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RuneScape Gold Site - Best Place to Buy OSRS Gold | Probemas

May 14, 2019, 8:56

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Now that we have launched the only Loyalty Program in the Runescape Gold market, Probemas is the best place to Buy Runescape Gold and also earn Rewards for it!

Other key factors why we are the best OSRS and RS3 gold site today:

⭐6 Years experience in Runescape market

⭐Spin Item Chests in our Loyalty Rewards Program

⭐Always cheap Runescape Gold prices. Two times cheaper than Bonds.

⭐100% Safety. We are trading customers only from real high-level accounts.

⭐Thousands of verified 3rd party feedback at sites like Trustpilot and Facebook.

⭐Our live chat is open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year.

2020 is a new chapter for the Runescape gold trade. Conditions have never been better for players to buy GP online. However, at the same time, numerous scammers, liars, and other non-legit sellers are emerging in numbers.

So in this article, Probemas would like to show and inform you guys, how to stay safe, and choose the best site to purchase Runescape Gold.

Get familiar with the RuneScape market

You cannot just walk to the mall and buy the first pair of shoes you see. The same applies to Runescape gold. No one wants to overpay or end up scammed in both real life and Runescape.

Fake sales and scams have been around for a long time.

Awareness, patience and reassuring features should be taken into consideration before you make any purchase of Runescape gold.

OSRS and RS3 gold sellers should display current prices on their homepage. Find a store that offers standard pricing rather than ripping you off every step of the way; Probemas is an internationally renowned service, providing cheap gold for thousands of Runescape players around the world.

So we are your gateway to cheap and quick RS GOLD! No shady business here, only legit and 100% real GP.

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Take it slow, step by step

Once you find a trustworthy website, don’t dive in just yet. Remember to protect your identity first and foremost.

Secondly, some sites might hide taxes and fees up until the last step of the payment process so beware! Moreover, steer away from scams and shady sites that you are unsure of. While you select the preferred option from the available payment methods, the store should ask for minimal amounts of information. NEVER give your Runescape account login details or sensitive personal information to a Runescape gold site.

If the website asks for personal data, be skeptical and cautious before trusting them. We, for example, only ask our clients to confirm their identities on Paypal if necessary (fraud prevention), and no sensitive info is stored or kept by us. Runescape gold is sold securely and safely just on a handful of sites.

Probemas has the track record and over 100 pages of feedback to prove just that! So you can say that we are 1 in 100.

No shady business

The more ‘down to earth’ vibe you are getting from the site, the better. Of course, it should not look like an outdated and forgotten place in the corner of the internet. The website which wants to sell RS gold needs to be user-friendly, understandable, and certainly not overcrowded with ads or look like something was drawn up by a child in Microsoft Paint.

The website’s interface should be comprehensive, unlittered with ads, and very accessible. A site that you should trust must not sell Runescape accounts. Avoid services where there is no live support and certainly, do not use the services of websites that have 0 feedback or little explanations regarding how they work.

For example, Probemas only functions as an RS gold store. We sell Runescape 3 and OSRS gold and do a hella good job at it!

With the upcoming launch of RS mobile, we are eager as ever to help buyers get their gold faster and cheaper! Current prices are always listed on the main page, a handy calculator will show how much money you would get for your gold (if you have a desire to sell) and transactions are transparent, fast along with being easy to carry out.

Do not leave any questions unanswered

If any Q’s arise – they should be answered by the support team or the FAQ page. These are the most common methods of how any question regarding services should be answered:

  • Sub-page text
  • FAQ page
  • Live support or contacting the support in other ways (e-mail, telephone, skype, etc.)

Use this guide as a guide to seek out necessary answers wherever, whenever.

Probemas has professionals working in support so all questions will be answered swiftly and precisely. From grandmother’s pie recipes to gold delivery in Old School Runescape – no problem is out of reach for us!

Gold delivery

This part deserves a separate section. Gold delivery in-game is the area where actual professionals and leaders in the OSRS gold selling market separate themselves from the rest.

Most services will dodge listing estimations of how much time it takes to deliver the gold. That is an immediate sign of danger and unprofessionalism. Without clear answers, they could take for as long as they need to provide the gold. Even worse things could happen– they might run away quit scamming you.

Probemas has a reputation for delivering the gold almost instantaneously, with over 98% of the orders being complete within 5 minutes. We are always online to reassure and provide ASAP!

Awesome deals!

With deals, you can never be too careful. Most scam sites try to attract clients by announcing massive sales, huge discounts, and larger than life loyalty programmes.

Bonuses along with other perks attract unaware players who are later scammed. Be rational and do not take the bait right away. Lots of these sites will have texts on the page that are ‘in your face’ – meaning that they will try to influence you.

How can you recognise them?

For the most part, the content might seem incomplete, and you should sense that the idea is to make you buy as much as possible, as quick as possible. Do not rush and think before you act.

Probemas has a very successful programme for long-time customers, offering discounts and deals to show our appreciation for loyal clients. Discount codes can be found all over our site so make sure to check everything out and who knows, maybe you will get the next best deal!

So what’s the best place to buy Runescape gold?

All things considered, you should find a responsible and proven seller of RS gold.

Probemas seems and is a logical solution for all gamers. Newcomers and returning customers will have a blast purchasing with ease, knowing the final price before buying and doing things transparently.

With thousands of customers choosing us as their primary provider of gold, we want you to have us as the number one destination for OSRS and RS3 gold!