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Where To Find The Best Content For Old School RuneScape: Twitch vs Youtube

15 Jan 2021, 06:53

Where To Find The Best Content For Old School RuneScape: Twitch vs Youtube

A very HOT Topic that has been going around for quite a while is, which platform would I find the best Old School Runescape Content?

Why do streamers or content creators choose one from the other?

We at Probemas took up the job and went 🕵️ Detective Mode 🕵️ and here's what we've found! 

Let us start digging into the numbers!

The number reflects that YouTube is a clear winner with a 300% growth clocked in 2020 and they look forward to yet surpassing this milestone again in 2021 by another huge gap.

However, despite YouTube's clear gains, Twitch still holds the Crown for the amount of Old School Runescape content on both recorded streams as well as uploaded Old School Runescape related content. 

So what can Twitch offer that YouTube cannot for OSRS Content Creators?

There is both money and an audience to be made on Twitch; both of which are major incentives that YouTube is increasingly taking away from its users, specifically Old School Runescape players.

This influx of new Old School Runescape players from YouTube can help boost the presence of other channels and Twitch’s popularity overall, not to mention attract the attention of brands, as we've seen by the likes of SNEAK Energy Drink which has been arranging deals with multiple top tier OSRS streamers and content creators.

But it has also resulted in frustration from experienced players, who aren’t happy with the increased competition.

With streaming records being regularly broken and more and more creators taking sides, it won’t be long before an outright winner is named. Who is your bet to take home the crown this year?

Well, let us leave the Platform Battle for now, and dig into the top 5 Old School Runescape content creators on Twitch and Youtube!

Let's kick things off with these youtube logo Youtube Old School RuneScape content creators.

Top 5 OSRS Content Creators On Youtube

5️⃣ SoupRS

soup rsSoupRS has been around 10 years now, with 100s of videos and over 59 MILLION views on his channel! He’s well known for his line of episodes for “Gielinor Games” He hosts a number of games and gives away prizes to the community.

He’s an overall great content creator and deserves many more views than he gets. With 10 years of YouTube, he’s made a name for himself and has created an amazing community around him.

4️⃣ Behemeth's OSRS Highlights
behemeth osrs highlights

Behemeth’s OSRS Highlights is a newer channel on this list Hitting over 20 MILLION Views, but it deserves way more attention than most OSRS channels. So who is Behemeth?

He gets his clips from fellow OSRS players and compiles them into a large “Highlight” video to show the community the best of the best videos and clips.

We at Probemas personally love his videos because it’s more than 1–2 people doing something for a few hours. This channel is a huge collection of different people, doing different things and makes watching so much more interesting.


🥉 EVScape

evscape osrs

EVScape joined on April 20th, 2017, and has 28.4 MILLION views at the time of this blog! EVScape is well known for his video “The $5,000 OSRS Battle Royal”. EVScape is a well known OSRS YouTuber!

He has done so much for the community and has always been an amazing player. He has 100s of videos on his channel doing all sorts of OSRS content from community giveaways, PKing, raids, bosses, and almost any content you can think about EVScape has done it.

🥈C Engineer

c engineer osrs youtuber

C Engineer has really come a long way since his start in 2007. He’s one of the oldest Oldschool Runescape YouTubers, he just hit 13 years as a RuneScape YouTuber! That is such an amazing feat, and he has never given up.

C Engineer won the 2017 Golden Gnome for Best New Video Maker. C Engineer makes videos on all sorts of categories such as PKing, bossing, raiding, minigames, HCIM videos, and the list goes on!

While it’s hard to explain every video in this single post.. what we can say is WOW, 34 MILLION Channel Views and he doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon!

🥇Link's Ocarina & Rargh

links ocarina and rargh

These two OldSchool RuneScape YouTubers took a new style into doing videos. They do different things every video and then fight each other at the end of the video. They do things such as “3 slayer tasks, then we fight”, “twisted bow for 2 hours, then we fight”, “Shops Only, then we fight”.. and the list goes on for 100s of videos.

Link and Rargh have to constantly use their Old School RuneScape knowledge to compete in tasks with each other to get a win at the end of the video.

Not only do they have amazing duo videos together, but they also have amazing live streams where they both get on YouTube Live and do these tasks with the community. Their community to Youtube/Old School Runescape have really grown and I’m positive almost everyone knows their names.

And we've left the best for last, the leading Old School RuneScape content creators on twitch logo Twitch.

Top 5 OSRS Content Creators On Twitch

5️⃣ Faux

faux twitch logo

Paul is well known on Twitch as one of the original Oldschool Runescape live streamers with Faux amassing over 249K followers. He began live-streaming several days after the release of Oldschool Runescape on his original OSRS account, Is My Str 0.

He has since been extremely active in the Oldschool community. He is a veteran of the United States Military and a noticeably patriotic person.

We are amazed with the amount of Hard Core Accounts this champ has been able to create and progress, but we're really humbled by his Hard Core Death that happened during a live stream ON PURPOSE in aid of charity! 

4️⃣ Mmorpg

mmorpgrs logo

Mmorpg, also known as MmorpgRS, is an Old School RuneScape YouTuber and Twitch streamer. As of March 2018, he has a YouTube channel with 39 thousand subscribers and a Twitch channel with over 184 thousand followers.

He has won two Golden Gnome Awards in his Old School RuneScape career. In 2017, he got a maximum total level on his ironman account.

🥉 Alfie

twitch alfie osrs

Alfie, also known as Alfierules is 23 years old Old School RuneScape live streamer who is most notable for community interactive PKing streams. He is well known for his Ironman and Hard Core Ironman gameplay especially starting them from scratch due to unseen circumstantial deaths! ⚰️

His viewers love him, his subscribers even more, and here at Probemas, we are eager to see what this fine Old School Runescape content creator has in stock for us in 2021!

🥈 Odablock

odablock osrs

Odablock started streaming Old School RuneScape on Twitch in December 2017 and ever since he has been taking the Twitch Oldschool Runescape Scene by the STORM!

According to his chatbot, Odablock has over 18,300 subscribers. Therefore, his minimal monthly income should be about $45,750 USD per month, excluding revenue from tiered subscriptions, advertisements, Twitch cheer bit contributions, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and donations.

Famously known for his outrageous reactions while streaming PVP Content, insanely high-risk PKing, and his god-given skill-cap for PVP!

🥇 B0aty

b0aty twitch

B0aty, also known as Adam Lyne, is an Old School Runescape content creator that has earned 373,700+ viewer hours and over 500,000 followers. This makes him the #1 Old School Runescape Content Creator on Twitch.

He is known for his player killing, PvM, skilling, and overall knowledge of the game.

Honorable Mention: WooxSolo

This article would not have been complete without mentioning the G.O.A.T himself, the one that makes the impossible, possible, Mr. WooxSolo

Famously known for his unmatchable skill and knowledge on Oldschool Runescape, whenever he's Live on Twitch we can say three things for sure:

  1. His Channel will be on the Top of the OSRS Viewer Count.
  2. He has new content or bugs to expose! 
  3. He's back to show the world that he's the True MVP of Old School Runescape!

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Final Thoughts

This was fun, right? We're able to understand better how actually big of a platform Old School Runescape has become! 

If we had to choose between Twitch and Youtube, we'll suggest you go for Twitch when you're looking for the best Old School RuneScape content creators.

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Last Updated: 01/15/2021