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Sell OSRS Gold
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Sell Runescape Gold for Real Money


How to sell your RS Gold?

The selling process is very simple for everyone involved.

Firstly, you choose the amount you wish to sell, choose your currency, OSRS or RS3, enter the amount and click sell gold.

Secondly, you enter the live chat, you speak to one of our employees and arrange to meet up with us in-game. We will give you the location and any information you need.

Finally, payday, once the money has successfully reached our employee, you will be asked through live chat for your preferred payment details. Currently, we payout through PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, SEPA, UKBT, Interac, US Bank Transfers & Zelle.

Simple right?

Selling RS gold has to be done with care. There are lots of websites that do not have your best interest in mind. When you trade the gold with these sites, you are at risk of your account being flagged and banned, or at risk of being scammed for your hard-earned money or currency.

In over 6 years of running this system, we have never had an account banned. We deliver money to your preferred wallets instantly. Our bank transfers may take a little longer but are still quicker than the competition.

Our customer service is also one of the areas we are extremely proud of. With our 24/7 live chat running constantly, our employees are always ready to help. We do not hide any hidden fees in our processes and we are committed to rapid turnarounds.

Selling your gold can lead to a serious income; many players around the world make a full time living selling their OSRS and RS3 gold. Selling in-game currency is one of the most enjoyable careers for a gamer. You can play the game you love and use it to generate income too. the best place to Sell RS Gold, why?

Selling RS Gold is not always easy and it needs an experienced company to complete the process. is a very experienced company when it comes to buying RS Gold from the customers, as we know the best ways to do it without being noticed. That means if you are dealing with us, then the possibility of your account being banned is almost 0. Not to mention that we have never received any feedback regarding being banned during our 5 years of business. Our real money delivery to your online wallets is instant, we also provide direct bank transfers but they aren’t instant. Our prices are the best compared to the RS Gold market, as we pay one of the highest possible prices for your RS Gold.

We also provide high-quality customer service which can be seen via our 24/7 live chat. Our employees will always aim for your convenience and the whole process will be so easy and fast. We do not charge any additional hidden fees and we are paying real money in various currencies like USD, EUR or GBP. Simply, you will always find a way to deal with us regardless of your place of residence.

Sell OSRS Gold

Selling OSRS Gold is one of the most profitable things in the gaming community worldwide, but at it’s even more profitable. Starting your own business with us is the best choice to gain some cash while playing your favorite game. You can simply sell any amount of OSRS Gold to us for real money. Earning real money while playing OSRS is so simple as you can just make money In-Game via PKing or raiding after reaching the end-game to sell the extra OSRS Gold that you don’t need to us to make some cash. Or maybe if you are lucky enough, you can make a serious amount of OSRS Gold by staking in the Duel Area, which is a good way to invest your OSRS Gold in.

After trading your OSRS Gold to us, you will receive your real money in an instant via your desired payment method or within 5 days if it’s a bank transfer. Everything will be explained by our employee through the 24/7 live chat. Note that selling OSRS Gold at is always as safe as possible.

Sell Rs3 Gold

Selling Runescape 3 Gold is known to be kinda difficult, but the selling process in is so easy and simple that it will never lead to any problem while doing it. If you love playing Runescape 3 because of its modern graphics, then earning cash while playing it is going to make it extra enjoyable. You can earn RS3 Gold through various methods once you reach the end-game and these methods are also repeatable, which means selling your RS3 Gold is actually an unlimited supply of real money. Same goes to staking in the Duel Arena, as you can use your Runescape 3 Gold in duels to make a huge amount of real money. Receiving your real money will be done in an instant once the RS3 Gold trade is done In-Game. That means playing Runescape 3 can also be a job, as long as you can earn a huge amount of real money with

Selling Runescape gold safely

Selling Runescape Gold is very safe but it can be very dangerous if you are dealing with an inexperienced company. Selling RS Gold in unknown places will most likely result in a problem, such as being scammed or banned. But actually being scammed is much more possible than being banned. The main reason for getting banned while selling your own Runescape Gold is that the people you are dealing with are not experienced enough to not be noticed. In, we know all the best ways to complete the process without harming your account by any means. Actually, we have been in this business for more than 5 years, and there were no complaints about being banned after dealing with us. You can check that by yourself via the positive feedback we receive on our website. So be sure that your convenience and your account safety are always our top priorities in

How to get paid when selling RS gold to us?

Getting paid for selling RS Gold to us is so easy and fast. After trading the Runescape Gold to our employee In-Game, he will go back to the live chat on our website to ask you about the preferred payment method. Once you choose the payment method, the employee will ask for some information to send the real money, such as your Skrill email, Bitcoin address or Bank account number. After that, the real money will be successfully transferred to your online wallet in a few seconds. We provide worldwide bank transfers but note that Bank transfers will take 1 to 5 working days to be done. The other methods to receive your real money are Skrill and Bitcoin transfers which are being done instantly.

Keep in mind that our employees will never ever ask for any login details or any personal information at all. We will only ask you for your Runescape Name and your Skrill email, Bitcoin wallet or Bank transfer details.


What other services does Probemas offer?

In addition to buying your Runescape gold, we also allow people to buy OSRS Gold ; OSRS Items & RS3 Gold from us. We also offer maxed staker rentals and various in-game services like Infernal Capes, Firecapes, and Powerleveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are all payment methods we offer and how long it takes for you to receive them.

Skrill & Bitcoin - instant.

PayPal - from instant up to 24 hours.

SEPA Transfers - within 2 working days.

UK Bank Transfers - within 2 working days.

Interac - within 2 working days.

Zelle - within 24 hours.



  1. Choose the amount of gold you wish to sell.
  2. Contact our 24/7 Live Chat support agent.
  3. Discuss the price and payment method.
  4. Meet us in-game to trade the gold.
  5. Get paid real money!

If you're concerned about in-game safety, then yes, selling RS Gold is safe. Regarding outside of the game scams it all depends on the website you're dealing with. To stay safe make sure to deal only with highly trusted websites. To check if the website is trusted, a good option is to see if they have any verified reviews which can be found on independent feedback platforms like Trustpilot.