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How to Buy a Safe OSRS Account

Jan. 27, 2020, 23:15

How to Buy a Safe Old School RuneScape Account

Buying an Old School RuneScape account is a rather big step. Their prices can amount to hundreds of dollars. When buying something for so much you wish to know that it is not a cat in the sack. Today’s post deals with just that: how to not get swindled when purchasing an OSRS account.

Evaluate Your Needs

Before even making a purchase, you should always know what you need. You don’t want to spend more than you need, right? Therefore, make sure to check what levels an account you intend to buy has. There’s no need to purchase a max level account if your only interest is skilling.

OSRS Account Price

It is always recommended to check OSRS account prices on the market. You can never know if you’re getting a good deal or not without first checking what other account sellers have to offer. Do not be greedy, however. We all know that a quality product is supposed to cost more: high-level hand-trained accounts with hundreds of Quest Points will not be cheap. Sellers that offer accounts for a much lower price than that of the market are probably selling a botted account. That’s the only reason why they can afford to sell them at such low prices in the first place.

OSRS Account Recovery

Unfortunately, all Runescape accounts can be recovered by the original owner. Even if you buy an account without an email on it, it can still be recovered in the Runescape market that happens a lot. While buying OSRS account from individuals is the cheapest option it's also the most risky one. The only way to stay 100% safe is to buy from a trusted source. While top trusted websites sell accounts for much higher price compared to individuals, you can be assured that such accounts will never be recovered. When it comes to Runescape accounts, paying premium prices for safety is the best way to go.

Trusted Sites

When buying an OSRS, your needs and prices are important. But what’s more important is that the account you’re buying will not get banned within days of the purchase. A blow by a banhammer is guaranteed if you’re buying a botted account. Even worse, you can lose your money without even getting to take a look at the account that supposed to be yours. This is why you want to check whether a site can be trusted or not. Customer reviews, transparency and refund availability are all good indicators of whether the seller is trustworthy. We are deliberately not talking about individual sellers for a reason. It is extremely difficult to ensure their accountability and, therefore, we do not recommend buying from them at all. The allure of a lower price should always be weighed against the risk. Buy OSRS account from a trusted site like Probemas.com and you will not regret your decision.

Buying an OSRS Account from Probemas

The actual buying process of an OSRS account is usually very simple: you fill in the required information, make the transaction and once it’s confirmed, receive your new account’s email and password together with the password of the email the account was registered on. Before making the purchase, check that you’re actually buying the account you need i.e. it has the levels, quests or items you need. For safety reasons, always find out if the account is non-retrievable and hand-trained!