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OSRS Woodcutting Guide - Fastest RuneScape F2P Training

Jan. 25, 2020, 22:16

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There is nothing more relaxing than getting home from school or work, making yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and logging in to your Old School RuneScape account.

But sometimes you might not know where to start the adventure of the day: maybe some PKing? Or PvMing? Nah, these are relatively intense. Let's go with OSRS woodcutting instead.

In order to relax properly and still progress through the game, you can opt to level a profession. Woodcutting is a good choice because raw materials are always in demand, it’s easy and that’s why we’re going to cover Woodcutting today.

Fast Woodcutting Leveling

In this OSRS Woodcutting guide, we will cover both the fastest way to gain Woodcutting experience and also a way to level up Woodcutting and making OSRS gold at the same time. Note that you should always use the best axe you can, as it will help you to level up Woodcutting faster.

Level 1 – 15

Starting at level 1 to 15 you have no other option but to swing your axe at Trees. They are abundant in Gielinor and you can choose whatever spot you prefer, it really does not make much difference as you will level up to 15 fast. You can use the Iron axe, but it does not add much in value, so don’t go out of your way to get it if you already have a Bronze axe.

chopping normal trees in gielinor

Level 15 – 30

Just like the simple trees, Oak trees are also widely scattered throughout the world. The recommended location for cutting them is Draynor or Varrock, due to proximity to a bank. If you are short on gold, consider banking Oak logs because they can be sold for a decent amount of gold.

make RS gold with oak trees

Level 30 – 35

So, you have not yet been bored by all this axe swinging and decided that the lumberjack’s way of life suits you? Good. This Woodcutting level bracket is where we begin to see some differences in free-to-play and pay-to-play methods. Members will want to chop Willow trees until they reach level 35 Woodcutting.

Level 35 – 99

F2P players will have to settle for Willow trees for the rest of the game until they reach 99 Woodcutting. Willow Logs are near worthless and you should not bother banking them.

As for locations, F2P players should chop Willow trees at Draynor village and P2P at Catherby.

osrs woodcutting guide with willow trees

Level 35 – 99 (Fastest Way)

P2P players will want to level up 99 Woodcutting by chopping Teak trees. This is the fastest way to level up your Woodcutting if you’re using one of the tick manipulation methods. 3-tick, 2-tick and 1.5-tick methods are click-intensive, but perfect for leveling up Woodcutting. Your XP per hour will go through the roof! Check this YouTube guide on how these methods are executed. Teak trees can be found south-west of Castle Wars, in Ape Atoll, Khazari Jungle, and Hardwood Grove.

woodcutting training osrs teak trees

Level 90 – 99 (Easiest Way)

From level 90 Woodcutting you can start chopping Redwood trees. This method is not the most efficient one, however, it is very AFKable and is perfect for people running OSRS in the background while doing something else. Redwood trees can be found in Woodcutting guild and you will also need to have 75%, Hosidius Favour.

osrs woodcutting redwood trees

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Money Making With Woodcutting

Woodcutting in OSRS can be profitable once you hit a certain level. Improving your RuneScape woodcutting skills over time can get you a good payday, but don't expect that much compared to other high-paying RS skills.

Level 60+

Achieving level 60 Woodcutting allows us to chop down Yew trees. Good spots for F2P players are Varrock Castle and the woods south of Falador. P2P players, as usual, have more options and can go to Catherby or Tree Gnome Village. Both locations are close to a bank. Yew logs are not really expensive, thus if you’re not in desperate need to make gold, we suggest you stick only to leveling Woodcutting for a while. And if you are, you can simply buy OSRS gold.

make money in osrs with yew logs

Level 75+

Now once you reach level 75 Woodcutting you can really make some serious cash. P2P players unlock the ability to chop down Magic trees. This money-making method is also convenient due to it basically being AFK. Unfortunately, for F2P players chopping Yew logs is as good as it gets.

osrs magic tree

When leveling Woodcutting, make sure to acquire a Lumberjack outfit. The complete four-piece set gives a 2.5% increase in Woodcutting XP rates and is easy to obtain. You will only spend around an hour getting the whole set. This, in turn, will save you tens of hours in the long run. Pieces of the outfit drop from Undead Lumberjacks’ in Temple Trekking minigame.

Infernal Axe

A notable item for any dedicated skiller is the Infernal axe which has a 1/3 chance to burn the chopped logs. It requires 61 Woodcutting and 85 Firemaking. While it gives only half the experience for the logs it burns you would get using the conventional methods, it saves time by both clearing your inventory and giving you XP at the same time.