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OSRS F2P Range Guide | Fastest 1-99

Feb. 7, 2020, 17:34

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OSRS F2P Range Guide

Old School Runescape contains a wide range of various skills. Range is a popular combat skill as it contains several benefits such as high damage or the ability to safe spot monsters. In the member’s world, it can be quite easy to train however in Free to play, it is slightly more difficult due to the limited options and abilities.

This guide will provide you the methods and techniques to go from level 1-99 Range as quickly as possible in the Free to play only worlds. It is good to note that the Range skill in F2P will cost a lot of gold for arrows as there is no Ava’s accumulator like the P2P worlds to retrieve your arrows. You can head over here to purchase cheap OSRS gold to supply yourself with enough gold for everything you need.

Level 1-10:


For levels 1-10, it may take a while to get through as you are just newly starting out, you will not be getting many accurate hits. You want to equip the following:

-Leather cowl

-Leather body

-Leather chaps

-Leather vambraces

-Leather boots

-Short bow (Do not go with long bow as it is actually less XP per hour)

-Iron arrows

-Oak Short bow (Once you reach level 5)

-Amulet of power

This is the starting equipment you should be wearing to maximize your ranged attack bonus to ensure you can hit at your maximum hit rate. To start off, you want to attack any low-level monsters you see. One of the best and most traditional places would have to be Chickens.

Chickens can be located just North of Lumbridge, over the bridge. They are a good monster to start training with due to the fact that they cannot kill you and you will not require any food. This means that you can have free inventory space to pick up some loot to make extra gold if you wish. Chickens also have a very low defence so you will be accurately hitting quite frequently. Once you reach level 5, you should switch over to the Oak short bow to increase your range bonus.


Level 10-20:

For level 10-20, you will begin to hit a little more frequently so your XP per hour should increase a little. You should upgrade your gear and wear the following to increase your range bonus:

-Hard leather body

-Steel arrows    

Now that you have a little more range bonus and your accuracy has increased, it is a good idea to switch over to a slightly stronger monster. The nearby cows are good for this level as their defence is low and have a little more HP so you can hit more.



As displayed on the map, cows can be found just North of Lumbridge, East of the chickens from earlier. As the cows are fenced, you can once again save on food by simply closing the gate and standing outside the fence while attacking them. They drop cowhides if you want to make a bit of profit while you are here.


Level 20-40:

Levels 20 through 40 will go by very fast, almost as fast as 1 through 20. This is because, after level 20+, you will hit almost every single time on low-level monsters, meaning your XP per hour will dramatically increase. You can further increase your range bonus by upgrading to the following gear:


-Studded body

-Studded chaps

-Willow short bow

-Mithril arrows

-Maple short bow (Only once you reach level 30)

-Adamant arrows (Only once you reach level 30)

Once again, you should change the monster you train on to one with a slightly higher HP. For this, one of the best places at this level would be the Stronghold of Security.

The Stronghold of Security is underground. You can find the ladder down at the center of Barbarian Village. This is located directly West of Varrock fountain. Once you are down here, you may attack anything on the first floor to get to level 40 ranged. It is good to note that you need to answer a very basic security question about Old school Runescape to be able to get past the large double doors. These are just common sense questions and there should be no trouble answering them.


Level 40-99:

As a Free to play player, after level 40 ranged, there are no more changes or upgrades that you can really make apart from attacking stronger monsters every few levels. The final gear upgrades to maximize your ranged bonus is the following:

-Green d’hide body

-Green d’hide chaps

-Green d’hide vamb


For the rest of the levels up to 99, it is up to you what you want to attack. Some good suggestions would be to attack something with a decent drop table so you can make some money while training range as you will be here for a very long time. Range is a skill that can take hundreds of hours of dedication and hard work. You could attack monsters such as Lesser demons, Ogress Warriors or hill giants as they drop a couple of rune items which add up.

You cannot get very far with the Ranged skill if you do not have the arrows for it. You will burn through hundreds of thousands of arrows while training, which can add up to millions of gold. You should head over here to buy OSRS gold for a very cheap price to ensure that you can sustain your adventure to level 99 Range.