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Runescape Girlfriend - A guide how to Get Runescape GF

Dec. 14, 2019, 17:23

How to Get a RuneScape Girlfriend

Feeling lonely? Simply chopping trees is just not enough for you anymore? If you’re aiming for more in your RuneScape career then the one milestone you definitely must achieve is getting yourself a RuneScape girlfriend. Don’t know how to do that? No problem! We’ll set you on the right path and you can take it from there.

Why Get a RuneScape Girlfriend?


Getting a RuneScape girlfriend is an achievement in of itself. This is one of the most iconic milestones and if companionship alone does not resonate with you, then think about the bragging rights! Your friends will be really jealous. Everyone can say they have a RS gf, but when push comes to shove, they always come up with an excuse: “She’s offline atm”, “She’s at work/school” etc. Imagine how everyone’s jaws will drop once your gf actually shows up! Besides, having a RS gf can make your daily skill grind a much more interesting activity and something you may be looking forward to.


Getting Started


We’ll be honest with you: a fresh out of Tutorial island character will not attract much or, to be frank, any attention from the females. Are you going to help her kill King Black Dragon with your measly level 3 character? We all know how would that end: “Oh dear, you are dead”. So do some stretches, crack your knuckles and get to working on those levels. Who knows, you might even meet someone while grinding, eh? And get yourself a stylish haircut, will you?


Proper Wardrobe Helps a Lot


Without proper gear you can forget all about getting a RS gf. That’s why you need to level up those skills, especially defence. If you’re in a hurry, you at least want to equip trimmed black armor. The casual version of black armor is no good, the same goes for most other sets, so you can forget about them.


However, that’s just starter gear. You want to up your game as much as possible and this is just the first stop and it’s an optional one. Actually, you want to have some rare and expensive gear equipped to increase your chances of getting a RS gf. Below are some examples you want to be after:


Dragon set (left) looks fearsome and surely shows your strength. Wield a dragon weapon and suddenly the princesses will escape the towers themselves just to get to you. Justiciar set (right) is currently the best set of armor in Old School RuneScape. Your potential RS gf will be sure that you can come to her aid, if she needs it. The achievement of obtaining this armor alone will be praised by bards in songs until the end of time!


Disregard Females, Acquire Currency


First impressions matter. That’s why you don’t want to go out spamming “looking for RS gf” while being broke. Getting the right gear is a good start and you should always aim for what looks good and is expensive. The more expensive, the better. Essentially, what you need to do is show off your wealth and getting good gear is one of the steps. Another is acquiring OSRS gold. If you’ve spent everything on the gear, go earn some more! You can’t buy a RS gf for 10k gp, even if that seems like a lot to you. 100k is a good start, but then again, the more, the better. Want a RS gf but don’t have the gold? No problem. Probemas can supply all the OSRS gold a gentleman like you might require. Show that you’re interested in getting a RS gf by offering a big amount of gold, just don’t get too crazy. A lot of RS players have already got burnt from offering their mills to a potential RS gf only for her to break up with them after! You can always show off your wealth, though, and that’s one of the tricks you can do. You always want your RS gf to be loyal to you. Now go to the Grand Exchange and spam your way to your RS gf’s heart like a real romantic!