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How to Buy RS3 Gold?

1- Choose the desired amount of RS3 Gold.

2- Pick a payment method and complete payment.

3- Contact our Live Chat for delivery details.

4- Meet us in-game for direct gold trade.

How do I receive gold?

Once your order is paid, simply message our 24/7 live chat who will tell you where to meet in-game. We will meet you at the given location and trade the gold. The average time for the trade to happen is less than 5 minutes.

Note that Probemas employees will NEVER need or ask for your account details.

How can I get free extras?

This can be done by participating in our Loyalty Program and opening chests. To read more visit our Loyalty Program page.

Why should I buy Runescape3 Gold?

Runescape 3 already involves a lot of micro-transactions which basically means buying gold directly from the game. Buying RS3 Gold from Probemas simply means saving money as the price you'll pay here will always be lower compared to the game. Here you can get 1B RS3 Gold for as low as $190-200 USD. This is the cheapest way to get expensive items like Party hats. Please keep in mind that OSRS & RS3 Gold prices keep changing all the time.

How much RuneScape 3 Money can I buy?

You can buy as much as you want as long as it is above the minimum order amount which is 100M. Alternatively, you can check this blog post about Runescape 3 Money Making methods and earn some fast gold yourself.

Buy RuneScape 3 Gold with these payment methods

In, we provide a variety of payment methods, which means it doesn’t matter where are you from because you will always find a suitable method to pay. We have more than 20 payment options available at the moment, the most popular are:

1- Credit/Debit card: Using Credit/Debit card to pay for RS3 Gold is always safe, that’s because all of your details are not accessible by anyhow. Everything is encrypted and totally hidden away from us.

2- Gift cards: Gift cards are similar to Credit/Debit cards in terms of simplicity and safety. They are actually Prepaid cards, you won’t be able to spend more than the specific value of the Gift card.

3- G2APay: G2A Pay is a website that works as a gateway that provides many payment methods to suit your place of residence. It has over 150 global payment methods combined all together into a single checkout. This means finding a preferred payment option is not a problem anymore.

4- Skrill: Skrill is easy, very fast and provides 100% safety. Once you are redirected to the Checkout page, all you have to do is providing your Skrill details (email address) to complete the checkout and you are done.

5- iDeal: iDeal is directed toward our customers in the Netherlands to pay for EOC Gold directly through bank transfers in an instant. It’s very easy and 100% safe.

6- Bancontact: Bancontact is a well-known payment option in Belgium, it requires having a Credit/Debit card of a Belgian bank account. There is also a mobile app that completes your payment by touching your screen twice, simple as that.

7- Bank transfers: Using Bank transfers means that you transfer the money directly from your bank account to ours. It’s very safe and doesn’t require much time to be done. The best thing about it is that you can use any bank around to complete the checkout.

8-Bitcoin: Bitcoin is an online very well-known virtual currency that is being used to buy online anonymously. Which means it is the best payment option in terms of safety to pay for anything online. Not just that, the payment doesn’t take much time as it’s done the Bitcoins are sent to our wallet.

9- Ethereum: Just like the Bitcoin, it is a virtual currency that makes your life easier by providing you with top security you to shop online.

10- Litecoin A virtual currency that works the same way as Ethereum and Bitcoin. It provides the same safety of the other virtual currencies, but it has a different value. Note that an ID verification is not required to complete your payment, and be sure that we will never charge any additional fees.

We also offer you 8 different currencies to make buying Runescape 3 Gold much easier for all the customers worldwide.

Looking for OSRS Gold instead?

To buy OSRS GP for the best rates visit our OSRS Gold page.

Buy Cheap RS3 Gold, Runescape 3 Items, and Accounts

Not everyone has the extra time needed to earn RS3 gold by doing those boring stuff in Gielinor. For some players, being able to easily buy RuneScape gold is the only reason they still play. The most common reasons for buying gold are buying a new item, skilling, and staking.

You can buy our cheap RS3 gold as long as your minimum order amount is 100M.

Yes, you definitely can. Most of our payment methods do not require any kind of ID verification.

The price you see is the price you need to pay. The only exceptions are for Paysafecard, Subway, CVS Pharmacy, and Dollar General gift cards. When buying RS3 GP with any other methods you only pay what you see.

Yes, you can! We buy Runescape 3 gold, as well as OSRS gold, for a good price. You can contact us anytime about it or go directly to our Sell RS Gold page.