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How To Earn OSRS Gold Fast For RuneScape Bond

07 Feb 2020, 03:46

How To Earn OSRS Gold Fast For RuneScape Bond

One of the main essences of Old School Runescape would have to be the pleasure of being a member of the game. It unlocks a great number of skills and abilities, which provides great entertainment to players that are elusive to Free-to-Play players.


Today, we're going to discuss OSRS bonds, how to get them fast, and how you can acquire cheaper RuneScape membership.

This OSRS money making guide will provide you with various methods of generating a solid income to quickly buy an OSRS bond. It will be split into two sections, one for Free-to-Play users and the other for Pay-to-Play players.

Note: Some money making methods will require higher skill levels than others.

Free-to-Play Methods

For F2P players. here are the best ways you can make enough money fast to trade for an OSRS bond.

Collecting wines of Zamorak

250k GP per hour


  • Level 33 Magic
  • Law runes
  • Air rune

Wine of Zamorak will always be an item that is high in demand as it is a secondary item needed in the Herblore skill to create a Ranging potion. This makes collecting wines of Zamorak a very good money making method, especially for F2Ps.

collecting wines to get more osrs gold


To start, you must gather law runes and air runes for the Telekinetic grab spell, which requires level 33 Magic.

Then head over to the Chaos Temple, which is just a straight path North of Falador, North-West of the Goblin Village as shown in the image.

Once you are inside the temple, it is advised not to click on the Wine of Zamorak without the telekinetic grab spell as it will deal you with harsh damage and initiate combat between you and the Zamorak worshippers around you.

To pick up the item safely, use your telekinetic grab spell and then either wait for the wine to respawn again, or simply hop worlds after each grab.

Once you reach a full inventory, deposit your items at any nearby bank (Falador is the closest F2P bank) and repeat the process. This money-making method can provide a player around 250k OSRS GP per hour if done efficiently.

An hour or two of this every day for a week can provide you with enough money for a RuneScape bond.

Grinding chocolate bars to chocolate dust

130k GP per hour


  • Knife
  • Chocolate bars

Chocolate dust is obtained by using a knife on a chocolate bar. They are used as an ingredient in the Herblore skill to create energy potions, to bake a chocolate cake, and are required in some OSRS quests.

This money-making method can provide a player up to 130k OSRS GP per hour if done efficiently and fast. However, you can also AFK this method but will result in a much lower earned gold per hour.

chocolate dust money making scheme in runescape

The first thing you should do is gather as many Chocolate bars as you can either through shops or the Grand exchange. You should stand one tile away from a bank while doing this method to maximize GP per hour.

Take out your knife and fill the rest of your inventory with chocolate bars, use your knife with the chocolate bars and either click “make all”, or spam alternate between clicking the knife and the chocolate bar. Make sure you do not eat any.

Deposit your chocolate dust and repeat the process.

Pay-to-Play Methods

Here are the different methods for pay-to-play players to make more OSRS money fast and easy.

Killing green dragons

480k GP per hour


  • None


  • Level 65+ combat skill levels
  • Anti-Dragon shield
  • Anti-fire potion
  • Looting bag (for increased GP per hour)
  • Games necklace
  • Ring of Dueling
  • Food

Green dragons provide a player with good, consistent money due to the Dragon bones and Green dragonhide which they drop. These items are always high in demand and will immediately sell on the Grand Exchange for a decent price.

Dragon bones are constantly needed for people to train the Prayer skill and Green dragonhide is needed to train the crafting skill; this is what makes the items sell for a good price.

earn more osrs gold guide

You can expect to make an average of 480k OSRS GP per hour here depending on your combat level. A couple of hours of this each week will ensure you acquire your OSRS bond.

Buying OSRS Gold

No Limit


  • A very small amount of real money.

buy osrs gold with probemas

You can spend hours on end grinding away money-making methods that bore you just to buy a bond, or you can head straight into the fun part of Old School Runescape by simply making the choice to buy OSRS gold.




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