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How to Buy a Safe OSRS Account

Jan. 27, 2020, 23:15

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How to Buy a Safe Old School RuneScape Account


Buying an oldschool runescape account is a very risky decision if you do not know what you’re doing.  There are lots of OSRS account for sale on various websites and forums, but very often they are one big scam. A lot of websites buy osrs accounts from random people and then re-sell them to regular buyers, knowing the original owner could recover the account any second. There are several things you should know before buying an account form anyone.

Make sure you are not buying a resold account.


There are many websites and individuals that buy osrs accounts from random people, and then try to sell them as “safe accounts”, but these type of osrs accounts can be recovered any time by the person who created the account. That’s why you should never buy an account from someone who bought it himself. That’s why you should always only buy accounts that are made by the person selling them. At Probemas every single account we sell is created by us, so we are not putting your account safety on a mercy of some random guy, that wanted to sell his osrs account.

Flagged osrs accounts.


A lot of websites are botting or using 3rd world country workers to mass manufacture their accounts, which are very closely monitored. We have all heard the stories about countries like Venezuela heavily real world trading, and so did jagex anti-cheating them, that’s why we will never use anyone from flagged countries touch our accounts. We are UK based, and all our accounts are hand-trained either in UK or European countries, to keep our accounts under the radar as much as possible.

OSRS accounts recovery


Every single account, no matter what precautions you take can be recovered by the original owner in minutes, that’s why you should only buy an account from an extremely trusted source like Probemas. We have been selling runescape related products since 2013, and have collected thousands of positive vouches and reviews, and we are planning to continue doing so for a long time. So if you will ever need help with your account we will always be there for you.