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OSRS Agility Training Guide From Level 1 To 99

15 Jan 2021, 08:33

OSRS Agility Training Guide From Level 1 To 99

OSRS has a mixture of easy and hard to train skills, but saying hard to train doesn’t always mean it will be difficult in terms of its mechanism, it usually means it will take a long time to reach a high level.

Agility is one of the hard P2P (requires a membership to unlock) to train skills as it takes a very long time to reach a certain level, thus people just find it exhausting if they don’t know the fastest and best way to train Agility.

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In this OSRS Agility guide, we are going to introduce you to the importance of training agility, how to train agility in the fastest possible way to reach level 99, in addition to other benefits you can acquire.

Importance of Agility Training

What makes OSRS Agility training really hard is that you can’t really find good and efficient semi-AFK ways to train it like some other specific hard to train (takes a long time to train) OSRS skills.

But the benefits of training OSRS Agility to the maximum level are very useful to your OSRS journey.

recommended agility gear osrs

OSRS Agility training will give you access to many useful map shortcuts that require a high Agility level to unlock. Other benefits like restoring your run energy much faster, unlocking important quests, and getting the Graceful outfit (will be explained later) as well as the Agility cape that will be fully acquired by reaching level 99 Agility.

However, how fast your run energy recovery is affected will be only noticeable starting from level 48 Agility (level 30 Agility if you have the full graceful outfit equipped).

In essence, the benefits of having a high Agility level are all-around consuming less run energy (by recovering it faster) and having a high map control.

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How To Train Agility in OSRS

training agility tips in osrs

Training Agility mostly doesn’t allow you to be AFK nor semi-AFK at all. It is being done by completing Agility courses, each course consists of a number of obstacles to pass through and gain a different amount of Agility EXP for each obstacle.

Each course has a required Agility level to unlock (and sometimes a completion of some quests as well), the higher the required level, the better EXP you can get. 

Some of the obstacles within each course have a chance of failing and receiving a specific amount of damage based on the obstacle. An obstacle may also require a specific Agility level to pass through.

Having a high Agility level while using a low Agility course (compared to your level) is going to reduce the chance of failing an obstacle and sometimes prevent failing any obstacle in the course at all. But it is always better to bring any kind of food so you can recover from the falling damage if occurred.

Also, your character will always be moving and as a result, your run energy will be consumed, so it is better to bring some stamina or energy potions while training.

Agility Courses are marked on the map and it refers to the beginning of a course where you start a course if you finish it or fail an obstacle.

The Marks of Grace and the Graceful Outfit

marks of grace osrs

Marks of Grace is a special currency earned through training Agility in specific Agility courses. These courses are called Rooftop Agility Courses and they are nine courses with each having a required Agility level to unlock.

By doing one of these courses, you have a chance of finding Marks of Grace on your way through the course. The spawn rate of Marks is depending on your Agility level and the course required Agility level.

If your Agility level is higher than the Agility course required level by 20 levels, the spawn rate of the Marks of Grace will be reduced by 20%. That means players shouldn’t use the low-level Rooftop Agility Courses if their target is to collect Marks of Grace only.

Note that higher-level agility courses have a high chance of spawning Marks of Grace.

Marks of Grace can be used to buy the most important set of items related to Agility in OSRS, the Graceful outfit.

The Graceful outfit is used to reduce the weight of your character, thus you don’t consume much run energy. 

The weight reduction can be -25 kg if the full outfit is equipped, but each part of the outfit will reduce a specific amount of the weight, so you don’t have to get the full outfit to gain weight reduction

The outfit is also offering a run energy restoration, which is 30% if the full outfit is equipped, and just like the weight reduction, each part of the outfit has a specific % of restoration.

How To Get Graceful Outfit OSRS

the graceful outfit osrs

The cost of the full outfit is 260 Marks of Grace and it is sold by Grace NPC in Rogues’ Den. You can obtain the full outfit almost at level 56 Agility if you are doing the Rooftop Agility Courses only from level 1 (collecting every Mark of Grace without missing any).

Another Use of Marks of Grace


Marks of Grace has another important use rather than buying the Graceful outfit which is buying Amylase packs. This is recommended to be done only after buying the full Graceful outfit.

Buying Amylase packs is a good way to make money while training Agility, each pack has 100 Amylase crystals. These Amylase crystals are sold for 1K OSRS gold each and are used for making Stamina potions.

Each Amylase pack costs 10 Marks of Grace, making each Mark of Grace worth around 10K OSRS gold.

Recommended OSRS Quests for Leveling Agility

Personally, we recommend completing some OSRS quests that give a good amount of Agility experience at the early levels since training Agility early is going to be very slow, thus slower than completing such quests.


There are four quests that give a sum of 19,700 experience when you complete them all, these quests are:

● Recruitment Drive

● The Tourist Trap

● The Depths of Despair

● The Grand Tree

These quests may have some other requirements to unlock, but these requirements are very low. Completing these quests will take you all the way up to level 33 Agility.

Other good quests for training Agility (not really recommended):

● Cabin Fever

● Regicide

● Cold War

● Making Friends with My Arm

● Troll Romance

● Royal Trouble

You may also check our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide to determine which quests you should take first to get better on skills you plan to target and find out what valuable OSRS items you can unlock by simply completing quests.

Best Ways To Train Agility in OSRS


The ways to train Agility in OSRS are two and in this OSRS Agility guide, we are going to cover both of them.

The first one is to gain the fastest experience that gets you to level 99 asap, the other one is to train efficiently to obtain the Graceful outfit (which should be the first priority of training Agility) and to make some money by selling the Amylase crystals.

We are going to start with the most efficient way to reach level 99, so the methods below will be mostly focused on the Rooftop Agility Courses.

Level 1-10 Agility Training

The Gnome Stronghold Agility Course


● EXP/HR: 6K~9K

● Approx Time: 9 mins

● Laps: 15

● Approx time for each lap: 30 secs

● EXP/Lap: 86.5

Beginning with the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course is recommended if you are not going to complete the 4 recommended quests mentioned early in this guide.

You will find the course located on the east side of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

This course is the lowest Agility course in OSRS and there is no way you will fail any obstacle during this course.

Level 10-20 Agility Training

The Draynor Village Agility Course


● EXP/HR: 8K~10.5K

● Approx Time: 21 mins

● Laps: 28

● Approx time for each lap: 42 secs

● EXP/Lap: 120

This Agility course is a Rooftop course, meaning that this marks the start of your journey in obtaining the Graceful outfit.

Obtaining Marks of Grace during this course is highly depends on your current Agility level, same for any other Rooftop course as explained before. Just pay attention to the spawn of the Marks of Grace so you don’t miss any of them.

The course is located at Draynor Village, the north side of it is the starting point.

Failing to pass the obstacles during this course is possible and it is recommended to bring any kind of food to heal and some Stamina or Energy potions so you don’t run out of energy.

Failable obstacles:

● Cross Tightrope 1

● Balance Narrow Wall

Level 20-30 Agility Training

The Al Kharid Agility Course


● EXP/HR: 10.5K~11K

● Approx Time: 44 mins

● Laps: 50

● Approx time for each lap: 63 secs

● EXP/Lap: 180

The Al Kharid Course is the second Rooftop Course in our guide, so pay attention to the Marks of Grace.

The course location is inside the Al Kharid town, and the starting point is at the north of the Tanner.

Bringing Food and Stamina/Energy potions is recommended

Failable obstacles:

● Cross Tightrope 1

● Teeth-grip Zip Line

● Swing-across Tropical Tree

Level 30-40 Agility Training

The Varrock Agility Course


● EXP/HR: 13K~14K

● Approx Time: 1hr 51min

● Laps: 101

● Approx time for each lap: 67 secs

● EXP/Lap: 238

Another Rooftop Agility Course, but this time failing an obstacle can damage you up to 8 Hitpoints, so bring some quality food this time.

The course location is inside Varrock at the south of Varrock Square where you can find the starting point of the course.

Failable obstacles:

● Cross Clothes Line

● Balance Wall

Level 40-60 Agility Training

The Canifis Agility Course


● EXP/HR: 16.5K~19.5K

● Approx Time: 11.5hrs

● Laps: 986

● Approx time for each lap: 44 secs

● EXP/Lap: 240

The Canifis Agility Course is one of the shortest Rooftop courses in the game, thus it is the best place to obtain Marks of Grace at a very high rate. 

But keep in mind that after level 60 the Marks of Grace spawn rate will be reduced by 20% as the gap between your level and the required level for the course is going to be higher than 20 levels.

There are other Agility courses where you can gain higher experience starting from level 47 Agility, but it is recommended to stay in the Canifis Agility Course until level 60 (rather than 47) for the sake of obtaining the Graceful outfit quickly.

Expected Marks of Grace/Hour: 19

The Canifis Course is located inside Canifis town and the starting point is found north of the bank.

Note that accessing Canifis requires completing the Priest in Peril Quest.

Failable obstacles:

● Jump Gap 3

● Jump Gap 5

Level 60-70(90) Agility Training

The Seers’ Village Agility Course


● EXP/HR: 45.5K

● Approx Time: 11hrs

● Laps: 814

● Approx time for each lap: 45 secs

● EXP/Lap: 570

The chance of obtaining Marks of Grace in the Seers’ Village Course can be increased by completing the Kandarin Diaries 3 difficulties until the Hard Diary.

The Easy Diary increases the Marks of Grace spawn rate by 5%, the medium one gives 10% and the hard one gives 15%.

Completing the Kandarin Hard Diary will not only increase the Marks of Grace spawn rate by 15%, but it will also allow you to change the location of the Camelot teleport to the starting point of the Seers’ Village Agility Course. 

That means, your lap will be completed in a much shorter time, thus more experience per hour. 

It is recommended to stay here until level 90 Agility if you have completed the Hard Kandarin Diary as there it will be the fastest way to level 90. But keep in mind the Marks of Grace spawn reduction by 20% after level 80 Agility.

The experience per hour after adjusting the Camelot teleport location will be up to 57K per hour, which is around 11K more than the normal rate.

The Seers’ Village Agility course is located inside the Seers’ Village, and the starting point is located on the south wall of the bank.

Failable obstacles:

● Jump Gap 1

● Cross Tightrope

Level 70-80 Agility Training

The Pollnivneach Agility Course


● EXP/HR: 49K

● Approx Time: 26hrs

● Laps: 1403

● Approx time for each lap: 62 secs

● EXP/Lap: 890

This Rooftop course is located inside Pollnivneach town, and the starting point is found northwest of the pub.

It is recommended to bring good quality food and Stamina/Energy potions during this course.

Level 80-90 Agility

The Rellekka Agility Course


● EXP/HR: 52K

● Approx Time: 65hrs

● Laps: 4309

● Approx time for each lap: 51 secs

● EXP/Lap: 780

The Rellekka Agility Course is recommended for those that haven’t done the Kandarin Hard Diary.

The location of this Rooftop Agility course is at the west of Rellekka town, and the starting point can be found on the northern wall of the Clothes shop.

Failable Obstacles:

● The first Tightrope

● The second Leap Gap

You will stop failing the first Tightrope if you have reached level 85 Agility, and The second Leap Gap will not be failable at level 89 Agility. That means the whole course will be safe starting from level 89 Agility.

Level 90-99 Agility

The Ardougne Agility Course

ardougne agility course osrs

● EXP/HR: 61K

● Approx Time: 128hrs 30min

● Laps: 9695

● Approx time for each lap: 46 secs

● EXP/Lap: 793

The Ardougne Agility Course is the highest Rooftop course in the game, thus it has the highest Marks of Grace spawn rate and the highest Agility experience rate as well.

The course is located in East Ardougne, at the far east, and the starting point can be found south east of the Gem shop.

It is also recommended to complete the Ardougne Elite Diary to boost the Marks of Grace by 25% and make more money per hour.

You can actually start this course at level 85 Agility by using a summer pie to boost your Agility level. The boost is only needed to pass the first, second, and fourth obstacles because you will never fail any other obstacle than these anyway.

Failable Obstacles:

● Wooden Beams

● The first Gap

● The second Gap

The course becomes completely safe at level 96 Agility, thus the experience rates get even much better.

Fastest Way To Reach Level 99 Agility

Canifis_Agility_Course winter

Reaching level 99 Agility without giving priority to anything but the experience per hour is possible by adding some modifications to the previous training methods.

Follow the previous methods mentioned earlier in this guide until you reach level 52 Agility during the Canifis Agility Course then come back to follow the methods below.

Level 52-60 Agility Training

The Wilderness Agility Course


● EXP/HR: 44K

● Approx Time: 2hrs 50mins

● Laps: 263

● Approx time for each lap: 40 secs

● EXP/Lap: 571

Using the wilderness Agility Course is risky, but it has the best experience per hour over any other training method below level 60 Agility.

This Agility course is located in the wilderness, west of the Mage Arena.

It is not recommended to bring expensive food or many Stamina potions as you risk losing them by getting PK’ed.

Level 60-90 Agility Training

The Seers’ Village Agility Course (Completed Kandarin Hard Diary)


● EXP/HR: 56k

● Approx Time: 95hrs

● Laps: 8900

● Approx time for each lap: 37 secs

● EXP/Lap: 570

With the completion of the Kandarin Hard Diary, the Seers’ Agility Course becomes the best Agility training method from level 60 until 90.

Adjusting the teleport will save you up to 8 seconds per lap, so you should really do it if you only care about reaching level 99 ASAP.

Having the Graceful full outfit or parts of it equipped will help greatly in the process of OSRS agility training because of its weight-reducing effect, thus less run energy consumed. So it is better to equip any weight reducing armor at least.

Level 90-99 Agility Training

ardougne agility course osrs

Once you reach level 90, it is better to stick to the previously mentioned Ardougne Agility Course, because it is the fastest way to 99 if we are going to take the difficulty into consideration.

Actually, there is another method to reach level 99 starting from level 52 and it is much faster than any other method But it is really complicated to follow, so you will probably end up wasting time, thus it is better to stick to the Ardougne Agility Course.

That complicated method is the Hallowed Sepulchre minigame and it is a dangerous minigame.

The Hallowed Sepulchre requires great concentration, making it not a very good option compared to the other training ways. So overall, we do not recommend it at all.

Final Thoughts On How To Train Agility in OSRS

Training Agility in OSRS is better be done with another activity like training Magic by using High Alchemy, or by teleporting, even Fletching is good.

That’s because the process is kinda boring and it takes much time to achieve the goal, so it is better to invest your time efficiently.

Our advice is to stick to the Rooftop guide until you obtain the Graceful outfit, then follow our guide about the fastest way to level 99 Agility so you can get the Agility Cape asap. also offers a great power leveling service which is a safe and cheap way to get your Agility to level 99 as well as any other skill. So you better do that if you don’t like training such skills.

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The Agility Skill Cape

The Agility Cape is obtained by reaching level 99 Agility, and it acts just like the Graceful cape. Wearing it will also trigger the Graceful outfit effect, just like the Graceful cape.


The cape also offers Defensive stats, making it a better option than the Graceful cape. It also offers a bonus of 4 Prayer once you trim it.

The Agility cape can restore your run energy to 100% once per day, in addition to giving the same effect as the Stamina potion for 1 min.

Once you reach level 99, you can head to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard who is located at the entrance of the Brimhaven Agility Arena to buy the cape for 99K OSRS Gold.

Overall, by thinking about your time and what you can do with it, the power-leveling service will be the most efficient way for your OSRS journey. But keep in mind that following our OSRS Agility Guide is still efficient as well. also offers the cheapest OSRS Gold in the market, which may help you to train other expensive skills such as Construction or Prayer.

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