RS3 Gold shop in the market. The services we offer are from players to players, so you are guaranteed to enjoy your shopping experience at Probemas. Start enjoying the game - buy RuneScape 3 Gold and do not miss a beat!