Loyalty Program

How does Probemas Loyalty Program work?
Spend money and get points
Redeem points to Rewards
Enjoy the game
Spend 0.00-299.99 USD per year
Get 1.00 point per 1USD
1.00 Point per $1 spent
Spend 300.00-1499.99 USD per year
Get 1.25 points per 1USD
1.25 Points per $1 spent
Access to customers only FB Group
Spend 1500.00-2999.99 USD per year
Get 1.50 points per 1USD
1.50 Points per $1 spent
Access to customers only FB Group
Priority delivery
Spend 3000.00-50000.00 USD per year
Get 1.75 points per 1USD
1.75 Points per $1 spent
Access to customers only FB Group
Priority delivery
Runescape Skill Hoodie



Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very simple!

1)     Spend money in our shop

2)     Get points

3)     *Redeem those points for exclusive prizes at Loyalty Rewards page.

*Applies only to registered users

Loyalty Tiers are the levels of loyalty of our customers! The higher your Tier is, the more points per purchase you get. For example, a Bronze Tier holder will get 1 point for $1 spent, while a Dragon Tier will get 1.75 points for $1 spent.

There are 4 Loyalty Tiers:

Bronze Tier - For new users and customers who spent up to $299

Steel Tier - For customers who spent from $300 to $1499

Rune Tier - For customers who spent from $1500 to $2999

Dragon Tier - For customers who spent over $3000

Once you have logged into your Probemas account, check the top right corner: go to the Account Loyalty page and you will find all information there!

Tier level is based on your total money spent in the last 365 days.

Loyalty points will be added to your account right after your order status changed from 'Pending' to 'Delivered'.

No, Loyalty Points will be generated only for purchases made after 18th of June, 2019 (once our website design changed). However, your past purchases will still be used to determine your Loyalty Tier!

All calculations are based on the USD rate. If you purchase in a different currency, we will do the purchase value conversion according to the currency exchange rate, and will assign Loyalty Points based on the USD value of the order. The process is fully automatic!

No! Your Loyalty Tier and Loyalty Points are permanently assigned to your Probemas account!

No. To receive Loyalty Points, you have to be a registered Probemas customer.

If you had an active Probemas account at the time, don’t worry. Send us an e-mail with your order information, and your order will be assigned to your Probemas account within 7 business days.

Not at the moment. However this will be an upcoming feature in the future! Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Probemas) to receive updates regarding our Loyalty Program.

Yes! As the matter of fact, we can offer you a “status match”. Send us an e-mail to [email protected] with your Probemas account e-mail and your purchase history at a competing website, and if your information is verified and approved, you will receive a corresponding Loyalty Tier at www.Probemas.com!*

*The highest possible Loyalty Tier acquired through status match is Rune.