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OSRS Magic Training Guide: Best Ways To Level Up Fast

04 Sep 2020, 12:32

OSRS Magic Training Guide: Best Ways To Level Up Fast

Magic is one of the most important skills in Old School RuneScape and is one of the three combat classes. It is used in Combat; it allows crafted items to be enchanted, fast transport around the world via teleports, and converting items into coins via High-Level Alchemy.

In this OSRS Magic Training Guide, we will discuss everything you need to know to improve your magic skills fast.

An increase in your magic level also increases your accuracy, unlocks more spells, and increases your magic defense. Wearing magic gears increases your magic attack bonus, resulting in an increase in accuracy as well. Whereas, wearing a very high-level tier of magic gear increases your magic strength bonus, resulting in an increase in your maximum damage (max hits). There are currently four types of spell books for magic in-game.

Types of Spell Book in OSRS

Standard Spellbook

It has the greatest number of spells compared to the other books and is gained when you first make an account on RuneScape. It consists of a lot of combat spells, along with enchanting, skilling, and teleportation spells.

Ancient Spellbook

This spellbook is unlocked after completing the quest ‘Desert Treasure’. It consists of mostly combat spells, with ice barrage being the most powerful spell in the game. It does have a few teleportation spells as well, with most of them being spells to teleport inside of the wilderness.

Lunar Spellbook

You can switch to this spellbook once you’ve completed the ‘Lunar Diplomacy’ quest. Finishing the hard Fremennik diaries and the dream mentor quest will allow you to use every single spell in the lunar spellbook. This spellbook has zero offensive spells, apart from vengeance (If that is counted as one) and is used mostly for utility or skilling.

Arceuus Spellbook

This spellbook is unlocked after getting a 60% favor in the house of Arceuus. This spellbook contains reanimation spells, which is a cheap and fast way to train your prayer level. It does have teleportation spells as well, which takes you to some very random locations. You also get some magic experience if you use this spellbook to train your prayer.magic training inventory guide osrs


Strike Spells osrs strike spells

You can work your way up to use strike spells like air and fire while training at the rock crabs, which provides a lot of last experience. If you wish to make some money as a non-member, you can safe spot ogress warriors while striking them with your magic.

Curse Spells

At level 19, you can start using the spell called curse which splash 100% of the time if you a negative 65 magic attack bonus. You can have a safe spot using this spell on the skeletons near the wilderness zone. At such a low magic level, you can get up to an experience of 33,000 per hour.

Now, for some faster ways to train magic!

Bolt Enchantment Spell

At level 4, you unlock the bolt enchantment spell. But it is recommended to start enchanting bolts at a level 50 magic. You can enchant bolts like ruby, diamond, dragon, and onyx for a magic experience of around 500,000 per hour. As it can be a little boring, you can always AFK while enchanting bolts.

Bursting and Barraging Spell

This is known as one of the fastest methods in training your magic level, this spell casts magic on a lot of monsters at a time, providing a lot of experience even when it’s cast once.

However, at a lower level, it can be quite costly using this spell but once you’re at a higher level, the spell becomes more accurate to use. There are many places to burst in Old School RuneScape, but two of the best places would be the skeletal monkeys in the monkey madness (1) caves and the maniacal monkeys in the monkey madness (2) caves.

These spells can cost quite a few million gold! If you need some quick and cheap OSRS gold.

 osrs bursting spells

Useful Quests for OSRS Magic Training

Ø  Witch’s Potion: 325 magic experience (No requirements)

Ø  Imp Catcher: 875 magic experience (No requirements)

Ø  The Grand Tree: 2,150 magic experience (No requirements)

Ø  Horror from The Deep: 4662 magic experience (No requirements)

Ø  Watch Tower: 15,250 magic experience (Magic level 15 required)

Ø  Lunar Diplomacy: 5,000 magic experience (Magic level 65 required)

Ø  Dream Mentor: 10,000 magic experience (Magic level 65 required)

Ø  Desert Treasure: 20,000 magic experience (Magic level 50 required)

For a low level, if you do not wish to do any OSRS quests, there are also other methods to train your magic.

More Reliable Methods To Level Up Magic Skills In OSRS

Apart from combat, there are some other ways as well to your magic level like superheat item which gives up to a 100,000 experience per hour and is one of the cheapest methods to reach 99 magic.

At level 55, you unlock high-level alchemy by which you can use a method called tele-alching where you can alch an item and instantly teleport somewhere, this will provide you around 130,000 magic experience per hour.

Another way is to spin flax with the help of magic, which will not only provide you with 80,000 magic experience but also crafting experience, this is a very good method for making money too.

Best AFK Methods To Level Up Magic

Ø  Magic Imbue (Magic Level 82)

Ø  Splashing

Ø  NMZ (Nightmare Zone) – One of the most efficient AFK magic training method, It is recommended to use locator orb, dwarven rock cake, and absorption potion to ensure you can AFK for a longer period of time. With the help of overloads at NMZ, you can boost your magic level to use higher level spells

Ø  Steel Dragons – You can use fire spells on steel dragons, which is also a good way to gain magic experience. You can AFK with the help of dragon fire shield and antifire potions. They are also a good money maker, as they drop draconic visage and items like steel bars which can be dropped noted by the completion of Elite ‘Karamja Diary’.

old school runescape steel dragons

Ø  String Jewellery – It can be cast after completing lunar diplomacy and with the magic level of 80. It can give you around 150,000 magic experience per hour. 

Profitable Methods To Make More Gold With Magic

There are also methods that are profitable enough to make a nice amount of runescape gold, such as at low levels you can use the enchanting spells to create items like the games necklace, ring of recoil, or the ring of dueling. Not only is it profitable but there is a possibility of getting around 30,000 – 60,000 magic experience per hour with high-level enchantment spells.

Making teleportation tablets at players houses is also another excellent way of making money while gaining magic experience. In an hour, you can gain around 150,000 coins and around 20,000 magic experience.

teleportation tablets osrs
At around 60 magic level, you can start charging orbs for profit. Most in demand right now is charging air orbs which can get you around 400,000 coins and around 30,000 magic experience per hour. The other orbs give around a profit of 300,000 coins per hour, this way is the most profitable one to make money while training magic.

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With that said, we wrap up our OSRS Magic Training Guide. Don’t give up on your magic journey, and we wish you luck!

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