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Runescape RWT - 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Our RuneScape Services

14 May 2019, 07:09

Runescape RWT - 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Our RuneScape Services

Here are some of the questions that most first-time gold buyers ask us about our RuneScape gold services.

1. Are you guys legit?

This is the most common and the funniest question we get. Just think about it. Even if someone’s intentions were really bad, would he actually say it out loud? Of course, Probemas is legit, but you shouldn’t be asking us that question; check out what other people say about us instead!

A good character reference for any RS gold sites are verified reviews written by our customers, you can check them out at and Trustpilot, or simply head to our Feedback page.

2. How does this work?

runescape gold

Place gold order on

chat with Probemas live support

Contact live chat

meet us in gielinor

Meet in-game

Detailed explanation: You need to go to our website and place an order, filling in the information required for the purchase (Amount of OSRS GP or RS3 GP in millions, your character name, and email address).

After that, you’ll need to select a payment method for the purchase (we do accept plenty of them, including most common ones, like PayPal, Debit/Credit cards, Bitcoin) and proceed to check-out.

Once you have finished the payment part, you will be redirected back to our website where you’ll need to contact our 24/7 live chat (it’s in the bottom right corner) and tell them your order ID.

The live chat agent will then provide you the in-game location for the meet-up. Once you arrive at the location, our agent will trade you the gold you purchased.

3. Will I get banned for buying RS gold?

If you’re an actual player, your chances to get banned are lower than 0,01%, meaning that you’re 99,99% safe.

This is because Jagex is not targeting real players with their ban hammer, as that would simply cut their revenue and player base because players would most likely quit the game if their mains were banned massively.

The only ones who might be at risk of getting banned by Jagex are players who constantly sell RuneScape gold in large quantities, while players who buy have nothing to worry about.

4. Do you have a massive gold farm or how do you get that much RS gold? 

The answer to this one is really simple – the only way we get RuneScape Gold is by buying it from other players, just like you.

We basically act as a middleman between two players by ensuring safety for both parties – sellers and buyers. If you wish to sell your RS Gold, visit our Sell RuneScape Gold page.

5. How long does RuneScape Gold delivery take and do you have a discount code?

98% of orders are delivered within 3-5 minutes. As you already know, our gold stock depends on the players who sell to us, and in rare case scenarios, there might be a short waiting time, if we have a limited number of gold suppliers.

Even if that happens, it normally never takes longer than 1 hour though, and you may ask for a refund at any time if your gold is not delivered yet.

Instead of discount codes, we have a Loyalty Program where you can earn points and redeem them for cool RuneScape rewards.

Do you need further help with your RuneScape journey? Join our Discord server and interact with fellow RS players. You can also avail of our Runescape services like power leveling, questing, fire cape, infernal cape, and many more.

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