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OSRS PKing Guide: Everything You Need To Know

06 Sep 2020, 12:46

OSRS PKing Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Player killing (Commonly known as player vs player, PKing, or PvP) is the act of two or more players fighting against each other. OSRS PKing differs a lot from the other forms of combat because players do not fight against monsters in Runescape (in other words, NPCs).

There are quite some places in Runescape for players to participate in such PvP activities.

Ø  Minigames like Duel Arena, Last Man Standing, Clan Wars (Purple and FFA portal), Castle Wars.

Ø  Wastelands like The Wilderness, which covers up nearly the entire north side of Gelinor.

Ø  PvP worlds, where players can attack each other in most of the areas around Gelinor, apart from some designated safe areas and banks.

Multi PKing

Multi PKing, also known as Multiway Combat PKing – is an area where a player can be attacked by more than one player at a time. These areas are mostly used by clans in battling against each other, and are identified upon entering an area with two crossed swords, which appears in the bottom – right-hand corner of the interface or under the mini-map.

Single PKing

Single PKing is an area where a player can only engage in a One Vs One combat without any kind of disturbance from a third party. One of the most famous places for single PKing is Edgeville.

Some general setups and hotspots for Multi-Way / Single PKing:

a pking character in osrs

Ø  Head – Serpentine helm, Barrows helm, Helm of neitiznot, Archers’ helm, Mystic hat, Ghostly hood.

Ø  Neck – Amulet of fury, Amulet of glory, Amulet of power, Amulet of strength.

Ø  Cape – Internal cape, Fire cape, Ava’s accumulator, God capes (Normal / Imbued), Ardougne cloaks, Skill capes, Cape of legends.

Ø  Body/Legs – Black d’hide, Barrows, Mystic robes, Dragon armour, Xerician, Rune armour, Ghostly robes, Monk’s robes.

Ø  Weapons – Abyssal tentacle, Toxic staff of the dead, Heavy ballista, Abyssal whip, Ahrim’s staff, Dragon crossbow, Dragon scimitar, Ancient staff, Rune crossbow, Rune scimitar, Magic short bow.

Ø  Shields – Spirit shield, Dragon defender, Book of darkness, Rune defender, Unholy book, Book of law/balance, Rune kite shield.

Ø  Gloves – Barrows gloves, Dragon gloves, Rune gloves, Adamant gloves, Mithril gloves / Combat bracelet.

Ø  Boots/Rings – Dragon boots, Berserker ring(i), Mystic boots, Seers ring (i), Boots of brimstone, Warrior ring (i), Fremennik boots, Ring of recoil, Climbing boots.

Ø  Special Attack – Dragon claws, Armadyl god sword, Dark bow, Dragon defender, Granite maul.

another pking character in osrs

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Hotspot Areas

The Hotspot areas have a large presence of people willing to engage in PvP. Some areas are:

  • Directly above the Edgeville bank
  • North of Varrock east bank
  • North – northeast of Varrock Wilderness
  • Green Dragons
  • Revenant Caves
  • Wilderness God Wars Dungeon
  • Wilderness Bosses
  • Black Chinchompas (Level 32 wilderness)
  • Lava Dragon Isle (Level 36-42 wilderness)
  • Resource Area
  • Rogues’ Castle (Level 52-56 wilderness)
  • Fountain of Rune
  • 46 Wilderness Mine

traveling through Gielinor to slay fellow players

Common Specialised Accounts

When it comes to PKing in OSRS, you have several specialized accounts to choose from and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this OSRS PKing guide, we have identified some of the most commonly used specialized accounts today.

PK Accounts (Combat pure)

These accounts are specifically trained in order to optimize performance in PvP scenarios (Wilderness, Duel Arenas, etc.), they prioritize offensive stats while maintaining a low combat level. For example, a player with 70 attack, 70 strength but only 1 defence would be considered as a pure.

 skills needed for osrs player killing

There are also other types of OSRS Pures:

One Defence Pure

These characters are solely trained for one vs one combats, to have high offensive stats and a low Defence level while maintaining a low combat level to give it leverage over most accounts of a similar level.

Defence Pure

A Defence pure is an account that maintains a low combat level but has an extremely high Defence level instead of high Attack or Strength levels. The way of their combat often includes special attacks from the Dragon fire shield, combined with venom damage from the Serpentine helm.

Obsidian Pure

These pures maintain an attack level of 1, with their strength level being 60 to wield the Tzhaar-Ket-Om. They usually have a lower combat level than the one-defence pures, as some of them are 1 defence. However, having both strength and defence level of 60 would make a good combat pure as well due to the release of Obsidian armour.

osrs obsidian pure

Granite Maul Pure

Similar to obsidian pures except with higher attack, a granite maul pure (Also known as a ‘G Mauler’) utilizes a Granite maul, a weapon that requires both 50 attack and strength to wield. They usually have 1 defence to keep their combat level low, but higher defence variants do exist.

granite maul pure

Black/13 Defence Pure

A black pure is designed for 10 defence, which allows the use of black armour and the ability to wear a Black mask / Slayer helmet. Black pures can use low-combat armours and a wide array of weapons and are deadly at the same time. The same goes for 13 defence pure, but has a defence level of 13, sacrificing a small amount of offence.

defence pure in runescape

Initiate/Rune/Berserker Pure

Initiate pures are characters having 20 defence. who utilize the prayer and defence bonus of the initiate armour, while rune pures are designed to have 40 defence in order to wear rune armour and other stat boosters like fighter torsos and rune defenders. Berserkers, (also known as Zerkers) are quite identical to rune pures just with their defence level exceeding 45 for the sake of wearing a berserker helm or a fighter hat.

osrs berserker pure

Void Pure

They utilize the combat bonuses of the Void Knight armour to achieve very high hits and are often Ranged – oriented.

runescape void pure

Mage Pure/Mage Tank

A mage pure is typically a One-Defence pure that specializes exclusively in Magic, they are extremely strong at low-level PvP areas. While mage tanks being characters with massive defence and fairly high hitpoints and magic.

osrs mage pure or tank

Range Pure/Range Tank

Quite similar to magic pure / mage tanks, except that these characters specialize in range.

osrs range pure

Barrows Pure

These pures hit awfully high thanks to their barrows armour which requires near 70 defence and a prayer level of 70 for the ability to use Piety, this is a combined high attack and strength level for maximum damage. A magic level of 94 is quite ideal as it allows the use of Vengeance spell. This build is one of the best for high-risk PKing, which can make a lot of money if you wish to sell OSRS gold you collected.

osrs barrows pure

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Various Tips and Tricks for OSRS PKing

·         Protect from magic – Using this in either a PK situation or trying to get away from PKers is quite beneficial.

·         Jossik for God books – Great for PKing

·         Emblem trader toggle targets – You can toggle so that you get your targets below level 10 wilderness rather than far.

·         Range ammo toggle – This is quite helpful if you don’t have an ava’s accumulator. Talk to the range tutor in Lumbridge to toggle picking up arrows which will go straight into your ammo slot.

·         Cleaning herbs – It’s a good way to perfect your switches.

·         Level 20 wilderness – Make sure to stay below 20 level wilderness if you’re carrying untradeable with you, as you’ll lose them if you die any place above 20.

·         Hitpoints boost – Make sure to boost your hitpoints before entering PK areas, as you may get rushed easily with a lower defence. Brews can be very helpful to go above your maximum health.

·         PK with sounds on – It is very important to have your sound on while PKing, because bolts, weapons, spells, and specs like dragon fire shields have sounds that can alert you beforehand.

·         Removing your skull – Easiest way to remove your skull is by teleporting to clan wars and entering and exiting the white portal.

·         Looting bag and Rune pouch – Two of the most important things you’ll need on a PKing account. It allows you to collect all your spoils and maximize profits.

With that said, we wish you luck in your PvP adventures in Gielinor!


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