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OSRS Fire Cape Guide for 75+ Range and How To Kill Jad

July 16, 2019, 21:41

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Killing TzTok-Jad to obtain the Fire cape is kinda complicated especially for the beginners. People usually get confused over how to safe-spot each wave or what to do to switch prayers easily versus Jad.

In this OSRS Fire cape guide, we will show you the best gear and inventory setup to get through the waves easily as well as how to kill Jad without panic to obtain your first Firecape. Note that it takes time to get used to the process, so don’t get disappointed if you fail to do it for the first time.

First of all, TzHaar Fight Cave is a safe minigame, which means you will never lose your items upon death. Getting there can be done easily by using the TzHaar Fight Pit minigame teleport which is the closest teleport to TzHaar Fight Cave entrance. You can also use the Fairy Ring code BLP but it is not as near as the TzHaar Fight Pit teleport.

osrs fight caves map

The recommended stats:

       Level 75+ Ranged

       Level 70+ Hitpoints

       Level 43+ Prayer

       Level 70+ Defence

Having level 75+ Ranged is very useful because you will be able to use the Toxic Blowpipe which is the best weapon to complete this minigame. Having a Twisted Bow is also very useful against TzTok-Jad.

The recommended gear to enter TzHaar Fight Cave:

       Any Blessed coif

       Ava’s assembler

       Any Blessed D’hide Body

       Any Blessed D’hide Chaps

       Amulet of fury

       Toxic Blowpipe

       Barrows gloves

       Any Blessed boots

       Archers ring (i)

       Any God Blessing

 osrs firecape blowpipe gear

Don’t use anything less than Adamant darts for the Toxic blowpipe.

This gear can be adjusted to suit your budget, so you can always buy a better piece of a cheaper one. Using Arma gear instead of the Blessed D’hide gear is an example. We just wanted to recommend a balanced gear so it’s not so expensive and not so cheap. Using a Rune Crossbow is the best option for Level 60~69 Ranged players, while the Armadyl Crossbow is the best option for Level 70~74 Ranged players. An Odium ward or Twisted Buckler should be used alongside the crossbow.

Cheaper gear:

       Snakeskin bandana

       Combat bracelet

       Ava's accumulator

       Black D’hide Body

       Black D’hide Chaps

       Amulet of glory

       Rune Crossbow

       Snakeskin boots

       Odium ward

       Archers ring

       Diamond Bolts (e)

osrs firecape acb gear

Inventory setup:

       10 Saradomin Brews

       4 Ranging Potions

       14 Restore Potions

firecape inventory

You can bring 10 Restore potions plus 4 Prayer potions if you want, but in my opinion, it’s better to just bring Restore potions.

Using 3 doses of Saradmin Brews should be followed by sipping 1 dose of Restore potion and 1 dose of Ranging potion.

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TzHaar Fight Cave Waves and Strategies

There are 63 waves to beat in TzHaar Fight Cave and the 63rd wave is where Jad appears. During the other 62 waves, you will have to kill 5 types of monsters and each wave will include a different number of monsters.

Each monster has its own attack style, which means you will need to pray according to their attack style.

OSRS TzHaar Fight Cave Monsters

1. Tz-Kih: Uses melee and drains your prayer (highest priority to kill) (don’t pray)

 old school runescape Tz-Kih

2. Tz-Kek: Uses melee and has a max hit of 7 and splits in two upon death (very low priority to kill) (don’t pray)

 Tz-Kek in osrs

3. Tok-Xil: Uses ranged and melee (medium priority to kill) (praying protect from missiles is needed while safe-spotting it)

 how to kill Tok-Xil in osrs

4. Yt-MejKot: Uses melee (very low priority to kill) (can be safe-spotted)

killing osrs Yt-MejKot

5. Ket-Zek: Uses mage and melee (Low priority to kill) (praying protect from magic is needed while safes-spotting it)

 osrs killing Ket-Zek

The best way to safe-spot TzHaar Fight Cave monsters is by using the Italy-rock to trap the Rangers, Meleers, and the Magers (Yt-Mejkot is the only meleer to trap). The Italy-rock is located south of the cave entrance and the way you trap the monster is totally up to you. You can just lure them until you trap them behind the Italy-rock.

 osrs fight caves guide

What To Do For Each Wave

Wave 1 to 6: Just keep killing everything you see and praying is not needed.

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek

Wave 7 to 14: Turn on Protect from Missiles prayer because Rangers will start spawning from this wave 7 until wave 14. You will also need to safe-spot them around the Italy Rock.

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Tok-Xil

Wave 15 to 21: Meleers will start spawning and you will have to safe-spot them around the Italy Rock. Rangers won’t spawn again until wave 22 so you don’t have to Pray.

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Yt-MejKot

Wave 22 to 30: Turn on Protect from Missiles prayer again while safe-spotting and meleers and the rangers.

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Yt-MejKot + Tok-Xil

Wave 31 to 37: Turn on Protect from Magic because Magers will start spawning while Meleers and Rangers won’t spawn. Using the Italy Rock as a safe-spot is still necessary because Magers can still hit you with melee.

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Ket-Zek

Wave 38 to 45: Rangers will spawn again so keep praying Protect from Magic while giving the highest priority to kill Rangers. You must keep safe-spotting around the Italy Rock (try to kill Rangers fast before safe-spotting).

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Ket-Zek + Tok-Xil

Wave 46 to 52: Meleers will spawn again and Rangers will not appear during these waves. Keep praying Protect from Magic while safe-spotting Meleers and Magers.

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Ket-Zek + Yt-MejKot

Wave 53 to 60: Each wave will include the 3 attack style. Keep using Protect from Magic and give the highest priority to kill Rangers as fast as possible (especially during Wave 60) while safe-spotting the others.

Monsters: Tz-Kih + Tz-Kek + Ket-Zek + Yt-MejKot + Tok-Xil

Wave 61: Keep using Protect from Magic while safe-spotting the meleers. Rangers won’t appear again from now on.

Monsters: Ket-Zek + Yt-MejKot

Wave 62: Two Magers will appear during this wave and the Orange Mager is where Jad will appear in the 63rd wave. Keep using Protect from Magic, kill the Red Mager then the Orange Mager and get ready to kill Jad.

Monsters: Ket-Zek only

How To Kill Jad In OSRS

TzTok-Jad uses all attack styles that means keeping a distance will prevent him from using Melee. Jad will keep switching between Range and Magic attack styles, the problem here is to keep up with him using your protection prayers.

Jad animation while using Range is not the same when he uses Magic, so pay attention to his animation to be able to counter his attack.

Range hit is when Jad raises his legs quickly in the air:

 osrs how to kill jad

Magic hit is when Jad raises his legs slowly in the air:

 osrs jad magic and range attack

Both of the animations are very different and can be countered easily if you are fully focused on his legs.

At 50% Health, 4 Healers will spawn around Jad to heal him, at this point you should prevent them from doing that by luring them using your weapon. These Healers use melee and have a max hit of 14, which means you should kill them first while keeping an eye on Jad animation to counter his attack.

 osrs jad healers

Once Jad is dead, the Firecape will automatically appear in your Inventory.

Things to Remember When Getting Your OSRS Fire Cape

1- You can always log-out to save your progress.

2- Never use the game sound

3- Always disable Auto-retaliate

4- Keep an eye on your Prayer counter and do not spam Saradomin Brews.

5- It’s better to use Prayer Hotkeys.

6- If you die by the last hit of Jad before his death, the Fire cape won’t be awarded.

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