OSRS Infernal Cape Services

We are offering Infernal Capes services in OSRS done via remote control app directly on your own computer! With this special method, cape removal chances are less than 1%.

Buy Infernal Cape in OSRS

Infernal Cape service is available for various builds including 1 Def Pures. Gear is provided by the customer.

Prices start from 250M for Maxed Account/Gear

To get a quote or more information please join our Discord server https://discord.gg/kNBRtB4

If you don't have enough GP, you can buy OSRS Gold from us or pay for the infernal cape directly with real money.

At this moment we offer services for these regions - North America, Europe, Australia. A high-speed internet connection is required.

OSRS Infernal Capes From Probemas

We have taken over 100 Infernal capes now without a single cape removal.

Infernal Cape OSRS

inferno cape service osrs

This lucky customer even got an infernal pet.

osrs infernal cape pet







To get in touch with our capers join our Discord here.




Our service is 99.99% safe. We have a 0% ban rate due to our capes being done remotely.

You have to pay before we start. In case we fail to take the cape we will refund you.

You will receive a full refund or we will do another attempt. Your choice.

We accept RSGP and traditional payment methods like Credit cards, Skrill, Bitcoin, Bank transfers.

Our capes are done remotely via Parsec. Parsec is an application, that lets us control your mouse, on your computer. The cape is achieved on your own IP/PC. You have full control of your mouse, whilst we are completing your cape. You can alter any mouse movements or actions we are going to perform.

Your order will be completed in less than two hours. We can arrange anytime for the order to be completed.

Here’s the rundown. Jagex does inferno cape bans in waves, their last wave was October 31, 2019. This can be seen here: https://twitter.com/JagexTyran/status/1189856685579485184 Eight months ago. The banned 484 accounts that had their capes done not via Parsec. These bans were from the cape seller, logging onto their account without a VPN, and having two totally different IP addresses, this is why our capes are done via Parsec. We have a 0% ban rate. The only thing Jagex looks into is the IP address of the normal account player, and their IP address at the time of completion of Inferno.

Jagex will remove your cape. You will receive a 2-week TEMPORARY ban.