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Buying Runescape Gold from Probemas


When it comes down to gold in Runescape, whether it is OSRS or RS3, Probemas is your one-stop shop for all Runescape gold related needs. Grind along with tedious and repetitive tasks could become a thing of the past with a few simple clicks on our website. Let us explain!

What is Runescape gold?

More experienced Runescape players could skip this, but for those newer to this generation defining game, gold is the primary form of currency in the game, allowing you to purchase goods from stores, the GE, other people, etc. Gold (we are talking about GP, not gold ore or gold as a metal) is earned by people through quests, skilling, PK’ing or other forms of activities in-game. However, as a beginning player, you will likely hit a wall which will limit your earnings and force any player upon an extremely dull grind for that extra RSGP. However, when you look at gold from a broader perspective, it is more than just cash; it’s leverage for future endeavours and a guarantee for freedom of action moving further down the road.

Even the most skilled players have to break nine sweats just to reach the tip of the iceberg when trying to get that new armour, weapons or any other items to show off their wealth or skill. Working on construction, for example, is expensive no matter of your actions, so you should consider buying gold for sufficient and visible progress because the skilling process is going to cost an arm and a leg. Other skills require gold to be upped efficiently, as well. Prayer, crafting, smithing, herblore and many others are so tricky to max out without any extra gold, that you are much better off buying gold and finding a cheap yet reliable and efficient solution to your issue. Just be cautious of the dangers lurking between the walls of the Duel Arena! In the “Sand Casino”, risks are high, so stake responsibly and ask your mom for permission beforehand!

Free players in OSRS used to begin by selling cowhides, gradually moved up to things like yew logs and finally became members to earn that really big money, but even that fell short to the enormous demand for gold by sellers. Be smart, play it safe and get gold from Probemas for quick deliveries and fantastic progress in-game!

Buying RS gold, what do I get?

With the game’s pace becoming ever faster and events/items and other goods being added every moment, it is extremely tough to keep up, and you have to put in hundreds of hours to catch up with the new substance that comes into the game. Luckily, there is a simple solution if you just do not have the time, but want to enjoy every corner of RS, and it’s available right here on Probemas. There is just so much to do in both the Old school version of the game and the vivid, modern RS3 so that no single human-being has enough free time available for it.

By purchasing RS3 or OSRS Gold from a trusted and viable retailer like us, you make your progress more comfortable while enjoying every bit of fun the game still has to offer. Our experience enables us to say that buying gold is a fun and easy way to relish every moment of your gameplay and progressing with the smooth and exciting progress which makes redundant those exhausting day and possibly a week or even month-long sessions to obtain enough gold for a single purchase. As regular players who know exactly how long it could take to reach prosperity in Runescape, we want to let all players get an equal opportunity for success and obtaining it. Feel like a big shot with a large stack of gold or move in for those 99 skillcapes instead – whatever floats your boat, you have the right to reach for it! Remember that amazing results come from firm decisions thus you have to do whatever it takes for it to happen!

But why buy Runescape Gold from Probemas?


Contrary to many sellers operating online, our business model revolves around the player-first mentality, so everything is prepared and made in such a way that players can buy gold online with the greatest of ease. Now, the market is overflooded with fake offers which are looking to either scam you or rip you off, but Probemas is 100% legit. Just check our feedback, contact our live chat support or ask us questions and you will understand that you are dealing with professionals who have the best interest of all customers in mind. No hidden fees apply here! The price you see is the price you get in the final order, without any shady processing fees, increasing the end cost by a significant margin.


Choose from the eight currencies available and avoid troubling conversion fees. Also, the purchase process is accessible and straightforward. Probemas accepts ten payment methods, all for your comfort and pleasure. Paypal, Skrill, VISA or MasterCard, all payment options are listed on the homepage so that you can know beforehand. By not requiring our customers to give ID verification with most payment methods, Probemas ensures quick and smooth delivery of gold all around the world – 24/7 – quickly! Our live support team is online day and night, so by just going online to our website, all clients can get the information they seek or answers to their questions which they might have. Purchasing from us is beneficial to your experience as a Runescape player right away and in the long-run.


Finally, our loyal, long-time customers get dope discounts for purchases, so we hope you stick around as well!

Is buying Runescape gold safe?

With Probemas – it most definitely is! A responsible and trustworthy company with a long and very reputable background keeps its customer‘s data safe and purchases secure, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of having tons of gold without the aggravating struggles of grinding it out or providing data to dubious retailers online. The general base of our customers just proves our reliability as a place where you can confidently buy RSGP at a great price. Every day we receive more and more new customers who tend to return right back for their next purchase because of clarity, legitimacy and swiftness of the buying process. Our gold is not botted, so every purchase is secured to the maximum possible extent both in the real world and Runescape as well.


Fast delivery ensures that every buyer will get his or hers gold in RS3 or OSRS quickly. We will not keep you waiting, and deliveries are usually done within 5 minutes after the payment confirmation, so it’s cheap, quick and reliable. Around 99% of the deliveries happen within the five minute period, so we talk the talk and walk the walk to make Probemas Runescape gold deliveries a complete package. Jump to the feedback section to get reassured. Over 100 pages of honest and real feedback from genuine customers from all over the globe should put all doubts to rest and allow you to feel more confident with the new purchase.

How do I pay for the Runescape gold?

Probemas is a progressive and forward-thinking company which prioritises its customers and their comfort. Currently, we accept ten payment methods:

·        PayPal

·        Skrill

·        VISA

·        MasterCard

·        Trustly

·        G2APay

·        paysafecard

·        iDeal

·        Sofort Banking

·        Bitcoin

Payments are also processed in 8 different currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NOK, SEK, DKK. The wide variety of currencies accepted, and payment methods available ensure that customers from all around the world have equal access to buy cheap Runescape gold from Probemas. We give you the best prices in the market, without any hidden fees. Just enter the amount of gold (in millions) you would like to purchase, your character name, email and press ‘Buy Now’ to add a deal in your cart and check out with the most preferred method available. The gold is delivered to the designated pick-up location in the Runescape world. A wide majority of our client’s orders are completed within 5 minutes time.

Mostly there is no ID verification required when you use MasterCard or VISA payment methods, thus guaranteeing smoothness and swiftness during the entire procedure. We will not store your credit card or payment information, which is handled by our trusty and responsible payment operators who are certified to hold and protect such data. We stay in our lane and do what we do best – sell Runescape gold at one of the cheapest rates on the market. 100% legit!

If you choose to buy Runescape Gold with PayPal, Probemas might ask for your ID verification to avoid the abuse of stolen or fake PayPal accounts. In such cases, please provide a government-issued ID document for our approval. Sensitive personal data is not stored or kept and used only for fraud prevention. If the ID info matches your PayPal account’s information – the order is going to be processed and completed without any future struggles or worries.

The price listed on our front page is the final price. Some other websites alleging to be the cheapest gold sellers lie and increase rates in the last step of the purchase claiming to cover processing fees/ taxes, etc. With Probemas - prices do not jump up later on, what you see is what you get with us! 

RS Gold Delivery Process

The most crucial part of the entire process – getting the gold. Whether you wish to buy Runescape 3 or OSRS gold – delivery procedures remain quick and straightforward! Enter the desired number (in millions) of gold and proceed to make the payment in the way which you prefer. After the payment is processed and confirmed, contact the support team via the chat tab at the bottom of your screen or the top right-hand corner. Our support agent is going to provide you with an in-game location where you will come and meet him to get the purchased gold. We do deliver to both F2P and P2P worlds. Quicksimple and secure!

What happens if I have questions?

First of all, our live chat support team is on 24/7, so any problems are solved almost instantaneously after they occur and you report them. Probemas is cautious of its reputation as the best site for RS gold online, so we have to protect our name and pay every possible bit of attention to even the smallest details and appreciate our customer’s questions and feedback to further improve the service. Every bit of response, questions, enquiries or suggestions are more than welcome to make our delivery of GP and service better.

Most of your questions could be answered by merely scrolling the sub-page of the category which interests you. For example, maybe you want to sell old school Runescape gold, but don’t know how much it is worth? In the main menu of our webpage, a tab labelled “Sell RS gold” will lead you to an easy-to-use, and intuitive calculator, which is going to show how much you can get for your OSRS or RS3 gold in your native currency. Also, other information about purchasing prices, delivery or payment methods, etc. is listed in the website, but if you cannot find the answer you are looking for – contact our support team via live chat. We are always more than happy to help! For those who scrolled and read this far, Probemas would like to reward your struggle, and we are happy to give out a discount code for your next purchase! Use the code “Reader” to get a 2% extra gold on your final order and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more RS content!

Purchasing gold allows you to avoid the generic farming and skip straight to fun.