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OSRS Sailing: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the Waters

22 Aug 2023, 05:52

OSRS Sailing: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the Waters

Sailing in OSRS (Old School RuneScape) isn't just about moving from point A to B. It's about mastering a unique skill, understanding the mechanics, and diving deep into a world of maritime adventure. Whether you're a newbie looking for a head-start or a veteran in need of a refresher, this article will sail you through the ins and outs of OSRS Sailing.


What is OSRS Sailing?

OSRS Sailing is a proposed skill in Old School RuneScape that revolves around navigating ships, exploring islands, and discovering new content. Though the concept isn't fully incorporated into the game yet, the community's passion and anticipation for it remain undying.


The Origin of OSRS Sailing 

The idea of sailing in OSRS isn't something born out of thin air. It was initially proposed in 2015 as a possible new skill. Players were intrigued by the possibility of navigating Gielinor's seas, engaging in ship-to-ship combat, and landing on uncharted territories.


Why is OSRS Sailing So Anticipated?

The idea of adding an entirely new layer of content, from sea monsters to pirate encounters, has left players yearning for more. OSRS Sailing promises depth (pun intended), challenging players with ship maintenance, navigation, and battles on the high seas.


The Mechanics of Sailing

While the specifics are still under wraps, the concept includes:

Building and Upgrading Ships: From small rafts to grand galleons, players can craft and improve their vessels.
Navigation and Exploration: Sailors need to navigate through treacherous waters and discover unknown lands.
Maritime Combat: Battles aren't restricted to land. Face formidable foes in naval warfare.

Benefits of Mastering Sailing in OSRS

OSRS Sailing isn't just for show. Mastering this skill might grant access to:

New areas rich with resources
Unique equipment and treasures
Exclusive lore deepening the story of Gielinor

How Can Players Prepare for OSRS Sailing?

Even though sailing isn't officially part of the game, eager adventurers can:

Stock up on resources like wood and nails for shipbuilding.
Brush up on navigation skills, perhaps with the use of the world map.
Join community discussions and forums to stay updated.

OSRS Sailing in the Community

A mention of sailing often lights up the OSRS community forums. Many players actively participate in discussions, fan-made content, and speculative theories regarding its eventual introduction.


Challenges and Criticisms

Despite the anticipation, some players have expressed concerns:

Balancing issues with other skills and content
Possible redundancy with existing travel methods
The challenge of implementing such an expansive idea

Future Prospects of OSRS Sailing

With continuous community engagement and feedback, there's always a chance that OSRS Sailing could become an integral part of the game in future updates. Players remain hopeful that they will soon be able to hoist their sails.

Comparing OSRS Sailing with Other Skills
While each skill in OSRS offers a unique experience, sailing promises a blend of combat, exploration, and crafting. It has the potential to be a game-changer, setting itself apart from skills like Fishing or Smithing.



OSRS Sailing is more than just a proposed skill; it's a testament to the dynamic and passionate relationship between the game developers and the community. Whether or not we'll see ships sailing in the pixelated waters of Gielinor remains uncertain. But one thing is for sure: the fervor and anticipation for OSRS Sailing prove that the game's spirit of adventure is alive and well.