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RuneScape 3 Money Making Methods

Feb. 7, 2020, 17:57

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RuneScape 3 Money Making Methods

A brave knight in shining armor saving a princess from a tower guarded by an evil dragon. A resourceful rogue ambushing his enemies from afar, showering them with arrows, precise hits one after another. A wise mage in colorful robes using his spellbook to stun, freeze or set ablaze his enemies. Or turn them into toads. A thrifty merchant who holds the entire commerce in his grasp. What do they all have in common? Money. Lots and lots of gold are required in RuneScape 3. Only the sturdiest armor for the knight, only the best bow for the rogue, only books with the most hidden of secrets for the wizard. And as for the merchant: money to make more money, i.e. the starting capital. Today we’re going to cover ways of making money in RS3, so that you too, can join this elite.

As with everything in life: start small, dream big. A fresh out of the Tutorial Island account is not fit for much and you cannot expect to become the next Jeff Bezos without any experience. Even he had humble beginnings.

Cleaning Herbs

Cleaning herbs is a viable money-making method throughout the whole game. You need simply to check whether grimy herbs are cheaper than clean ones and you’re good to get your hands dirty. Note that this method becomes extremely lucrative at level 99 Herblore with skill cape equipped. Herblore skill cape unlocks the ability to clean the whole inventory at once! Note that higher-level herbs do not necessarily bring more profit, so once again – check prices carefully and diversify your assets.

Don‘t worry, we‘re not sending you on a trip to your doom. No dragon killing is involved in this money-making method, not at least by you personally. It works like this: check the prices of Green and Blue dragonhides on the Grand Exchange. You are going to tan these hides into pieces of respective dragon leather, so make sure to check leather prices and see if tanning is profitable. You should be earning no less than 200gp per hide tanned. For this method to work best, you need to deploy a portable crafter near a bank or bank chest, make a preset with 28 hides and load it. Right-click on the crafter to choose Tan Leather and here we go! Now you only need the patience for this click-intensive task. Don’t forget that you can find an already deployed portable crafter using the “portables” Friends Chat. A single crafter can be used by multiple players – share it with friends! And if you need some starting capital – buy RS3 gold. In some cases, you have to have money to make money.


Casting Fruitfall

Now this one is probably the best. What can be better than conjuring fruit out of thin air? For this method, you will need 69 Summoning in order to summon the Fruit Bat, fruit bat pouches, fruitfall scrolls and summoning potions to replenish your points. Is everything ready? Okay, now find a good place near a bank to make fruit rain from the sky by spamming the special attack and turn that fruit into even sweeter RuneScape gold! Just remember that what you need to collect is papaya and make ensure that your area loot is turned on.




Muspahs are easy to farm and can be found in Freneskae meaning that you will need Fate of the Gods quest. You also need 76 Slayer. Muspahs are most efficiently farmed with Magic, especially Ancient Magicks since it deals double damage to Muspahs. As for gear, the higher the tier, the better, however, Robes of Subjugations is enough. It is recommended to bring prayer potions and use Pack yak for banking. Magic Notepaper is good as well.  The best thing about this method is that it is profitable and can be done for extended periods. Due to Muspahs’ vulnerability to Ancient Magicks, Soul Split is great for healing and you don’t need to bring much food. Bring some for those “just in case” situations.


Herb Runs

Today everyone is rushing everywhere and we do not get enough time to enjoy simple things. Money making from herb runs is a perfect compromise: you only need to do that periodically, so that leaves you with more time to do whatever else you’re doing and it also brings you closer to enjoying simple things. Indeed, it is very simple. Plant the herbs that catch the best price at your Farming level at every accessible herb patch then come back later to collect them and plant new herbs.

Abyssal Demons


We’re getting to a more dangerous side of things. To be able to kill Abyssal demons you will need level 85 Slayer. They are relatively easy to put down. All you need is some decent gear, Vampirism or Penance aura if you have no Soul Split. As for your inventory, grab some Aggression potions and Prayer potions.

We hope that our advice will help you fill your bank to the brim with gold. Or maybe your bank is already bursting with the precious coins? If so, turn them into real money by selling RS gold. Why let all that gold just sit there, eh?