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OSRS Crafting Guide From Level 1 to 99 | RuneScape Training

31 Oct 2019, 04:40

OSRS Crafting Guide From Level 1 to 99 | RuneScape Training

OSRS has a wide variety of skills and training each one of them to reach level 99 may take time. Some skills are helpful for combat, and others are not related at all to the combat. Crafting is one of these skills which are listed under the non-combat category.

It’s a F2P skill that is used to craft different items such as armor. There are many different ways to train your Crafting skill, some of them are cheap and others can be expensive.

The more expensive a training method is, the faster you can level up your crafting skill in OSRS. Since you are looking for ways to level up this RuneScape skill fast, we will be focusing more on those methods.

Some people use this skill generally to make money, others use this to better complement other skill sets in the game. Whatever your plan is, you can utilize this OSRS crafting guide to reach level 99 quicker than most players.

OSRS Crafting Training From Level 1 To 99

Crafting mainly can be trained by fusing 2 items into a new item, doing that requires a certain crafting level based on what kind of item is being crafted.

From Level 1 to 33 Crafting

Reaching Level 33 Crafting is easy and does not require that much OSRS GP compared to other crafting levels.

You will be crafting two different items to reach level 33. The first item will help you to reach level 8 and the second item will help you reach level 33 crafting fast. Leather Glove is the first item, while Gold Amulet is the second item. You will need a Needle,  30 Threads, and 112 Leathers to be able to craft enough Leather Gloves till level 8. 

After that, you will need an Amulet mold, 582 Gold bars, and any Furnace to start crafting Gold Amulets. You will get 13.8 Crafting XP by making one Leather Glove and 30 XP by making one Gold Amulet. 

From Level 33 to 54 Crafting

Unlike your journey to level 33 Crafting, reaching Level 54 Crafting requires a good amount of OSRS Gold. And crafting by using Glassblowing is the fastest way to reach level 54.

You will be crafting 3 items, all of these items require Molten Glasses and a Glassblowing pipe to be made.

The first thing you need to craft is the Empty Vials, you will need 780 Molten Glasses to reach level 42 Crafting.

The second item is the Empty Fishbowl, 523 Molten Glasses are required to reach level 46.

The third item is the Unpowered Orb, 1,579 Molten Glasses are needed to reach level 54.

The three items are giving 35, 42.5, and 52.5 Crafting XP respectively. Doing all of those is pretty easy since you don’t need to move anywhere to do it. Standing near the Grand Exchange is the most efficient way to level up your OSRS crafting skill up to level 54.

runescape crafting training items

From Level 54 to 63 Crafting

Once you reach level 54 Crafting, the next levels can be difficult to train and will require more OSRS money. The best way to reach level 63 is by crafting Elemental Battlestaves. This can be very expensive but it is the fastest way to reach level 63 Crafting compared to the other training methods.

Reaching level 58 requires crafting 736 Water Battlestaves. To create them, you will need 736 Battlestaves and 736 Water Orbs.

After that, you will need to start crafting Earth Battlestaves to reach level 62. You will need 972 Battlestaves alongside 972 Earth Orbs to achieve that.

The last level to 63 can be done by crafting Earth Battlestaves, but you can craft Fire Battlestaves instead if you want to do it faster. 279 Battlestaves and 279 Fire Orbs are needed to achieve the goal.

You will get 100, 112.5, and 125 Crafting Experience respectively by crafting one staff of each type of these Elemental Battlestaves.

From Level 63 to 99 Crafting

The trend here continues, unfortunately, reaching level 99 Crafting will require you to spend more OSRS Gold and take most of your time. Crafting Dragonhide bodies will be the best and fastest way to reach level 99.

Making these Dragonhide bodies requires Threads and Dragon Leathers. Green Dragonhide Bodies are the best thing to craft to reach level 71 and you will need 7,194 Green Dragon Leathers and 1,500 Threads to do that. Each Body crafted gives 186 XP.

osrs crafting with green dragonhides

From level 71 to 77 you will have to start crafting Blue dragonhide bodies. 9,447 Blue Dragon Leathers and 1,850 Threads are needed to do that. Each Body crafted gives 210 XP.

crafting with blue dragon leather

Once you reach level 77, you will unlock the ability to craft Red Dragonhide bodies. Crafting these will be the best way to reach level 84.18,921 Red Dragon Leathers and 3,700 Threads are needed to do that. Each body crafted gives 234 XP.

crafting with red dragon leathers

After level 84 Crafting, you will be only crafting Black Dragonhide Bodies until level 99. 134,406 Black Dragon Leathers and 26,900 Threads are needed to do that. Each body crafted gives 258 XP.

crafting in old school runescape training

Final Thoughts About OSRS Crafting Training

By following the mentioned training methods, you won’t need to be that active while leveling your Crafting skill until level 99. Two or three clicks every few seconds will be enough to do it efficiently.

osrs crafting skill cape

Generally, having enough OSRS Gold is the key to accelerate the game progress, which means you won’t need to spend weeks and weeks while training your skills or completing OSRS quests.

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