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Old School Runescape Is Coming To Steam!

04 Feb 2021, 04:00

Old School Runescape Is Coming To Steam!


Gather your friends and get ready to spam chat in Lumbridge, adventurers. Free throwback MMORPG Old School Runescape is making its way to Steam this month.

Jagex this week announced that it would be bringing the nostalgic 2007-era client to Steam on February 24th as part of the game's 20th anniversary.

As per an announcement post on Steam, you'll be able to link your OSRS account to pick up where you left off, whether that was last week or a decade back.

For New Players - your Steam Account is your key to getting into Old School Runescape, that's right, your Steam Account!

OSRS will be getting all the customary Steam twist too, launching with achievements and introducing trading cards shortly after launch. POG!

What does this Milestone mean to the Old School Runescape Community and the Game itself?

Nobody knows what the future holds for certain as it is evident that breakthrough deals and partnerships such as this can make-it or break-it, however the way things are moving, here is what Probemas thinks:

  • More new players are expected to give Old School Runescape a shot!
  • Gold prices are expected to increase due to new players wanting to get right into the action and skip tedious grinds.
  • Old School Runescape Clients such as RuneLite and OSBuddy could potentially get run-over or perhaps even offered a partnership in order to work directly with the Official Client.
  • New cool features to be expected via Steam - perhaps being able to message friends directly from Steam Chat to Old School Runescape's Game Chat or maybe even the ability to message them while 'offline'.
  • RuneScape's account security and safety are expected to be given more attention thanks to this collaboration.

The above points are just speculation and thoughts that we were able to come up with after doing a lot of research and digging deep into the subject, but anything, literally ANYTHING can happen - we are just hoping for all events to turn out positive!

With that being said, let us remind you that PROBEMAS offers the Safest and Quickest Delivery for Old School Runescape Gold and while we are not sure about the speculation on increased prices in the future, we do urge those that want to get some gold to do it before potentially seeing a price increase.

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Last Updated: 02/04/2021