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Buying OSRS Gold from Probemas

What is OSRS Gold?

OSRS Gold is an In-Game currency that is being used for purchasing items and doing various activities in Old School Runescape. This currency has no weight and is mainly obtainable through killing monsters and bosses in addition to other methods, such as PKing, Alching and Skilling. The currency is also tradable between the players in the form of coins, which means you can just trade the Gold directly to whoever you want, and that’s what we do in The maximum stack of coins the player can have is 2,147,483,647 coins, but you can convert each 1,000 Gold coins to one Platinum tokens if you are willing to have more than the limit.


Where to use OSRS Gold?

Actually, OSRS Gold makes your life much easier, it saves you a lot of time and helps you to jump directly to the end-game. For example, there are many methods to train your skills, some of them are slow and cheap, but others are pretty fast and expensive, such as chinning and bursting. The same applies to 70~80% of the available skills, that means you will always find a fast and expensive method to train your skills.

OSRS Gold is also useful when it comes to questing, it simply makes it much faster by buying various teleport methods, and even the required items directly from the Grand Exchange to complete some quests. Not just that, by using OSRS Gold to train your skills faster, it means that you will be able to unlock many quests earlier, unlike training your skills using the cheap and slow way.
You will also be able to buy the best in slot gear from the Grand Exchange, such as Twisted Bow or Bandos set. A High-tier gear is most likely needed and essential to enjoy many different parts and activities of the game, such as Raiding, killing Bosses or even PKing.

But if you are not interested in these activities, then what about some gambling? In OSRS, you will be able to gamble with your Gold inside the Duel Arena. This arena is a place where you can bet your Gold on a duel between you and any other player. Both players will bet on the same amount of Gold, and whoever wins the duel will get his Gold back in addition to the opponent’s Gold. And of course, if you lose all your Gold, you can always buy more from


Is buying Runescape 2007 Gold Safe?

Buying OSRS Gold can be very safe and also be very dangerous, it all depends on the way you do it. If you are buying OSRS Gold from random players or unknown websites/sellers, then you are most likely gonna be scammed or banned. By using such a way, the chance of being scammed will much higher than being banned. The main reason for getting banned is because the Gold you pay for is either stolen or obtained through illegal methods, such as using a bot program. And keep in mind that your account might be more valuable than the gold you pay for, so always make sure that you are buying Gold from a reputable website. In, we are only selling legit OSRS Gold, which means it was obtained by the legal methods. Simply, buying OSRS Gold from provides you much safety and largely minimize the chance of your account being banned, not to mention that we have never received any customer complaints about getting banned during the past years.


How much does Old School Runescape Gold cost?

OSRS Gold prices are always unstable, it’s not guaranteed that the Gold prices today gonna be the same tomorrow or even after a few hours. Market prices are based on the demand and the available supply, each of these two factors has its own effects. For example, if the supply is low, then the Gold prices will be increasing, and if the supply is high, then the prices will be decreasing. The demand has the opposite effects, if it is low, then the price will be decreasing, etc.


The market prices are also affected by the game updates, if the released update includes a nerf to a specific good money making method or anything related to the Gold supply, then the prices are going to be fluctuating. Also note that sometimes releasing a new expensive item results in a high Gold demand, which means the Gold prices will be higher.


How to Buy Old School Runescape GP?

Buying Old School Runescape Gold through is so safe and easy, following the steps below will make it even easier.


1- Choose Gold/Money amount:

You can either fill the empty boxes with the preferred amount of OSRS Gold or the amount of money that you are willing to spend. Then, you need to fill in your character name (RSN), and any of your emails (to receive the payment receipt), then click on “Checkout” to proceed to the next page.


2- Choose a payment method:

On the next page (the Checkout page), you choose a preferred payment method, then click “Buy Now” to proceed. Note that you can also use a Discount Code which offers different Gold bonuses.


3- Complete your Oder

Once you click on “Buy Now”, you will be redirected to the payment website where you will have to provide the required information to complete the payment.


4- Receive your OSRS Gold order

Once you are done with the payment, you will have to click on “Click here to proceed to live chat” to be connected through the site’s live chat with an employee. This employee is going to tell you everything about the delivery process, such as the world and the designated place to meet.


How will the OSRS GP be transferred to my account?

Transferring the OSRS Gold to your account is so simple and easy. After ordering a specific amount of Gold on, you will be redirected to a live chat with one of our employees who is going to provide you with the meeting information. You will be asked to be on a specific world and to wait in a specific place. In a few minutes, the employee will meet you In-Game and send you a trade request. After that, he will go back to live chat to double check if it’s really your character that is being in the trade process. If it’s your character, then the Gold will be traded in an instant.


Note: we will never ask for your login details.


Why is The Best Place to Buy OSRS Gold? is a reputable website associated with a large legit company. We provide you safety, fast delivery, and low prices. We have been in business for almost 5 years and there are many positive reviews on our service. Our OSRS Gold is obtained through 100% legal methods as we don’t use any kind of 3rd Party Programs. The average speed of our delivery is around 5 minutes, and sometimes instantly if you are already in the meeting place, so the whole process doesn’t take that much to be done. Also, we provide you with great customer support, as you are able to ask us about anything through the website’s 24/7 live chat. Not to mention the customer-only giveaways which are being held on our Facebook page.


Cheap OSRS Gold

In, we provide the best possible deals for our customers, as we are always looking for selling OSRS Gold for cheap and competitive prices. Not to mention the discount codes which can be found on our social media pages.

Actually, we have been in the industry for 5 years and considered as one of the best Gold selling websites. Which means selling OSRS Gold for cheap prices compared to any other website in the competition will never harm us anyhow. Our high quality of service will be the same even if we provide cheap prices compared to the whole OSRS Gold selling market.

Simply, we can afford the cost of selling OSRS Gold at the cheapest price ever, since our resources are legal and probably the best in the Gold selling industry.


Payment methods for OSRS gold offers you various payment methods to choose from, as our first priority is to make everything so easy and simple for the customer. There are over 20 payment methods available right now, the most popular are:


1- Credit/Debit card:

Credit/Debit card payments are always secure, as your information is totally hidden. The data is encrypted and there is no way to access any information from our side. If your payment is declined we suggest calling your bank and informing them about the transaction you’re trying to make.


2- Gift cards:

Accepted gift cards are Subway, CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General and oBucks, and the way they work is similar to Credit/Debit cards as they are totally secure. They are basically Prepaid cards, the amount of money you spend is limited to the value of the Gift card.


3- G2APay:

G2A Pay is a gateway which has no problem with the country you live in. As it offers more than 150 payment methods worldwide combined into one checkout. So you will always be able to find a suitable payment method.


4- Skrill:

Skrill is fast, easy and 100% secure payment method. After being redirected to the payment website, you will need to enter your Skrill account details to complete the payment, simple as that.


5- iDeal:

IDeal allows the resident of the Netherlands to pay for OSRS Gold directly by using online bank transfers. It’s very secure and super easy to deal with.


6- Bancontact:

Bancontact is a very popular payment method in Belgium which requires you to have a card linked to a bank account located in Belgium. Their mobile app makes it even easier, two clicks and you can simply complete the payment in an instant.


7- Bank transfers:

Bank transfers are very secure, you can simply transfer the required money from your online banking account directly to us. This method supports almost all the banks in Europe and the process is done in an instant.



Bitcoin is a virtual currency which is very secure and popular worldwide. Literally, there’s nothing more secure than using virtual currency to pay online. It’s also so fast that once you transfer the equal amount of required money in Bitcoins to our wallet, the payment will be done.


9- Ethereum:

Similar to Bitcoin, this is a virtual currency provides you with an anonymous way to complete your payments online.


10- Litecoin

This is another virtual currency that we support, similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin, it’s a very secure and fast way to pay for OSRS Gold.


Keep in mind that We don’t ask for any ID verification, and there are no additional fees from our side. You will also be able to pay in different currencies, so it’s not all around one or two currencies. Offering 8 different currencies is also helping us to reach the majority of OSRS customers around the world.

Do I need to provide ID to complete my OSRS Gold order?

In general other websites mostly ask for ID verification, but in we won’t do that as we have no ID policy for most of the available payment methods. Except for some super rare cases related to suspicious credit card payments, where we might ask you to verify your ID to complete your OSRS Gold order. This is done for your own safety, as it prevents any unauthorized purchases to be done via your own Credit card. So it is completely secure and you should never worry about it.

What currencies are accepted?

Currently, we are accepting 8 different currencies covering most parts of the world. You can choose the desired currency depending on the local currency of your country or the main currency of your bank account. Go to the top right corner of the page, choose from the available 8 currencies and the OSRS Gold Price will change depending on the chosen currency. We do that because it makes the payment much easier for our customer as well as helping us to reach the majority of Runescape 2007 customers around the world.

Does Probemas charge payment processing fees for RS07 Gold?

First of all, be sure that the majority of the Runescape 2007 Gold websites are charging processing fees which are usually hidden. Also, you may never notice these fees if they are not hidden as these websites might add additional fees at any time without giving a notification to their customers, which is totally disrespectful and unfair. In, we will cover the payment processing fees for all of our payment methods, except for Paysafecard, Subway, CVS Pharmacy and/or Dollar General gift cards. Otherwise, we will never insert any additional hidden fees regarding any OSRS Gold order, our customers will only pay for the amount they see in the Checkout page.

Do You Have a Refund Policy?

In, you can always ask for a refund, but that does not apply to the delivered RS Gold orders. The order can only be canceled and refunded if you ask for it before we transfer the OSRS Gold to your account. So keep in mind that we will never accept any refund requests regarding any delivered Runescape Gold orders.


How can I earn OSRS Gold myself?

In OSRS, there are many ways to start making money, the most profitable methods are complicated and have high requirements to achieve. There is also easy money making methods, but the profits you gain from such methods are not that great. One of these methods is buying runes from the magic shops to sell them back to the Grand Exchange for a small profit. And you can also start telegrabing Wine of Zamorak from the Chaos Temple to sell them back in the Grand Exchange. But if you are looking for more money making methods, you can visit our blog where you will find many detailed guides on how to make money.

Keep in mind that earning money by yourself is never easy, as it requires much time and efforts, not to mention the required levels to be able to utilize almost all of the big money making methods. So always be sure that you can save your time by purchasing OSRS Gold from to make the game much easier for you.