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OSRS Thieving Guide From Level 1 to 99 | RuneScape Training

July 24, 2019, 16:50

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There are many skills in OSRS, all of them are useful for your account progress. Some of them are F2P and others are P2P. Thieving is one of OSRS Pay-to-Play skills that can’t be trained without having a membership aka bond.

You can use Thieving to make money and we're going to teach you how on this OSRS Thieving Guide. You also need your thieving skills to complete certain quests. Unlocking traps and doors are mainly done by using Thieving, so having a high Thieving level helps you in different ways.

Thieving is so easy to train, but it is also so boring and requires you to be active for almost all the time. Also, training it is so cheap and requires a very low amount of OSRS Gold. In this article, we will be focusing on the fastest way to reach level 99 to gain your Thieving Cape and there will be no money-making ways mentioned at all.

Helpful Items For OSRS Thieving Training

Training your Thieving skill can be accelerated by using some items which give helpful bonus such as increasing the pickpocketing success chance. Not all of them are necessary, it’s totally optional but you better obtain them as soon as possible.

These items are:

1- Ardougne Cloak 2 or 3

2- Gloves of Silence (if you haven’t the Ardougne Cloak)

3- Dodgy Necklace

4- Rogue’s Gear (useful if you are making money)

Ardougne Cloak can be obtained by finishing the Ardougne Medium Diary and it adds 10% pickpocket success rate which is applied only in Ardougne. You can also finish the Hard Diary to have this bonus everywhere in OSRS. You will also need level 38 Thieving to complete the Medium diary at least.

Rogue’s Gear is only useful if you are making money using your Thieving skill. It gives you double the loot you get while pickpocketing and you can obtain it through Rogue’s Den.

Dodgy Necklace is very necessary to use while training Thieving via pickpocketing. You will have a 25% chance to not be stunned once you fail to pickpocket. This can be done for 10 times per Necklace.

Gloves of Silence is useful if you haven’t the Ardougne Cloak or having a Thieving level below 38. It has a pickpocketing success rate of 5% which is applied everywhere on the map. This bonus cannot be stacked with the Ardougne Cloak, that’s why it is useless once you obtain the Ardougne Cloak, especially the 3rd one.

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Old School RuneScape Thieving Quests

You can complete specific quests that help you to train your first few Thieving levels to level 20-25 right from level 1. Completing these quests is optional, but you will end up completing them to finish your quests list anyway. This means finishing them early is a win-win situation and won’t waste your time.

The best of them are:

1- Tower of life

2- Hazeel Cult

3- Fight Arena

4- Biohazard

5-The Tourist Trap

OSRS Thieving Guide For Beginners

Follow the guide below If you prefer training the first few levels without completing any quest.

From Level 1 to 5 Thieving

First of all, to train your Thieving skill, you will need to hide your Attack option from the Controls tab to make it easier to pickpocket the NPCs.

 osrs thieving training guide

The first 5 levels can be done easily by pickpocketing Men or Women NPCs. It is the best way to finish these levels quickly. There are many locations where you can find Men and Women, so choose the best location for you and start pickpocketing them easily. You can use the Gloves of silence in this case since your Thieving level is pretty low to use the Ardougne Cloak. The Dodgy Necklace will be also very useful to not get stunned so often.

Once you have 28 Coin Pouches you won’t be able to pickpocket Men and Women anymore and you will need to left-click the stack of pouches in your inventory before attempting to pickpocket again. You can expect 5~6K EXP/Hour by doing that.

thieving guide for osrs players

From Level 5 to 25 Thieving

Stealing from Baker’s Stalls is the quickest way to level 25 Thieving. You can find Baker’s Stalls in East Ardougne in the Ardougne Square. When you try to steal from these stalls, there is a chance that the Guards may attack you, so you will just have to kill them or to run away. You can also stand near the side of the stall, so getting yourself caught will be less often.

Doing this for one hour will allow you to get 12K Thieving EXP and it can be more if you don’t store the stolen cakes. Stealing from the Silk Stalls after reaching level 20 is probably going to be slower, so stick to Baker’s Stalls.

 runescape thieving training

From Level 25 to 45 Thieving

Stealing from the Hosidius Stalls (Fruit Stalls) is the best possible method to reach level 45 Thieving. You can find the Fruit Stall in the Hosidius House Square and there will be two dogs around it. You should lure these two drops and trap them inside any building to be able to gain the maximum Thieving EXP per hour.

Stealing from the Hosidius Stalls requires 15% favor in the Hosidius house. You should expect 40K EXP/Hour if you won’t store the stolen Fruits.

thieving guide for runescape training

From Level 45 to 55 Thieving

The quickest method to train your Thieving from 45 to 55 is by using Blackjacking. This can be unlocked by completing the Feud quest which also gives 15K Thieving EXP by completing it.

This method is so click-intensive but offers the best EXP for these levels. At level 45 you will have to start Blackjacking the Bearded Bandits in Pollnivneach City. This can be done by luring one of them inside any house to not be noticed by the other Bandits. You will have to knock him out once, pickpocket him twice and repeat. If you fail to knock him out, you will have to either spam the Knock-out option to cancel his attempt to kill you or run away from the house and go back to knock him out again. Knocking them out requires you to have a Blackjack of any kind in your weapon slot.

 thieving map in gielinor

Fill your whole inventory with food without any empty slot to prevent pickpocketing him without knocking him out first if you don’t care about money and want the best possible Thieving EXP. You will get damaged once you fail to knock the Bandit out, so using the food will be necessary.

There is nearby Banknote Exchange Merchant so bringing a noted stack of wine is your best option.

 thieving skills in runescape

You should expect more than 50K Thieving EXP/Hour and 80K+ if you have fast fingers.

From Level 55 to 65 Thieving

Once you reach level 55 Thieving, you will be able to start Blackjacking the Non-bearded Bandits in Pollnivneach City. This is being done just like the Bearded Bandits method as you just lure them inside any house to start knocking them out. Doing that will get you to level 65 very quickly but you may get your fingers broken. You can expect 90K EXP/Hour and more than 120K if you have fast fingers.

 stealing runescape gold

Just like the non-bearded method, you should fill your inventory with food with 0 empty slots if you want the best EXP per hour with no OSRS Gold gain.

From Level 65 to 99 Thieving

Pickpocketing Ardougne Knights will be your best method to reach the max Thieving level which is level 99. This method is not AFK at all, you will need to keep clicking on the Ardougne Knight until you have 28 coin pouches. Using some items while doing this will increase the EXP/Hour. Items that should be used are the Ardougne Cloak and the Dodgy Necklace.

The Dodgy Necklace will help you to fail less often while pickpocketing the Ardougne Knight which also means taking less damage overall.

Hiding the Attack option is necessary at this point and will boost up the EXP/Hour dramatically.

To use this method, you will have to find one of the  Ardougne Knights which are located at the Ardougne Square in East Ardougne. Either lure one of them inside a house or switch to world 378 to find already trapped Knight inside the northern house. Many players will be pickpocketing one Ardougne Knight in this world and all you have to do is joining them. You will need food to heal up especially during the low Thieving levels.

 getting runescape items via thieving

Try to set the camera where you can just keep clicking on the Knight all the time without moving your mouse around. Bring 5 or 6 Dodgy Necklace in your inventory so you can use a new Necklace upon destroying the already equipped one.

Traping the Knight inside can be done by attacking any Ardougne Knight around the area, let him follow you inside any house and close the door. After that, you should run a few tiles away from the Knight before starting to pickpocketing him.

 stealing in runescape guide

By using this method you should get 70K to 230K Thieving EXP/Hour depending on your Thieving level. After leveling up to 95 the Knights won’t stun you again.

Following this OSRS thieving guide will make you able to max your Thieving skill in the shortest possible time with the fact that you won’t be AFK for most of the time. So always remember to take a rest, it is just a game.

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