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5 Fastest Skills To 99 In OSRS With Training Guides

23 Jan 2021, 08:59

5 Fastest Skills To 99 In OSRS With Training Guides

Have you ever imagined owning a skill cape in OSRS in under 24 Hours?

As Odablock would say "Wallah that's Crazzzzzy!".

crazy guy banging his head

But as crazy as it sounds, we are here to tell you that it's POSSIBLE and we're going to tell you which Old School Runescape skills are the fastest 99s and how to get them!

Fastest OSRS Skills To Level 99

Fletching icon Fletching – The Fastest OSRS 99 Skill Fletching icon

Fletching is the current title holder for the Fastest Old School Runescape 1-99 Skill. The simple reason behind this is Dart Fletching.

The following is the guaranteed FASTEST way to get Fletching from 1 all the way up to 99 but we do have to warn you, it will come with a heft price totaling approximately ~ 150M OSRS GP. Here's what you need to do - STEP BY STEP!

Level 1-10 Bronze Arrows Bronze arrow 5
Level 10-22 Bronze Darts Bronze dart.png
Level 22-37 Iron Darts Iron dart.png
Level 37-52 Steel Darts Steel dart.png
Level 52-67 Mithril Darts Mithril dart.png
Level 67-81 Adamant Darts Adamant dart
Level 81-95 Rune Darts Rune dart
Level 95-99 Dragon Darts Dragon dart

Approximate Time To Reach Level 99 Fletching: 8 HOURS

Do you want to reach level 99 Fletching fast? You should check out our OSRS Fletching Training Guide.

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Prayer icon.pngPrayer – The Second Fastest OSRS 99 Prayer icon.png

If you are not yet exhausted from the millions of clicks you have just gone through getting 99 Fletching, well you've arrived at your next challenge because next up on our 5 Fastest OSRS Skills to 99 is Prayer!

The fastest way to hit 99 through Prayer is by using Dagannoth bones. This will take you up to level 70, after which you will be able to start using Superior dragon bones. If you are using a manual clicking method, then you can hit 99 after around 10 hours. This will cost about 210M OSRS gold to complete.

And for those who are just reading and drooling because they can not afford what is on the price tag, worry not because there is another way!

Using Ensouled Heads together with a Dwarf Multicannon complimented with 93 Magic allowing you to use Reanimate Dragon Heads you can expect to drop the price down to 63M gold - isn't that crazy? 

Approximate Time To Reach Level 99 Prayer: 12 HOURS (Ensouled Heads will take ~32 Hours)

Need expert help in reaching level 99 Prayer? You should read our OSRS Prayer Training Guide.

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Bob the Builder Can you Fix it? No, but you can get 99 Construction!

Next up on the list is Construction, which is a quick method as long as you have the gold to spend. As far as the fastest way of reaching 99 goes, you will firstly need to make Crude Wooden Chairs to get you to level 19. Then Oak Chairs should get you to level 33, and this process should take you about an hour. From here, it will take another hour to make Oak Larders for you to get to level 52.

You will now need to be crafting Mahogany Tables until you reach level 77 this will unlock the ability to make Gnome Benches which takes about 19 hours to reach 99 from this point. The issue with this is that it can be expensive, clocking in at around 182M gold per hour 🤯.

To save some gold, you could choose to make Dungeon Doors from level 74 after making Oak Larders. It will cost less than half of what Gnome Benches would cost, though it could take you up to 40 hours to complete.

Approximate Time To Level 99 Construction: 22 Hours (Dungeon Doors will take ~40 Hours)

Need some help in getting to level 99 Construction? You can use our OSRS Construction Training Guide.

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Up Next we've got Cooking hitting the Number 4 Spot!

You can expect to get 99 Cooking in just 24 Hours, that is right, a day straight with no breaks, nope not even a toilet break! 

Jokes asides, this is also one of the cheapest buyable 99s in Old School Runescape when taking into consideration how fast you can get it, it's only around 20M Gold!

Level 1-5 Shrimps
Level 5-15 Herring
Level 15-25 Trout
Level 25-30 Salmon
Level 30-35 Tuna
Level 35-70 Jug of Wine
Level 70-99 1-Tick Karambwans


You've heard us right, brewing Jugs of Wine is not actually the fastest way to 99 so you might be wondering how do I 1-tick Karambwans and where? Read carefully as we're about to teach you some try-hard stuff!

To 1-tick them, you need to hold down the space bar or number 2 button on your keyboard and use a raw Karambwan on a fire or range on every gametick so every 0.6 seconds. It will take you a bit of getting used to the timing, but once you do it for a few minutes, you'll easily get the hang of it.

At level 30, you'll burn a lot of them, and you stop burning them at level 99 cooking, but with the Hosidius kitchen, you stop at level 93, and with the elite Kourend diary 10%, you stop burning at level 89.

Approximate Time To Reach Level 99 Cooking: 18-24 Hours

Need help in reaching level 99 Cooking? You can read our OSRS Cooking Training Guide.

Last but not least - Firemaking! 

If you ask around searching for which is the easiest skill for you to get to level 99, many will tell you that it is Firemaking. This is a very popular skill amongst the realms of players that wish to hit level 99 as quickly as possible, and it also provides a profit to players as well.

The reason that it is so highly regarded as the easiest skill starts with the lighting normal and Maple logs, in which you can hit level 50 in just 35 minutes. We are only at the halfway point here (in terms of level, not XP), in which you can take part in the Wintertodt. This is a minigame boss of sorts, which focuses on your skills. Depending on how you approach the Wintertodt, you could be playing it for up to 65 or so hours. To make the most of the Wintertodt, you should try and avoid Fletching, so you can get the highest possible XP income. It’s a rather quick method of getting to 99, and you will make some decent profit along the way.

Approximate Time To Reach Level 99 Firemaking: 30-35 Hours

Do you need to reach level 99 Firemaking fast? Then you should check out our OSRS Firemaking Training Guide.

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Final Thoughts About These Fastest 99 Skills

We'd like to start off with a healthy reminder: take breaks and by no means we do not recommend playing 30 to 35 hours straight as this is very unhealthy and can lead to serious health problems!


If you are however one of the dare-devils out there, at your own risk you are free to attempt one of the mentioned skills above and we guarantee you'll hit that 99 within the approximation we've given out!


We at Probemas think that these five skills offer methods in which you can hit 99 much faster and more effectively compared to the other skills in OSRS. We do have to warn you, however, the faster the method the more expensive it is, so make sure you have plenty of gold which you can easily do by simply buying either Runescape Gold or OSRS Items & Supplies from us.


We also offer some of the best skilling services around, and as you've read previously within this article, you can make use of such OSRS services by contacting our Facebook page.


We hope you've enjoyed reading this article - till next time!



Last Updated: 08/10/2022