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Where to Mine Gold in Old School RuneScape

Jan. 31, 2020, 20:56

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Where to Mine Gold in Old School RuneScape

Ah, gold ores. The precious metal signifying wealth, used as a currency since humanity started trading, a beautiful material from which jewelry is made and an overall symbol of prestige. Wars have been fought for gold and ancient alchemists embarked on their quests to create the Philosopher’s stone: a magical item which was supposed to turn the more abundant materials into gold. Also an excellent conductor and the center of many myths and conspiracy theories. Today, however, we’re going into a little different, modern direction and that is gold in Old School RuneScape and how one gets their hands this mineral.

Why Should You Bother With Gold?

Gold mining in real life, so in Gielinor, gold is not used for making weapons of destruction or armor that would sustain the brutish blows of one’s foes. Instead, gold is used in making jewelry. You can make a gold necklace, which does not serve any practical purpose whatsoever, but rather shows off the wearer’s wealth. Gold rings are a completely different matter. Combined with gems and then enchanted they obtain magical properties. Such rings as Ring of recoil, Ring of dueling, Ring of wealth, etc. are all made from gold. So you can see, how important this precious metal is even in the virtual world of Gielinor.            
A neat trick when making gold rings, which require a gold bar and a ring mould, is to make them in Al Kharid. The furnace is near the bank there, so you can walk to the furnace and then run back with the rings to the bank, because rings are lighter than gold bars, thus you conserve your energy. This is very strange since it takes one gold bar to make one gold ring, therefore they should weigh the same, right? Archimedes would surely be extremely upset if he heard of this.

OSRS Gold Mining

The delicate nature of gold makes it unfitting for mining training. However, if you’re interested in making jewelry or selling it, it is good to know where to mine it. First things first, though – you need to have level 40 Mining in order to mine gold ore and the gold veins respawn 60 seconds after depletion. The single best place to mine gold ore is Dondakan’s mine. You have to have completed the Between a Rock… quest and wear a gold helmet to enter, but once you enter, oh boy… There is no better place to mine gold and with a convenient banking option too! Dwarven Boatman will deliver your ore to your bank for a 20% cut or 10% if you have the Ring of Charos equipped. The ring, in combination with weight-reducing gear and a good pickaxe, will greatly increase your gold-digging potential.

You might be of the type that shuns tedious labor, however, and prefers to increase their wealth by taking gold from others. But dragons in Gielinor rarely, if at all sit on piles of gold the typical dragons tend to hoard in legends. To your great excitement, there is a friendly dragon who shares his osrs gold with the worthy. The best way to mine gold is to not mine it at all!