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How to avoid scams in Runescape?

May 14, 2019, 8:15


Scamming, scamming, scamming – you sneaky little rascal of Runescape! Pretty much every player has faced or ended up on the wrong side of scamming throughout their playing careers. In this article, we will look over the most notorious and famous scams. Probemas will highlight the most used tactics of scammers and help you avoid them in the future!


Luring has been around since the first days of wilderness. Luring is essentially tricking a player to get his good items and come to the depths of the wilderness. In there he is either ganked or killed by the very same player who lured him or his associates. Luring happens by either making quick friends or asking for help fighting, etc. Players could simulate a confrontation to remove his or her blame, but just do not trust anyone who wants to take you out to a dark and scary corner of the wild.

How to avoid it?

  • Don’t get your best and most valuable items when heading to the Wilderness with unfamiliar people
  • Avoid going to the depths with unknown individuals
  • Run away if you get suspicious

Social engineering

This sector deserves its own book. From friends to strange people, individuals use their social skills and manipulation to get your account or items. They could lie about a situation, promise great rewards or just ask for a quick peek – don’t trust them!

NEVER. Yes, NEVER give your account details to other individuals. Whether they are friends or enemies, once you give away a password, no one else is responsible for what happens next. Of course, the scammer is a criminal, but you will have trouble proving his guilt and your progress or items are lost forever.

Social engineering is the broadest category of scamming yet it might be tough to recognize these scammers. They seem like genuine individuals, keen on helping out. They could make friends, be altruistic and even help you out before scamming. Remember, there are no such things as free memberships, quick skill upgrades, etc. Everything in this game is hard-earned, so you will not find magical solutions to problems. Social engineering usually revolves around obtaining log-in details from the account owner himself. Through convincing and manipulation, social engineers seek to get your info.

Also, viral methods of social engineering are fake emails. These are extremely hard to recognize at times, but they do have a pattern. All Runescape emails address you by your username, so “Dear player” should instantly raise suspicion. Jagex uses the domain "@email.runescape.com", other email addresses are most certainly fake. Even if the information seems written in fluent English and very believable – be skeptical! Contact Jagex support first to make sure and report the scammers themselves.

How to avoid it?

  • NEVER share login information.
  • Avoid overly friendly players
  • Don’t trust unfamiliar player’s convincing about sad personal stories
  • Steer clear of believing the information from outside sources


This is probably the dumbest and most apparent scam in the world of Runescape. However, beauty lies in simplicity. Maybe that is why this scam was so successful. A player would continuously spam about doubling money until he or she attracted attention from an unsuspecting noob. Unaware players would trade a small amount (for example 5k) and get back 10k from the alleged doubler. Next up they would trade the 10k and get back 20. After the “doubler” gains the “newbie’s” trust, he or she gives a significant amount, like a million or multiple millions. That is when the scammer runs away or logs out, and you lose a lot of GP.

How to avoid it?

  • Remember, there is no such thing of doubling in Runescape
  • All money manipulations are fake; no one can change the amount of money in such a way


Friendships have fallen, and public libraries have been cursed over this method. Keylogging is a method of obtaining your account login details through software called a keylogger. These are applications or programs that usually run in the background of your PC and register all keyboard inputs. Meaning that they will show what you entered to the Runescape Account name and password tabs. The scammer can then do as they please with your character.

How to avoid it?

  • Do not use public computers to play RS. If that is the only possibility, check online guides how to disable or see keyloggers
  • Use additional encryptions like “Google lock” or other smart access systems that will ensure maximum safety for your account

The “I quit” method

A player would chat something like “Quitting RS, giving away my acc”. The account is usually high leveled and very prominent regarding stats. However, the bank would be mostly empty. The scammer will give away the account, and all seems well. Do not be happy just yet, his or her goal is long-term. Scammers want you to take this new account and make it into your main. Then you transfer all of your goods to that account, and after a few days or a week, the previous owner will recover the account, and you will be left with nothing

How to avoid it?

  • If you are lucky and get an account from someone else, don’t rush to transfer all goods to the account
  • Instead, make it your side account instead of turning it into your main
  • Be slow and methodical
  • Change the password of the new account and try to switch the recovery settings

Item scamming

·       Armour trimming – they take Mithril, Black, but mostly Rune items and claim to trim it. This is not possible in-game, these scammers will just run away with your things.

·       Gem cutting – one of the oldest tricks in the books. Do this job yourself and don’t leave gem cutting to unknown players. The player who gets your uncut gems will just leave instead of cutting them. Massive losses.

How to avoid it?

  • Don’t hope for miracles
  • Do the job yourself
  • Be aware!

Free membership

There is no such thing as free membership in the world of Runescape. You can only get it by purchasing it from the official website or through bonds. Read more about Bonds here. Players usually say something like “Free memberships here”; “Turning to a member for free” and things of that nature. These statements are lies. Even if they can turn you into a member, that is not legit anyway you look at it. Either they are using fake payment info or just doing it at a massive loss, which is more than unlikely. The scammer will ask for your login info and claim that you should check it after 25 minutes or so. During that time they only change your password and move away.

How to avoid it?

  • Be cautious and never give your login info
  • No legal ways of getting free membership in-game exist, so don’t even bother

Other scamming outside of RS

Some outside websites could ask for your login information. Pages like RS forums, stats websites and other outsourced services could do that. Once again, and this cannot be emphasized enough, never give away your login information. Deals can be done without knowing your password. Other services do not have to know your login information to sell gold, give items or make trades. Usernames are more than enough. Some sites claim to be the good Samaritans of Runescape. They are usually not. Services say that they will give away gold, help skill or give away items just if you share your password. In reality, they change it and run away with your account.

Never log in to other websites using your real login information as that could turn against you. Also, be very cautious about whether anyone seems to have the intention of taking your account away. They might use social engineering or one of the mentioned tricks to steal your account.


There are tons of other scams in the world of Runescape. Unfortunately, there is not enough room to describe them all, but maybe one day we will do just that. In general, remember that there is no such thing as miracles in RS. Be smart and learn from other’s mistakes. Take what you can and do not get greedy. Greed makes players lose their minds and goods also. Probemas wants you to be safe in the wide world of Runescape as even JMods can scam you now.