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Portal Nexus OSRS Guide: Everything You Need To Know

04 Mar 2021, 09:14

Portal Nexus OSRS Guide: Everything You Need To Know

What is a Portal Nexus?

A Portal Nexus is a room that can be built in your player-owned house in Old School Runescape. Only one Portal Nexus room can be built in a player-owned house. It will cost 200,00 gold in order to build one together with a minimum construction level of 72.

Within a Portal Nexus room, players can build a Portal Nexus that can teleport the player to multiple locations around Old School Runescape. The cost of adding each teleport to the nexus is 1,000 times the rune cost of that spell.

Gilded_portal_nexus_built osrs


Types of Portal Nexus

There are three types of Portal Nexus' that can be built, each requiring different construction levels and each allowing the player to add more Teleports up to 30 for the Crystalline Portal Nexus.

Level Portal nexus Materials Experience Upgrade Cost Total Cost Teleports Available
72 Marble portal nexus.png Marble Portal Nexus Marble block.pngMarble block x4 2,000 N/A 1,321,704 4
82 Gilded portal nexus.png Gilded Portal Nexus Marble portal nexus icon.pngMarble Portal Nexus
Marble block.pngMarble block x4
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf x2
2,600 1,595,424 2,917,128 8
92 Crystalline portal nexus.png Crystalline Portal Nexus Gilded portal nexus icon.pngGilded Portal Nexus
Magic stone.pngMagic stone x2
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf x2
2,600 2,254,084 5,171,212 30

How do I add a Teleport to the Portal Nexus?

The Portal Nexus can add thirty possible locations, the limit depending on the tier of the Portal Nexus built. Players require 1,000 times the materials required in order to add the teleport, meaning that if a player wanted to add the Lumbridge Teleport to the Portal Nexus, one would need 3,000 air runes, 1,000 earth, and 1,000 law runes.

In a nutshell, make sure that you are carrying the required amount of runes enough to cast the desired teleport a thousand times, and you are able to add it to the Portal Nexus by simply right-clicking on it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Adding a Teleport to your Portal Nexus requires the same Magic level and quest requirements (if any) as casting the teleport spell.

Missing on some Magic Levels or perhaps some constructions level to be able to build a better Portal Nexus? You can always reach out to one of PROBEMAS' Elite Boosters by joining our Discord server, and we will take care of the grinding for you :)

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Is there any recommended setup for my OSRS Portal Nexus?

If you have a level of 92 construction, then it is recommended to simply add all 30 available teleports to the Portal Nexus, allowing you to teleport to those 30 teleport locations infinitely, however if you have 82 or 72 construction you are only able to add 8, 4 teleports respectively.

So if I had to choose 4 or 8 teleports, how should I pick between the 30 available locations?

This will be totally dependant on your play-style and what kind of activities you carry out most frequently on Old School RuneScape.

If for example, you are a normal Old School RuneScape player, with 8 teleports available due to having 82 Construction, it is recommended to add 8 teleports which you would normally require yourself to be on a particular spellbook. Good examples of these are:

  • Senntisten aka Digsite (Requires Ancient Spell Book to cast Normally)
  • Harmony Island (Requires Arceuus Spell Book to cast Normally)

Another good point to remember is that whatever teleport you end up adding to your Portal Nexus, that teleport (unless you remove it on purpose) stays there permanently, and that means that if you do some quick maths, you can end up saving some gold too!

You heard right, you can end up saving gold in the long run thanks to the Portal Nexus!

Put it this way, you can easily access your Portal Nexus by teleporting to your house, correct?

So a teleport to the house would cost you 1 law rune, 1 air rune, and 1 earth rune, approximately 170 Coins while if you had to teleport to Lunar Isle which requires 1 law rune, 2 astral, and 2 earth runes, would cost you 485 gold coins! Nearly 3 times as much!

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for taking your time reading yet another one of our guides.

Portal Nexus is a very useful investment to have for everyone traveling around the map, and it's a must-have for high-end players to increase their efficiency in everyday activities! Although it's a bit expensive to build, fear not because you can Buy OSRS Gold from Probemas and forget those kinds of worries!

What do YOU think about this Portal Nexus OSRS guide?

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