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Guide On How to Sell OSRS Gold Safely And Earn Real Money

27 Jun 2019, 12:11

Guide On How to Sell OSRS Gold Safely And Earn Real Money

Selling OSRS gold can sometimes be difficult and risky to do. That’s why we would like to tell you some of our tips and the things to be aware of when selling your RuneScape gold online.

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What Is The Process Of Selling Runescape Gold?

The first question that comes to your mind when you decide to sell Runescape gold is how to do it. Selling Runescape gold, in general, is easy, but it is easier if you are dealing with a trusted company.

Also, the amount of Runescape gold you are selling shouldn’t be too small, otherwise, you won’t gain that much real money.

Every company has its own rules when it comes to buying gold from the players. Some may pay in a long time after receiving your gold, others pay instantly. In general, you and the gold buyer should be able to communicate easily on their website or the in-game chat.

Usually, you will be asked first what type of RuneScape gold are you planning to sell, OSRS gold or RS3 gold. After that, you'll be discussing your preferred payment method and where you're going to meet in-game to trade the gold. Usually, payment will be sent instantly, but sometimes it takes time.

Your Privacy Matters

When it comes to selling Runescape gold, your privacy should be the most important thing for you. Your account is the most valuable thing in this case and even more valuable than selling 1 or 2 Billion OSRS gold.

The majority of Runescape players are always asking one question when it comes to selling gold; is it illegal to sell Runescape gold? The answer is no, it's only against the game rules, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do it.

Also, it’s not the most important thing you should care about, getting banned while selling gold is less likely to happen nowadays. 

In addition to hiding your main account identity, you can also completely hide your real-life information during the payment process. This can be done by using any Cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin or Ethereum), but this depends on whether the RS gold site you are selling to accepts them.

In Probemas, we offer you a variety of options that you can choose from to receive your payment upon selling your Runescape Gold to us.

Our employee will ask you to provide your Bitcoin wallet address upon completing the trade process in-game and the funds will be transferred to your wallet instantly. This is actually pretty much the same way all the other payment methods work as well.

When selling your RS Gold to us we also offer payments in PayPal, Skrill, and Bank transfer to almost any country!

It is possible to sell your Gold on, but it is not a smart thing to do. People on eBay usually tend to chargeback after completing the payment, thus you will end up losing your Gold with no chance of getting it back. That’s why Probemas is your best choice when it comes to selling Runescape Gold fast and easy.

The Company You're Dealing With

Choosing the best RS gold website to deal with is a very important factor when it comes to buying and selling RS gold online. If you are willing to take it as a job, then you should find yourself the best company to partner with.

A good company can be defined by its customer support service and its industry experience. A company that delivers can send you the payment instantly is always the best choice for you.

Not just that, you also need to consider their experience. The longer they have been in this type of business, the more knowledgeable they are in avoiding penalties or bans from Jagex. A well-experienced company should be aware of all the tricks and how to protect their customers.

Picking a company that is willing to buy your OSRS gold for an expensive price shouldn’t be your first priority in this case. Your security and safety should be number one in this career. Losing your account is like losing your job, but losing a good offer is not the end of the world.

Many companies in the market will be eager to show you why they are the best, but checking what their customers say about them is the best way to compare each RuneScape gold site.


Every place in this world has imposters, your job, your school, and even your game. In Runescape imposters are almost everywhere, they will do whatever it takes to entice you and get every single RS GP you have. Things like gambling near the Grand Exchange, trading gold with an unknown player in the game, all of this is just bad and should be avoided.

Some gold companies are also working that way, they will be acting like they are selling gold or buying gold normally, but they are actually there to scam you of your gold. To avoid this scenario from taking place, you should check their whole history and their customer reviews, even if they are not showing them, you should be able to Google their name at least.

Always try to sell your gold to the right company, you are not only risking your gold, but also your account and your identity.

Overall, you should always be aware of the existence of imposters, do not click on any link, do not trust anyone, just use your brain, and be smart. Here you can check our verified reviews on Trustpilot and

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling OSRS Gold

There are many mistakes that can be done while selling Runescape gold, whether it is OSRS gold or RS3 gold. All of these mistakes are pretty easy to avoid, but the majority of Runescape players are not aware of them.

Using your real IP address

The first thing you should be avoiding is using your real IP address while trading the gold. Jagex can track your IP address if you are using an alternative account, and this can get your main account banned. Using a VPN is the best choice since you have the option to use a different IP address for each trade.

Using in-game chat to communicate

The second thing you should be avoiding is the gold companies that are using the RuneScape's in-game chat to communicate. Any communication through the game should be completely avoided, as it can be proof of you selling gold and breaking Jagex's rules. The conversation should be done through their website or somewhere else away from your game account.

Trading gold via a new Alternative account

The third thing you should be avoiding is trading gold via a new Alternative account. Your alternative account should be created a long time ago before using it to trade gold. Playing on it for some time is necessary, also training your skills, having some friends on your list, and completing some quests can help make it more legitimate.

All of this should make your alternative look like your main, but using your main should be your last choice. Having a RuneScape membership on your Alternative account is a very good thing to have as well, it makes the account less suspicious and decreases the chance of getting caught by Jagex.

Trading gold in a well-known area

The fourth thing you should be avoiding is trading gold in a well-known area such as the Grand Exchange. These places are very well-known for the mods of Jagex and they are aware of the gold trading processes being done there. The meeting place should be unique and unknown, something nobody can expect to be a place where you trade your gold.

Choosing companies with an unknown history

Finally, the company you are dealing with should be of a good reputation and a well-known history.

A company that has good customer reviews and provides great customer service should be your first choice. Having various payment options is also a good thing alongside their experience and the amount of time it takes to send you the payment. Companies with unknown history are probably going to scam you or will try to get your account banned.

A company like Probemas should be your first choice for selling Runescape gold as we are offering great customer service with a 24/7 live chat since 2013.

We are a registered company operating in the UK. Furthermore, we have never received a complaint from the customer about being banned after trading gold with us.

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