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Top 10 Most Expensive OSRS Items Today

30 Oct 2019, 06:46

Top 10 Most Expensive OSRS Items Today

Old School RuneScape lets adventurers fight many evil monsters, brave the most dangerous dungeons, and a whole lot more!

One important condition for that is having proper tools, often referred to as OSRS items. You can’t protect the world equipped with no armor and wielding only a wooden shield and a bronze dagger.

Come on, the bronze age ended more than 2000 years ago!

We've compiled a list here that should be useful for those who intend to profit from selling the ten most expensive OSRS items today.

You can sell them or use them to rid Gielinor of every single goblin. Once you get your hands on these items, you can do whatever you want with them. And that's one of the reasons why playing RuneScape is such a great thing, right?

So without further ado, here are the 10 most expensive items in Old School RuneScape.

10. Arcane Sigil

expensive OSRS item Arcane Sigil

Arcane sigil is an item dropped by the Corporeal Beast. As the Corporeal Beast requires a high level to put down, this automatically translates to a high price. What makes it even more expensive is its rarity and the fact that it can be attached to a Blessed spirit shield to make it into an Arcane spirit shield.

9. Arcane Spirit Shield

arcane spirit shield

Arcane spirit shield is the best in slot off-hand item for mages who wish to dish out more damage since it provides a bonus of +20 magic attack in addition to the stats of Blessed spirit shield.

Arcane sigil can be attached to a Blessed spirit shield by a player with 90 prayer and 85 smithing or you can opt to pay Abbot Langley 1.5M gold.

8. 3rd Age Cloak

3rd age cloak

3rd Age cloak provides a substantial bonus of +9 to all defensive stat but most importantly it provides +5 prayer. It can only be acquired from the Treasure Trails and is an exceptionally rare drop which makes it one of the most expensive items in OSRS.

You’d be better off with Ardougne cloak 3 if prayer bonus is what you’re after, but it cannot be denied that it looks positively dashing, especially when combined with other 3rd age items. There is an easier way to obtain this expensive OSRS item and exquisite cloak through our reward chests.

7. 3rd Age Axe

3rd age axe

Yes, another 3rd age item and it’s not the last one either. 3rd Age axe is a status symbol more than anything (besides looking absolutely beautiful like all 3rd age items imho) because it shares the same stats as a Dragon axe and has the same woodcutting level requirement which is 61, but a higher attack requirement at 65.

It also can only be obtained from Treasure Trails.

6. 3rd Age Bow

expensive old school runescape item 3rd age bow

Ancient fletchers sure did know their craft well. So much so, that they’ve managed to craft a bow that combines the range of a longbow with the speed of a short bow!

The 3rd Age bow can use arrows up to the dragon and is a viable choice for both PvE and PvP, however, make sure you know what you’re doing before risking it! As all 3rd age items, it can only be acquired from Treasure Trails.

5. 3rd Age Longsword

3rd age longsword

The best longsword in OSRS, 3rd Age longsword, comes with impressive stats and good looks. Although it’s called a longsword it actually behaves like a 2-handed sword and provides a crush bonus instead of a stab one.

4. Elysian Sigil

elysian sigil

Elysian sigil is another rare drop from Corporeal Beast. Yes, now you understand why so many people are dedicated to killing that monster over and over again. Elysian sigil can be attached to the Blessed spirit shield to make one of the best defensive shields in the game!

3. Elysian Spirit Shield

elysian sigil

Elysian spirit shield is created by attaching Elysian sigil to a Blessed spirit shield. It provides better defensive bonuses than its counterparts Arcane spirit shield or Spectral spirit shield. Additionally, it has a powerful passive effect that reduces the damage you take by 25% with a 75% chance to occur.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), it does not stack with Justiciar set effect. It can be acquired via the same means as Arcane spirit shield and has the same stat requirements.

2. Twisted Bow

twisted bow

The one and only, the best bow in the game – Twisted Bow. This ultimate ranged weapon can be obtained as a reward from the raid Chambers of Xeric.

It boasts the default range of 10 tiles, which is the maximum, and can shoot any type of arrows. Consider using long-range style only if your goal is to get some Defence XP. The damage of this bow depends on the magic level of the enemy: the higher the level, the higher the damage.

This makes it the ultimate slaying tool of such monsters as the Alchemical Hydra. It’s also the best option in PvP, but you must be a real rich madman to risk that much gold!

There's a way you can get this expensive OSRS item without the need to complete the Chambers of Xeric. If you have some extra cash laying around, you can buy Twisted bow directly from Probemas!

1. 3rd Age Pickaxe

most expensive osrs item 3rd age pickaxe

Finally, number one is the 3rd Age pickaxe. Despite sharing the same exact stats and special attack as dragon pickaxe, this RuneScape item is being chased after by many professional miners. It is the ultimate status symbol and the user surely deserves respect.

This expensive OSRS item can only be obtained from master Treasure Trails and requires 65 attack and 61 mining.

Now, we hope that you’ve found this little list useful. We wish you the best of luck in obtaining any of these items, but rest assured it will be a task most daunting.

Here is the list of prices of all of these OSRS items, just so that you know how valuable they exactly are:

most expensive osrs items table

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