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Bryophyta OSRS Guide: How To Defeat This Boss Easily

12 Feb 2021, 02:11

Bryophyta OSRS Guide: How To Defeat This Boss Easily

Bryophyta is a free-to-play (F2P) Moss Giant boss found within her lair in the Varrock Sewers.

In order to access her lair, a mossy key, acquired as a rare drop from regular moss giants (1/150 chance) is required. Each mossy key allows the bearer for one instanced fight meaning you can kill Bryophyta one time for every key you have.

F2P Recommended Requirements For Bryophyta

  • Level 50+ Attack
  • Level 50+ Strength
  • Level 50+ Defence
  • Level 50+ Hitpoints
  • Level 43 + Prayer
  • Completed Dragon Slayer and Level 40 Ranged

F2P Recommended Setup


P2P Recommended Requirements For Bryophyta

  • Level 60+ Attack
  • Level 60+ Strength
  • Level 40+ Defence
  • Level 50+ Hitpoints
  • Level 43 + Prayer
  • Completed Dragon Slayer and 40 Ranged OR Higher Ranged (Level 50 | 60 | 70 to be able to wear the respective Dragonhide Armour)

P2P Recommended Setup


How To Get To Bryophyta's Lair? 

  • F2P - Head over to the Varrock Sewers (Climb Down Manhole) and follow the path north of the quest icon on your mini-map. After Slashing the web and going past the red spiders you will find yourself next to an Iron 'Gate' - the entrance to Bryophyta's Lair.
  • P2P - If you have 51+ Agility: Head over to Edgeville Dungeon aka next to Slayer Master Vannaka (If you don't know him yet, then you must check out our OSRS Slayer Guide now) and go through the agility shortcut. This will bring you exactly to the room with the Iron 'Gate'. If you do not have level 51 or higher agility use the F2P Path.


If you need some help leveling your Agility skill, check out our OSRS Agility Guide now!

Fight Overview and What To Do To Defeat Bryophyta

The Bryophyta fight is fairly simple, her main attack is magic based so you want to use the Protection from Magic prayer and any other offensive prayers you have available.

During the fight, Bryophyta will spawn three Growthlings. While these Growthlings are alive, Bryophyta is immune to damage so you must kill all three before switching your attacks back to Bryophyta.

To kill the Growthlings – you must attack them down to around 10% health and then use an axe or secateurs on them. If you don’t have an axe, there is one available to pickup from a pile of logs in Bryophyta’s lair - Pick this once you enter the lair.

PRO TIP: Did you enjoy the fight and would like to do it consistently? We recommend that if you are a P2P Player you should use a Multicannon Location in order to kill as many Moss Giants per hour as possible to increase the rate of Mossy Keys you will obtain. West of Fishing Guild is a good example of a perfect area for this!

Bryophyta Notable Drops

Giant champion scroll Giant giant champion scroll osrs N/A
Bryophyta's essence  Bryophyta's essence 5.9M


Final Thoughts About Our Bryophyta OSRS Guide

We at Probemas think that Bryophyta was a nice addition to the game especially since it increases content for F2P players. It is a very straightforward and easy boss with not-so-challenging mechanics!

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Last Updated: 02/12/2022