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Buying OSRS Gold from Probemas

How to buy Old School Runescape Gold?

1. Enter the desired amount of OSRS Gold in the calculator above.

2. Complete the payment.

3. Contact our Live Chat.

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Buying Runescape 2007 Gold from Probemas is 99.99% safe. In 7 years of business, we have never received a customer complaint about the in-game ban. It’s because we always use only 100% safe high-level accounts to transfer the gold to customers. We are also not involved with any Venezuelan and botted gold. When buying OSRS Gold from us you can be sure that your account stays safe.

How do I receive Runescape 2007 Gold?

After successfully paying for Runescape 2007 Gold, you will receive an Order ID. Send that Order ID to our 24/7 Live Chat and they'll provide you in-game meeting location. Once you arrive at the given location, our Live Chat agent will trade RS 2007 Gold to you. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

Why should someone buy OSRS Gold?

Most of us are grown-ups and have to face real-life XP wasting issues including, but not limited to, jobs, wives and kids. This complicates our OSRS careers a lot as we can’t spend as much time on the game as we did in the past. How to still be a competitive player and enjoy the game while also having a real life? The answer is to buy gold. This not only saves your expensive time but also provides you a chance to enjoy each and every second of the gaming time to its fullest. Without buying OSRS Gold most players would never be able to enjoy the best in-game gear.


Can I buy OSRS items instead of gold?

You sure can! If you prefer to buy osrs items instead of gold you can do that here. Just remember, that cost of buying items is slightly higher compared to buying gold. If you're looking for the best deal it's always better to buy gold instead.

What makes Probemas the best site to buy OSRS Gold?

These are 4 main factors to consider when dealing with Old School Runescape Gold website: Safety; Speed; Price, Expertise.


6 years in business without any customer complaints about bans. When dealing with us, you’ll be traded only from high-level accounts. Read more about how to buy gold without getting banned.


The average delivery time is less than 5 minutes at any time of the day as we are online  24/7/365.


Not only we provide one of the most affordable prices to buy rs gold, but we also have a Loyalty Program. Returning customers will enjoy free OSRS rewards just for being customers.


Not only we are a website that sells and buys OSRS Gold. We also provide tips&tricks and guides for our customers to improve game performance and satisfaction. Check out our blog for more information.

Why people still play Old School Runescape?

Let’s be honest – we all play Old School Runescape because of Nostalgia. The game brings our emotional feelings back to early 2000s when we were kids who did not have to care about anything. The only concern was getting home sooner to play Runescape all day long. Playing the same game 15 years later is like a jump back in time directly to the good old days. Only one thing never changes – constant need of gold to enjoy the game more.

What is the best OSRS Money Making way?

Even though it sounds crazy, the best OSRS Money Making way is buying gold. Within 5 minutes you can get any amount of gold you desire, no other method could match that. Of course, there are actual money-making ways as well, you can read about them in our blog post.

Is Old School Runescape Gold the same as Runescape 2007 Gold?

Old School Runescape Gold, also known as OSRS Gold means exactly the same as Runescape 2007 Gold. Old School Runescape is a restored version of Runescape that was around in 2007. When it comes to the terminology used for OSRS Gold, there are many different terms which mean the same thing. For example:

Old School Runescape Gold 

The longer rarely used version.


GP stands for Gold Pieces.

Runescape 2007 Gold

Some people prefer using term Runescape 2007 instead of OSRS.

RS2007 Gold

Some people prefer RS2007 which is a shorter version of Runescape 2007.

Runescape 07 Gold

Involves 07 which is the shortest way of saying 2007.

RS 07 Gold

RS 07 stands for Runescape 2007.

OSRS Money

Money is the primary currency used in-game, which is gold.

OSRS Mills

Millions of in-game coins, which also means gold.

While there are many different terms to it, they all mean one and the same thing – OSRS Gold which you can buy from Probemas. If you're looking to buy Runescape 3 Gold instead please visit our RS3 Gold page.

Buy Cheap OSRS Gold, Old School RuneScape Items, and Accounts

Not everyone has enough time for the boring grind to earn gold. For some people, an option to buy gold is the only reason they still play. The most common reasons for buying gold are buying new gear, skilling, and staking.


You can buy as much RS 07 Gold as you want as long as it is above the minimum order amount which is 5M.

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