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RS3 Mobile - Runescape 3 Mobile Release Date

May 14, 2019, 8:44

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RS3 Mobile - Runescape 3 Mobile Release Date

RS3 Mobile - Runescape 3 Mobile Release Date

Move over Tinder, Runescape 3 mobile is coming! Wave your free time goodbye as the game we all love and will become more accessible in the near future when it comes to handheld electronic devices! Playing something on your phone had transformed from minimalistic pixelated 80’s like gaming to modern and immersive experiences with titles like GTA became available on the go. Runescape 3 has finally embraced this tendency as luckily for us players; it is officially coming to mobile devices! While OSRS Mobile is already publicly available for over a year, RS3 Mobile is still available only with early access. We expect Runescape 3 Mobile to be publicly released in January 2020. But what do we know so far about RS3 mobile? Probemas got the most sought-after answers right here!

What is Runescape for mobile?

Since the dawn of time, Runescape has been a PC-only game, but things are already changing with the OSRS Mobile being available and RS3 Mobile coming soon. In its pure essence, RS3 Mobile is just an application or mobile client which will allow you to enjoy Runescape 3 to the fullest via your handheld device. So far, it is only announced that the client is coming to iOS and Android. Sad news for Windows Phone and Amazon users as they will have to wait for future announcements. In the past, some videos surfaced with gamers playing RS on their PSP or other devices, but they were profoundly emulated versions, so only 18 years after its initial release date, we should get a mobile version for Runescape 3. Also, there are going to be two separate applications for the two different Runescapes: RS3 and OSRS.

Release date

This subject is room for a little bit of speculation. Since both official Jagex social media accounts and Runescape website have not announced an official release date, except revealing that it will be launched during winter 2020. All of us could use some deduction to clear out a possible release. Even though it was scheduled and expected to be released in 2017, due to some technical difficulties and obstacles was delayed and pushed back to Q2 of 2018 and yet still nothing. Beta version only housing 2000 players was opened for six days during February 2018. The experiences they had can be found on social media or Youtube with most of them getting into detail with a lot of the features. That was only a beta and devs would likely improve upon a lot of things so expect differences and changes between their initial reactions and your final experience with the released game. The beta version also saw postponement from the latter part of 2017 to the mentioned date in February 2018. So it seems like the team responsible for Runescape 3 mobile launch is facing some difficulties in some areas. Whether it is related to servers or optimization for cross-platform devices and operating systems – we cannot know because Jagex and RS teams have been quite secretive, but don’t be surprised to see a bit more delays. One of the forum posts in the RS forums was made by an employee of Jagex responsible for RS mobile; he stated that approaching a situation when millions of mobile players want to log in and play is something they will have to adapt along the way. Such a challenge is not something you can prepare for, so we could expect to see some downtime on servers or lag during the beginning of the mobile era. Overall, the beta was accepted quite positively, but we won’t know unless you tried it yourselves. It’s just like with exotic food; you won’t know how it will end up unless you try it... For both iOS and Android, the expected RuneScape 3 mobile release date is January 2020! 

Technical requirements and performance

So far it is known that everyone with a Runescape account will be able to immerse themselves in the RS Mobile experience entirely. However, as mentioned before, there will be two individual applications: one for Old School version and the other for Runescape 3 respectively. The Old School app should use under 100 MB of space on your phone while the RS3 application should take roughly the same, but a bit more rounded out. Just as with Runescape on PC, RS Mobile will require a constant and fluent connection to the internet and developer blogs state that while running, the application should consume only between 0.5 to 2 MB of data. This information was a relief to constant followers of the development process since one of the dev blogs stated that an average data consumption of 103 MB an hour was measured. However, the 0.5-2 MB figure is not entirely accurate since some of the data has to be pre-cached. Our recommendation would be playing while connected to a Wi-Fi first and then moving on to Mobile Data if such needs occur because your experience with data consumption could differ so be cautious. Tests on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Razer Phone showed that battery drainage is 8-12 percent per hour, but on phones, with smaller performance capacities and batteries, this rate is probably going to be even higher. Moreover, details regarding minimum specs have been unclear, but devs say that with the newest phones, framerate revolves around the 60 mark, so it is safe to say that if you have a new phone – running Runescape Mobile is not going to be an issue. As for older device users – it should be possible, but fluidity and full immersion could be out of reach if you are using a potato phone, so maybe this is just the right time to upgrade your portable rig?

Differences between PC and mobile

There are some, but as RS devs mentioned, they try to keep them to a complete minimum. For instance, the HUD and icon positions look to have been moved a bit, with the combat interface, music and friend lists are moved to one side of the screen while inventory, quest info along with others travelled to the other side. This move seems a logical choice with a smaller screen, making features more accessible for mobile users. The game itself should not differ in any ways whatsoever. If you want to secretly enjoy that new Taylor Swift song – popping up Spotify while playing Runescape is possible, and you can quietly enjoy every second of skilling or making money while the tune bangs your eardrums. Spent every penny on RS gold from Probemas? Don’t worry, RS for mobile is entirely free. Have a massive PK battle in a few minutes or a cocky trash-talker challenged you on a forum? Just relax, grab your device, and you can log in and make him, or her eat their words in the Sand Casino or the Wilderness. Just be careful not to lose everything as hot temper does not lead to success in Runescape as we all very well know… In all seriousness, the RS mobile version should embrace every bit of Runescape we fell in love with and co-join that with the current benefits of mobile devices.

Will Probemas offer services to OSRS and RS3 mobile players?

Most definitely! What kind of service would it be if something as massive as this in the Runescape community would be excluded from our plans? In the end, RS Mobile is just a way to connect to the Runescape world, so your account and progress remain the same, but you can still trust us as the premiere and number 1 destination with regards to Runescape gold related needs. Prices stay the same, your purchase history and bonuses will apply, and everything will go according to plan with RS mobile as well. Our website is mobile friendly and the whole gold purchase process can be done directly from your phone as well.

Conclusion and advice

Well, what seems to have been a few years in the making is finally becoming a reality. Runescape should have been available on mobile in the past, but it is better late than never, right?... With tons of pros and advantages lurking in the horizon, Probemas team is delighted with the prospect of Runescape being more and more accessible to players but it is entirely up to the developers to take this experience to the next level and level it out with the daily feels that PC users get. Because that is the only worrying factor, whether this becomes an entirely playable experience and a very cool way to game on the go or just a trendy new way to pick up loot or walk from point A to point B. The UI seems not to be on-par with the PC, and one misclick (which on handheld devices happens much more often) could lead to severe and dire consequences in RS so we think that players should be cautious when doing something extreme or radical like combating bosses or PK'ing, etc. in the first runs. Some Youtubers have shown the combat, and on a smaller screen, it just seems like the margin for error is just too small. We suggest you try it out on a more casual background, fight weaker mobs or just explore the world a bit, see how you feel and let the game come to you, don’t force things. Nevertheless, this new way to play Runescape, if done right, could completely change the landscape and players could now participate in Clan wars or just own their opponents in the back of a car or the metro. This just seems like a remarkable possibility, and we hope that everything turns out just how we expect it to be – Runescape-tastic!


Final words from Probemas

Stay patient while the RS3 Mobile version is not available entirely to both Android and iOS owners. Probemas will post updates when something major happens with the mobile version of the game, so stay tuned! You can also find more useful blog posts and guides at https://probemas.com/blog