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OSRS Herblore Guide From Level 1 To 99 | RuneScape Training

May 2, 2020, 2:14

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In this OSRS Herblore training guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to develop this skill. Herblore is a members-only skill that people can sometimes forget about. Why spend your time making potions when you can spend time killing Gargoyles?

To an extent that is true, however, if you are aiming for the end-game content, you should consider leveling up Herblore. 

It makes doing Raids a lot easier and that means you get the best gear much faster. Besides, you can sell potions you created for those not willing to level up Herblore on their own, killing two birds with one stone.

OSRS Herblore Training Basics

First things first, you must complete the Druidic Ritual quest to be able to train Herblore. There is no other way, so be nice to those druids. Second, training Herblore requires gold. Quite a lot of it actually. Therefore, you can either burn through your savings or buy OSRS gold and save some time that way.     

Another piece of advice: use Amulet of chemistry. The amulet provides you with a 5% chance of creating an extra potion when brewing. The Amulet of chemistry should be used when you are at the level where that extra potion made costs more than a single charge of the amulet. Amulet of chemistry only expends charges when you brew an extra potion, 1 charge for 1 potion.

Druidic Ritual Quest

1. You will need these supplies: raw rat, raw beef, raw chicken and raw bear. Buy those at the Grand Exchange. You can also bring a Stamina potion and food if you are very low level.    
2. Go to Taverley. There is a stone circle in the northern part of the town, just north of the Witch’s house. Speak with Kaqemeex.        
3. Go to the Herblore shop which is south down the road. You will find another NPC, Sanfew upstairs.
4. Once again, head south, to the dungeon. The dungeon is full of aggressive NPCs, so be ready to eat up if you are a low level. When you are inside the dungeon just a bit to the north there is a gate that leads to the area with the Cauldron of Thunder. Spam-click the gate for it to open, then put the meats you brought into the cauldron. They will become the enchanted versions of those items.         
5. Bring back enchanted meats to Sanfew and then return to Kaqemeex to complete the quest.

herblore training for old school runescape

Recommended Herblore Quests in OSRS


Herblore level

Other requirements


Jungle Potion




Recruitment Drive



1 000

The Dig Site


10 Agility

25 Thieving

2 000

Shades of Mort’ton


20 Crafting

5 Firemaking

2 000

Zogre Flesh Eaters


4 Smithing

30 Fletching

30 Ranged

2 000


Other Quests with Herblore Experience Rewards


Herblore level


Heroes' Quest


1 325

Eadgar's Ruse


11 000

My Arm's Big Adventure


10 000

Grim Tales


5 000

Fairytale II - Cure a Queen


3 500

Song of the Elves


20 000


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OSRS Herblore Leveling

In this section, we will share with you the different strategies and methods you can do on each Herblore level to easily level up this skill.

Herblore Level 3-5

You will start by crafting Attack potions. These can be made from Guam potion and Eye of Newt. Guam potion is made by mixing a Guam leaf with a vial of water.

Guam leaf can be obtained from Farming at level 9. It must be cleaned for it to be usable. Fill an empty vial with water from any water source (fountain, well or sink) to make a vial of water. Eye of newt can be looted from various monsters, the best option being Newtroost which always drops Eye of newt.

It can also be bought at Betty’s Magic Emporium at Port Sarim, Jatix’s Herblore Shop in Taverley and other shops. You can make all these materials yourself or buy them from the GE.

Herblore Level 5-12

From Attack potions, you will need to go more defensive this time. Anti-poison can be crafted by mixing Marrentill potion with Unicorn horn dust. Marrentil potion is made from cleaned Marrentill and vial of water.

Marentill herb requires 14 Farming. Unicorn horn dust drops from monsters such as cave bugs, but can also be made by using pestle and mortar on a Unicorn horn. Unicorn horn can be looted from, you guessed, Unicorns.

The best place to farm Unicorns is Kourend Woodland.

kourend woodland in osrs herblore

Herblore Level 12-26

At this level range, you’re going to start making steroids. Just be sure to stay away from WADA. Jokes aside, you will need to make Strength potions. Strength potions are made from the Tarromin potion and Limpwurt root. Tarromin herb can be obtained through Farming at level 19 and has to be mixed with a vial of water.

Limpwurt root can be obtained from farming a flower patch at 26 Farming. Hobgoblins, Cockatrices, Tribesmen, and Hill Giants seem to be carrying some with them as well and are rather easy targets.

Herblore Level 26-38

After punching a hole in the wall with the help of Strength potions it’s time to flee from the owner of the said wall by growing wings. At this level range, you will be making Energy potions. Energy potions are made from Harralander potions and Chocolate dust. Harralander herbs can be farmed at level 26 Farming. Use mortar and pestle on a Chocolate bar to make Chocolate dust. Both Chocolate dust and Chocolate bar can be bought from gnomes in Grand Tree Village, Grand Tree Groceries shop, and Funch’s Fine Groceries. Chocolate bars can be also bought from many other places.

tree gnome stronghold in osrs

Herblore Level 38-45

Time to atone for your sins and there is no better way than a sincere prayer. Those who pray frequently know of Prayer potions and that is what you will be making at this level range. Prayer potions can be made by mixing Ranarr potion with Snape Grass. Ranarr can be obtained via Farming at level 32. Snape Grass can be obtained from an allotment patch with level 61 Farming. Various NPC’s drop Snape Grass, among which are the aforementioned Tribesmen.

Herblore Level 45-48

For these 3 levels, you will be making a Super attack potions. For punching holes walls at even higher accuracy. Super attack potions are made from Irit potions and Eye of newt. Irit leaf can be obtained at level 44 Farming. We already discussed the Eye of newt at Herblore 3-5.

Herblore Level 48-52

If you have an excess of Irit potions or herbs and Unicorn horn dust, don’t throw them away. At this level range, you will be making Super anti-poison which is made by mixing Irit potions with Unicorn horn dust. We already discussed how to get your hands on Unicorn horn dust in Herblore 5-12.

Herblore Level 52-55

At this level range, you will be crafting Super energy potions. Super energy potions are made from Avantoe potions and Mart myre fungus. Avantoe can be obtained at level 50 Farming.

Mart myre fungus can be obtained by using a Blessed silver sickle to cast Bloom on nearby dead logs. You can also opt to chop sulliuscep mushrooms or kill monsters. Swamp crabs are an easy target and always drop some herbs. Swamp crabs can be found south of Port Phasmatys and east of Slepe.

herblore training guide in osrs

Herblore Level 55-63

What can be better than a Strength potion? Super strength potion. Super strength potions are made from Kwuarm potions and Limpwurt root. We have already discussed how to get Limpwurt root in Herblore 12-26. Kwuarm herbs require level 56 Farming, you can also simply buy them at the GE.

Herblore Level 63-69

Now we’re going to get those stats back up with Super restore potions. Super restore potions are made from Snapdragon potions and Red spider’s eggs. Snapdragon herb can be acquired via farming at level 62 Farming. Red spider’s eggs spawn in various locations where there are Deadly red spiders. The easiest location to access is Varrock sewers with 2 egg spawns while Forthos dungeon contains the most spawns (11). Temple spiders can also drop Red spider’s eggs.

Herblore Level 69-72

No dragonslayer should leave home without some Antifire potions. These are made from Lantadyme potions and Dragon scale dust. To acquire Lantadyme you will need level 73 Farming. Dragon scale dust is made by using pestle and mortar on a Blue dragon scale. Blue dragon scales can be looted from Brutal blue dragons in Catacombs of Kourend.

dragon scale dust old school runescape

Herblore Level 72-81

We bet Robin Hood was using tons of this potion. Ranging potions are made from Dwarf weed potions and Wine of Zamorak. For Dwarf herb you will need 79 Farming.

Wine of Zamorak can be obtained by using Telekinetic grab (level 33 Magic) on Wine of Zamorak in Chaos temples in Asgarnia or Wilderness. Since telegrabbing Wine of Zamorak is a popular money making method in RuneScape there should be sufficient supply on the GE.

Herblore Level 81-99

The one and only, Saradomin brew. One of the most in-demand potions, Saradomin brew is made from Toadflax potion and Crushed nest. Toadfalx herb requires level 38 Farming. Crushed nest is made by using pestle and mortar on a Bird nest. Bird nests are obtained randomly while chopping trees or when emptying birdhouse traps.

Alternative Herblore Leveling Methods

There are more ways to level up Herblore. The method above is considered optimal: it is not as click-intensive as cleaning herbs and is faster and while it is costly, it is not the most expensive option. For those who wish a change of pace, lower their expenses or simply earn some OSRS gold while leveling Herblore, we present alternative methods below.

Cleaning Herbs

Cleaning herbs is not the most popular Herblore leveling method because it‘s extremely click-intensive. The upsides are that you can sell clean herbs for-profit and the process is very simple and still yields decent Herblore XP. Just remember to always check the prices of grimy and clean herbs before embarking on your herb cleaning mission so that you are guaranteed to make a profit.

Alternative Potion Options

Herblore Level 15-26+

A good starting option if you have completed the Shades of Mort‘ton quest (must read the Diary of Herbi Flax) is to make Serum. Serum is made by mixing the Tarromin potion with Ashes. We have already covered Tarromin in Herblore 12-26. Ashes are literally scattered everywhere.

Herblore Level 36-55

At this level range, a good alternative is making Combat potions. Combat potions are made by mixing Harralander potions with Goat horn dust. Harralander herbs are obtained via farming with the minimum level being 26 Farming. Goat horn dust is made by using mortar and pestle on a Desert goat horn. Desert goat horns can be looted from Goats and Billy goats in the Kharidian Desert.

Herblore Level 77-99

Stamina potions are made by using Amylase crystals on Super energy potions and vice versa. Good news if you saved some Super energy potions you made when training at Herblore level 52-55. Amylase crystals can be bought from Grace in Rogues’ Den.

Herblore Level 90-99

Super combat potions are made by mixing Super attack, Super strength, Super defense potions, and Torstol. Torstol herb requires level 85 Farming and has a very low chance to drop from Nature implings and Zulrah.

Herblore Level 94-99

This leveling method is perfect if you have not yet sold your Anti-venoms from previous methods and have an excess of Torstol herbs. Both are needed to make Anti-venom+ potions.

AFK Herblore Leveling

If you thought making potions was a chill way to level up Herblore, you will like this method even more. Making Tar is not only AFKable but also relatively cheap. Just make sure to stock up some Swamp tar in advance, because there is a 13k buy limit on it and this amount is enough only for about half an hour.







Guam leaf


Swamp tar x15

Guam tar x15




Marrentill tar x15




Tarromin tar x15




Harralander tar x15



Final Thoughts About Herblore Training

We hope this guide will prove helpful on your way to that Herblore skillcape!

If the Herblore skillcape is not your goal and instead you only need to be well-prepared for Raids, level 78 Herblore is enough.

Brewing potions made you more gold than expected?

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