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What OSRS Gold is and where to spend it?

May 14, 2019, 8:54

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Money money money must be funny, in the rich man's world. As Abba sang these lines in the 1970s and 80’s, people had no idea about Runescape. Thirty years later we have a thriving million player ecosystem that has a strange currency called GP. Runescape gold is a very intriguing subject, and in this article, Probemas would like to give insights on how you can use OSRS and RS3 gold.

Sell it

If you want to earn real-life cash, an easy way is to sell your Runescape gold. Probemas is an international store of Runescape gold with thousands of customers coming in to buy or sell gold daily. Anyone can get good deals from us - one of the most popular Runescape gold markets in the world. More and more of our new customers become loyal clients, and we seek to give the best prices. So if you want to earn some additional cash – check it out!

The benefit is that you always get what you are offeredAlso, Probemas has a lot of positive reviews and is keen on keeping that reputation. Precisely why we want you to be satisfied to the fullest and be happy with our services. We will buy your gold, and the deal should positively impact both sides! Contact our live agent if you are interested

Keep it

The most boring yet straightforward way is to keep your money. You can see it lose value and collect dust in the bank. An excellent way to not get any richer. No clear benefits exist other than a fake sense of security. However, just like in real life, over time – Runescape money depreciates. So when you hang on to those coins remember that they might only lose value and do nothing else.

Buy bonds

You can head to the Runescape’s best marketplace – the G.E. and buy bonds. Runescape’s bonds are sort of like a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. They give limited-time access to membership features or give Runecoins and keys. Bonds are mostly guarantees for in-game benefits. They are expensive but ensure a legal and safe way to become a member. Short on gold for a bond? Hop on our Buy RS gold section and get as much as you want and need!

Buy and stack

Since Runescape is coded in a specific way, there is a limit on how much gold can one player have. The maximum amount is 2,147,483,647 or just over 2.1 billion GP. Go to your RS bank. See how much you got and purchase the rest from Probemas to become the wealthiest man in Runescape, what do you say? J

In all seriousness, stacking is also a common practice. Just like skilling, it is an achievement for players to have as much gold as they can. It leads nowhere as you can pretty much buy all items in the game for that kind of money. Still, it is a beautiful achievement to have under your belt.

Skill and improve

If you buy gold from Probemas or have some already – skilling and growing is an excellent method to spend GP in Runescape.

Most skills, especially members skills in both OSRS and RS3 require huge investments. While skills like woodcutting, mining and cooking could be made with minimal investments, construction, herblore, crafting and others require million GP investments.

Rough estimates indicate that 1-99 construction will cost you anywhere between 50 to 150 million. Herblore is a genuinely precious little rascal and could take up to 400-500 mils, but you could pull it off with around 200. Contrary to popular belief, farming could not become an expensive pain. If you are smart – there is more than enough money in your bank or pouch to cover the costs.

Some skills complement one another:

  • Woodcuttingfiremaking
  • Mining + smithing
  • Woodcutting + fletching + ranged
  • Cooking + Fishing

And many more These combinations are an easy way to raise a few skills all at once. Also, you could speed-up skilling significantly by purchasing additional gold. Firemaking, prayer, crafting and most skills are much faster to max out if you have the resources. Buy big bones, dragon bones to quickly become a PK master or get logs to be one of the players who has a firemaking skillcape. Truly unique!

Share your wealth and have fun!

Organise drop parties, give away things to newcomers and just have fun. If you feel like you have accomplished a lot in Runescape, share your knowledge and wealth within the game. Give guys tasks, give out a 100 gp for a dance and just be happy with everyone else. This is an actual waste of time, but hey, at least you are not only saving it like Scrooge McDuck. Drop parties are a great way to attract people, and you could have more views if you are an up and coming Youtuber or want to promote a clan etc. Sharing goes far beyond than just accepting and trading the gold, believe that!

Gamble all your wealth away

Duel arena Anyone?

In truth, there are many ways to spend or invest your Runescape GP. If you want to convert it to real-world cash, sell it. Need that skillcape? Invest in items. Want to have fun? Go to drop parties or stake. There are limitless possibilities in Runescape just enjoy it!