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Coronavirus in Old School RuneScape | A Guide During The Pandemic

12 Mar 2020, 05:47

Coronavirus in Old School RuneScape | A Guide During The Pandemic

The threat of the new coronavirus is skyrocketing. Amid the fear of this new disease, people are flooding supermarkets to stockpile supplies while ironically increasing their chances of getting sick and spreading it at an even faster pace.

In response to this, Probemas team has also taken action.

Is it Still Safe to Buy OSRS Gold?

In short, yes. Why are we so confident? Because we are looking at this crisis seriously. Our professionals in the sales team are washing their hands after every transaction, however inconvenient that might sometimes be.

Recently, we have also taken additional measures and began disinfecting every gold coin that comes into our possession and later yours. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, but their safety and health are of paramount importance. Buying OSRS gold today is as safe as it ever was.

Healthy OSRS Accounts

We put great care into each and every account we prepare for you. That is and has always been our mission.

As a team used to constantly changing needs and circumstances we face the new challenge head-on. Currently, our hand-trained accounts undergo additional health checks.

Those accounts that might have visited places where there is a high risk of contagion or met people who come from those places are additionally quarantined and monitored until we are 100% certain they are coronavirus free. When you buy OSRS accounts from us, you're certain that you are receiving a top-quality product.

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You can trust our real-world trading professionals who you meet in-game to trade gold. They are well-prepared and take every precaution that needs to be taken in situations like this. In addition to using a disinfectant, they are also wearing facemasks for that extra safety.

Please, do not get irritated or angry with them, if they don’t shake your hand – that’s all for your own good. But, if you insist, they will and they will wash their hands before meeting another customer.

osrs player with mask on for coronavirus

Probemas' Recommendation To RS Players

Be wary and avoid places with lots of people: not only is it hard to find monsters to kill or resources to obtain in such places, but disease spreads like mad.

Do not linger around Duel Arena. Wise Old Man says, that every minute you spend loitering around Duel Arena instead of actually dueling, the chances of you getting scammed increase.

Now there is another reason not to do that – coronavirus. Scammers are not to be trusted, so how can you know whether they are washing their hands? You can’t and they most likely aren’t.

The above-mentioned rule applies to the Grand Exchange as well. We also strongly recommend washing your hands after every transaction made.

Go bossing. Instanced content is much safer than the open world. In cases when you can’t do it alone, make sure to bring along people you trust completely.

While we’re on the topic, make sure to use clan chat more often, instead of meeting people in person, unless it is absolutely necessary.

As for Wildnerness – go wild. Players already have intent on bashing each other’s skulls in, so what’s it matter.

In case you feel fatigued and suspect you have contracted the virus, grab some potions and use home teleport. Once there, drink a potion and log out for a while.

Do not invite guests and make sure to go outside only when a medical professional confirms that you can.

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