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RuneScape Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary | Recap of 2020 OSRS Updates

08 Jan 2021, 03:01

RuneScape Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary  | Recap of 2020 OSRS Updates

Old School Runescape celebrates its 20th Anniversary, but what is actually worth celebrating?

It's been 20 long years since the worlds of Gielinor opened their doors to the very first players, and 20 years later in the middle of all the COVID-19 crisis here we stand wondering what to expect and where the next 20 years of Old School Runescape could be heading.

Let's recap some of the Old School RuneScape updates 2020 has brought to us...

January 9th - Eating in the Bank: We waved Goodbye to those poisonous deaths while standing at a bank booth, sweating it through game ticks to bring out that one food piece! 

dying man in old school runescape


February 6th - The Nightmare of Ashihama:

A new boss hit the lands of Gielinor trying to cause havoc amongst the not so lucky people of Morytania. NINE New OSRS items were introduced to the game with the Harmonised Orb leading the MOST expensive item for 2020 and to date, it still holds its place at the podium.

the nightmare of ashihama osrs


April 23rd - Bounty Hunter Returns: PKer's Rejoice! The Modified Bounty Hunter that was eagerly awaited but was not for long celebrated.....Unfortunately, we're still left with very little PVP opportunities apart from trying to defeat and grab hold of one of Odablock's High Risk Lootations

guy banging his head


June 24th - Death Changes: R.I.P! Have you ever died in the middle of General Graador's Room and got prepared for one panic pick and tele situation? Worry no more, the Old School Team has got our back! Introducing a fully re-worked system where your items are not only now placed in a fancy tombstone, but also in a safe distance away from any dangerous combat (where possible)! Tombstones aren't ever-lasting however that doesn't mean that once the 15 Minute timer expires (in-game time, not world time) you are to wave goodbye to your hard-worked items, instead they'll be waiting for you at a NEW NPC 'Death' at his Office! You can read more information about this here.

osrs update on death changes


August 26th - Mahogany Homes: Time to build a house, said no-one ever! What is it going to be, save a couple of OSRS GP and grind a couple of hours or days for the new Construction Bonus Armor Set or you can leave the tedious grind behind and let Probemas hook you up once again with the best deals on OSRS Gold.

mahogany homes in osrs


October 2nd - RSBot & Powerbot Sites To Be Shut Down :

As Usual Jagex tries (or at least shows us that they are trying) their best at taking the grip on those deadly botters and their communities. Putting up a fancy news-post announcing their victory against RSBot & Powerbot after forcing them to close down their business for good, or did not? Well here's the thing, a few days after their celebration Powbot appears out of no-where and familiar faces from the supposedly shut-down culprits start to re-appear. What do you think, JagexFlex or JagexFail?

powerbot shutdown updates

October 21st - Revenant Caves Update: The Caves famously known for the casual level 3 player turning into a 50 man not so nice of a party was given a make-over. Some say it has made their OSRS Money Making more enjoyable whilst others were gutted over another PVP Activity Loss. 

osrs revenant caves update


That rounds up what we here at Probemas think were the highlight updates of 2020, and although some might say they were hoping to get RAIDS III in 2021, we've already seen some exciting updates such as the Soul Wars mini-game

We hope that you have enjoyed reading just as much as we enjoyed going through nostalgic memories that we made in 2020! For those who need more OSRS gold, feel free to get them from the #1 RS gold site in 2020.

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Last Updated: 01/09/2021