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OSRS Prayer Guide: The Best Training Method To Level Up Fast

01 Jan 2021, 02:28

OSRS Prayer Guide: The Best Training Method To Level Up Fast

Nobody can deny the importance of the Prayer skill when it comes to combat in OSRS. Prayer is a must especially for PVP players, but that also means it is very important for PVEs, and you can take the raids as the perfect example.

The Importance of Training Your Prayer Skill

Training your Prayer will let you access buffs and protections helping you in combat as well as PKing. These buffs can take the form of boosting your combat abilities in addition to other special buffs.

The higher your Prayer level, the better buffs you unlock. But Prayer is one of the most expensive skills to train and one of the fastest as well if you spend more OSRS gold on the training process.

The Cost of Reaching Level 99 Prayer Fast

Quick ways are expensive, you will have to obtain a huge amount of OSRS gold in order to reach the max Prayer level as fast as possible.

But don’t worry, you can buy whatever amount of OSRS gold from as we offer the cheapest prices in the market as well as the safest and most secure way to trade the OSRS gold.

The Best Prayer Training Method

In this OSRS Prayer guide, we are going to introduce the fastest possible P2P way to get your Prayer skill to the max level in the shortest possible time. You might want to stock up on OSRS gold to make this possible.

There are some quests to gain prayer experience, but we do not recommend that as you can train much faster following our guide.

Also, keep in mind that the only possible way to train Prayer in the F2P worlds is by burying regular bones or big bones, which takes a very long time and it isn't worth it.

Gilded Altar

osrs gilded altar

Actually, the safest and the best way to train Prayer is by using the Gilded Altar in POH, you can build it at level 75 Construction, and it requires you to keep the two Incense burner lit to get 350% Prayer experience per bone.

That means it is always better to join another player’s house at World 330, as they keep the Incense burners lit for you, and of course, you won’t need to have level 75 Construction

In essence, you will only focus on using the bones on the altar. Using the Gilded Altar in POH is very simple, you just use the Bones on the Altar in your house or other player’s house.

To join another player’s house, you will need to be at World 330. Use your Teleport to House tablets, change the house settings to teleport outside of the house portal, so you don’t waste time on exiting your house.

players gathering to train prayer skill in osrs

Bringing the bones in notes would make the whole process much faster as you can unnote them (5 coins for each banknote) for each trip outside of the house portal from Phials who is located near the house portal of Rimmington, next to the Rimmington General Store.

The Recommended Inventory Setup when Training Prayer:

  • House teleport tablets
  • Bones in the noted form + unnoted Bones filling the rest of the inventory
  • OSRS gold to pay for unnoting from Phials

osrs bones

Step-By-Step Guide For Power Leveling Prayer:

  1. Setup your inventory
  2. Use your House teleport tablet
    setting up inventory for prayer training in osrs
  3. Go inside someone’s house
  4. Check if the house includes the Gilded Altar, if it does, use your unnoted bones on the Altar
    putting bones on the altar
  5. Use your House teleport tablet and go to Phials to unnote the bones
  6. Repeat starting from step 3

Keep in mind you can gain a faster Prayer experience by using the bones one by one on the altar rather than letting the game automatically use all of your unnoted bones on the altar. BUT, I do not recommend doing that as you can bury the bones by mistake.

What Kind of Bones Should I Buy?

Well, choosing the bones is depending on your budget, but since this OSRS guide is introducing the fastest way to reach Level 99 Prayer, we will be using the Superior Dragon bones which have the highest Prayer experience, and the most expensive as well.

But using the Superior Dragon bones requires Level 70 Prayer, so you will be aiming for the Dagannoth bones instead until you reach Level 70 Prayer.

If you want something efficient in terms of GP/XP, then you should use the Dragon bones until level 99 prayer instead, but this is far slower than using the Dagannoth bones followed by the Superior Dragon bones after level 70.

  Superior Dragon Bones Dagannoth Bones Dragon Bones
Prayer EXP 525 437.5 252
Prayer EXP per hour 1,338,750 1,115,625 642,600
OSRS GP/EXP  20.5 18.48  7.37
Needed Bones to Prayer Lvl 99 (From Lvl 70) 23,423 28,107 48,797


Why You Should Not Use The Chaos Temple?

You can use the Chaos Temple (Wilderness Altar) in the wilderness to train your Prayer as it has the same experience rate as the Gilded Altar with a 50% chance of not losing your bone when you offer it to the altar, meaning that you can have the same experience of the Gilded Altar trip with almost half of the bones.

But also you have to keep in mind the risk of being PK’ed in the wilderness and losing your bones. Losing your bones is a big risk since they are very expensive, so in my opinion, I think it is better to use the Gilded Altar instead.

Expert Tip: Buy OSRS Gold When Needed

You should also remember that you can always buy the needed amount of OSRS gold from Probemas, so using the Dagannoth bones/Superior Dragon bones combo shouldn’t be an issue at all if you are aiming to reach level 99 Prayer fast and easy.

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