Infernal Cape Services

OSRS Infernal Cape

We are offering Infernal Capes services in OSRS done via remote control app directly on your own computer! With this special method, cape removal chances are less than 1%.

Infernal Cape Service

Infernal Cape service is available for various builds including 1 Def Pures. Gear is provided by the customer.

Prices start from 250M for Maxed Account/Gear

To get a quote or more information please join our Discord server

If you don't have enough GP, you can buy OSRS Gold from us or pay for the infernal cape directly with real money.

At this moment we offer services for these regions - North America, Europe, Australia. A high-speed internet connection is required.

Infernal Capes on OSRS taken by Probemas

We have taken over 100 Infernal capes now without a single cape removal.

Infernal Cape OSRS

inferno cape service osrs

This lucky customer even got an infernal pet.

osrs infernal cape pet







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Frequently Asked Questions

The only risk coming with infernal cape services is cape removal risk but the chance of that to happen is below 1% as long as the cape is taken via a remote control app.

Gear needed for infernal cape services is provided by the customer. 

The whole process usually takes from 75 to 90 minutes.