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Best OSRS Mobile Training Methods

22 Oct 2020, 06:19

Best OSRS Mobile Training Methods

OSRS Mobile is a platform for players that allows them to play Old School Runescape on their Android and IOS devices. This platform is quite different from the desktop client and is a lot more click intensive which makes it harder for players to train their accounts.

how to play runescape mobile on phone

So, to overcome the efforts, I’ll be listing some of the best and fastest ways to train your OSRS accounts whilst on your mobile.

OSRS Mobile Tap to Drop Skills

This method requires a very minimal amount of tapping and can be used to easily train skills like Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting where you stand at a location, and drop every item that you acquire in your inventory. You could also make a lot of money by banking, as it’s relatively quick as well and can be used for methods like barbarian fishing.

train fishing skill in runescape

A full inventory of barbarian fishes can provide you with around 1,000 fishing experience and more depending on your fishing level. You could also tap to drop, but a point that you have to keep in mind is that you cannot 2 or 3 ticks on OSRS mobile.

Yes, it is possible to do it, but it doesn’t always work for every skill, an example would be ‘The Motherlode Mine’. This area is a great low-level skilling method and it quite AFK as it doesn’t require much focus.

OSRS Mobile Farm Runs

The three main runs that are worth doing in farming are fruit tree runs, regular tree runs and herb runs. The difference between these three runs is that fruit tree runs are cheap, but the wait time for them to grow is longer than regular trees. Regular trees are expensive, but they grow faster and on the other hand, herb runs are mostly done for their profit.

osrs farming herbs

It is of utmost importance that you calculate your profit before you start doing herb runs as the prices of compost, herbs and seeds vary depending on their category.

Regarding the herb runs, Toadflax is said to be the most profitable, with each run using ultra-compost giving you around 100k in profit and around 1,000 – 2,000 farming experience.

For example, let’s go over fruit and regular tree runs, which you won’t need to do as frequently as the others, and can grant immense amounts of experience! The items that you’ll need are listed below, along with the relevant tree patch locations.

The OSRS items required for these farm runs are: Falador teleports, Lumbridge teleports, Taverly teleports, Brimhaven teleports (or Ardougne teleports), Camelot teleports, Teleport crystal (to get to Lleyta), Rake and Spade, 10 of any sapling with relevant payments, a stack of coins, and a stamina potion to complete the run faster.

osrs mobile inventory

We suggest you follow this order:

  1. Varrock patch east of the castle (Tree Patch).
  2. Tree Gnome Stronghold through the Spirit Tree or Slayer Ring (Fruit and Tree Patch).
  3. Tree Gnome Village through Spirit Tree, you have to follow Elkoy (Fruit Tree).
  4. Teleport to Falador, and head towards the park (Tree Patch).
  5. Teleport to Lumbridge, and go behind the castle (Tree Patch).
  6. Near the docks in Brimhaven (Fruit Patch).
  7. Teleport to Camelot, and walk to the Catherby fishing spot (Fruit Patch).
  8. Taverly (Tree Patch)
  9. Teleport crystal to Lleyta (Fruit Patch)

Since tree runs can get fairly expensive, especially as you move into the later farming levels, you might find yourself short on gold. In that case, consider joining thousands of other OSRS players and purchase cheap OSRS Gold from us, just go to our Buy OSRS Gold page.

Using the OSRS Mobile ‘Withdraw All’ Function at Banks

This method can be very useful for OSRS mobile users because it locks in the function when you press quantity all for a particular item. All you need to do after that is just tap on the bank and then tap on the item you wish to withdraw, without the need for the right-click option.

training guide for beginners in osrs mobile

This method can be used for various skilling methods like cooking, which is very AFK in itself and is perfect to train for a user on the mobile platform. Another method would be crafting Dragonhide bodies or gems quickly thanks to the withdraw all function by just one single tap on the item when the bank tab is open.

You can also make use of this function while smithing darts or making tars with herblore. One inventory can get you around 900 herblore experience with just 30-40 seconds to spare.

OSRS Mobile Thieving Methods

Thieving is quite suitable for OSRS mobile and can provide massive amounts of profit at higher levels by pickpocketing the master farmer.

a knight in old school runescape

On the other hand, Ardougne knights are also a decent method to level up and gain profit if you change your settings and make it so you don’t attack the knights. This method doesn’t require any attention and can be done by simply tapping on the screen while sitting or performing any other real-life tasks. 

OSRS Mobile Combat Methods

Firstly, The Nightmare Zone method is fairly easy to set up on your mobile and can be done for hours with an inventory of absorption potions. The experience rates are high as you have access to a lot of power-ups and potions to boost your skills.

training osrs mobile combat skill

When it comes to experience per hour, it is recommended that you fight the following bosses to gain higher experience compared to the other NPCs: Moss Giants (Roving Elves), Dad (Troll Stronghold), Ice Troll King (Fremennik Isles), Arrg (Troll Romance).

Secondly, another good place to train would be at the Bandits, with the help of a Zamorak or Saradomin item, it is fairly easy to set up while being on your mobile.

You can also use splashing to train your magic level with very low effort, that is if you can tap on your screen once every 20 minutes. All you have to do is log in to your account, find an NPC to splash on, and keep your phone aside. Getting 99 magic with the help of the fire strike is very cheap and gives a decent amount of 13,500 experience per hour. Other spells can be used to splash like firebolt, fire blast, fire wave, fire surge which are higher in cost according to their levels and provides a better experience.

OSRS Mobile Bird House Runs

One of the most effective ways to train hunter on your mobile. One birdhouse run can take around 5 minutes and can provide you with a decent amount of money, and in the case of iron man, you can get a lot of seeds and bird nests which can be quite useful.

osrs birdhouses on mobile devices

You could either start this method at a lower level or at a level where you can gain up to 10 nests per birdhouse by building magic or redwood houses. The experience that you gain depends on the birdhouse that you use, using the regular ones made from normal logs can give you up to 280 experience per run, and redwood can give you up to 1,200 experience.

For players that don’t like hunter can do the birdhouse method along with the farm runs and level both the skills together as a birdhouse can be done only every 50 minutes.

And with that, we wrap up our OSRS Mobile training methods!

Hope you could learn a thing or two and apply it to your own OSRS Mobile journey. Good luck!

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