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How To Be Good At OSRS: Best Daily Activities to Stay Efficient

20 Jan 2021, 03:54

How To Be Good At OSRS: Best Daily Activities to Stay Efficient

In OSRS, there are many daily activities that reset at 00:00 UTC every day for players to do. A lot of players join in together and complete these activities solo or with their friends. These can also be pretty useful for those who are looking for ways how to be good at OSRS fast if you know which ones to prioritize.

Completing these daily events will not only help you keep yourself engaged and busy in-game, but it is also very efficient because of the rewards.

Listed below are some of the common OSRS daily activities that are repeated from time to time because of experience, item, or OSRS gold they provide.

1. Kingdom of Miscellania

Collecting resources from the kingdom of Miscellania is a member-only activity. You will need to have completed the quest ‘Throne of Miscellania’, and a minimum amount of 500,000 gold coins up to 7.5M in the coffers. Look at your Coffer as the “Payment” which will be allocated in return for having selected resources collected.

The Quantity of your Resources collected is based on how much approval rating you have – the max is 100%. Every Daily Reset you lose 2.5% of this rating and in order to get it back, you simply need to regain it by doing one of the favoured tasks.

Your total investment for this method is 75K daily, and if you take care of replenishing that 75K and regaining that 2.5% favour thus keeping it constantly at 100%, you can expect 150% profits on your investment.

Check out our guide about Managing Miscellania and how you can make the most profit out of it.


2. Buying Battlestaves from Zaff’s Shop

Buying Zaff’s battle staves is also a member-only activity. You can buy the battle staves from Zaff for a discount of 7,000 gold coins each, and there are no real requirements, but if you’ve completed the easy, medium, hard or elite section of the Varrock Diary, you will have the advantage of buying more battle staves.

It has the same reset time as the above, and if the staves don’t appear after the reset time, just remember to log out and log back in.

Upon completion, you will have a profit of up to around 150,000 coins depending on the staves you’ve purchased.


3. Free Pure Essence from Wizard Cromperty

Collecting free pure essence from Wizard Cromperty is also a member-only activity and is quite easy one.

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Now, to get an advantage on the pure essence that you receive, you’ll have to complete the medium, hard or elite Ardougne Diary, which will give around 100 essences for medium, 150 for hard, or 250 for the elite.


4. A Bucket of Sand a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – What about 84?

The activity to deliver 84 buckets of sand from Bert in Yanille to your bank, will require the completion of the ‘Hand in the Sand’ quest, as well as the elite section in Ardougne Diary. Upon completion, you will receive the same number of buckets which is worth 3,276 gold coins.

bert in yanille

5. The Almighty Explorer’s Ring!

Using the explorer’s ring will help you cast low-level alchemy 30 times for free, and requires the completion of easy Lumbridge & Draynor Diary, as well as a level of 21 in magic. The reward will depend on the item that is used while casting low-level alchemy.

Explorer’s ring 4 lets you cast high-level alchemy 30 times for free, but to complete this activity you must need to have completed the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary. The reward will again depend on the item that is used while casting high-level alchemy.

explorers ring in osrs

6. Flex à Bowstring = Free Money on Daily Basis!

Buying and exchanging 30, 60, 120, or 250 noted flax for bowstrings through the flax keeper in Seer’s Village, and then selling it on the Grand Exchange can be profitable as well if you have completed easy, medium, hard, and elite sections of the Western Provinces Diary.

The time for this activity resets at exactly 00:00 UTC and is also a member-only activity. You can get a profit of up to around 25,000 gold coins depending on the completion of your diary.



7. This Kind Ogre can care for you every single day!

Receiving 25, 50, 100, or 150 free ogre arrows from Rantz is the same as the activity where you have to receive essence from the wizard.

The number of the arrows that you get depends on the sections that you’ve completed in the Western Provinces Diary, and you can get a profit of up to 25,000 gold coins respectively.


kind ogre osrs

8. Free Runes from Lundail

Claiming 10, 20, 30, or 50 random free runes from Lundail is an activity similar to the one with Wizard Cromperty and Rantz.

The runes that you receive depend on your completion of the easy, medium, hard or elite sections of the Wilderness Diary, and the rewards vary depending on the runes that you get.


osrs lundail

9. Herb Boxes Reward from Nightmare Zone!

Purchasing 15 herb boxes from Nightmare Zone reward chest will require in-game membership, as well as a total of 9,500 nightmare zone points per box.

The profit varies depending on the herbs that you receive from the boxes, but an approximate would be around 10,500 gold coins.



10. Fantastic Explosion thanks to Thirus’ Dynamite!

The number of dynamite that you claim from Thirus, either it is 20, 40, or 80 depends entirely on your completion of medium, hard and elite sections of the Kourend & Kebos Diary.

The profit received is also dependent on the number of dynamites that you have got.


Bonus Mention – Daily FREE Prayer Experience!

This is activity is about speaking to Robin in the Green Ghost Inn, which is located in Port Phasmatys. You’ll have to convert 13, 26, or 39 bones directly into bonemeal and buckets of slime by talking to him.

The amount that you convert depends on your completion of medium, hard or elite sections of the Morytania Diary, and if you have Morytania legs 2, you will be allowed 26 bones, leg 3 will allow you 36 bones.

No profit is made by completing this activity; however, it does help with your prayer training.


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