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OSRS Ironman Guide: Best Tips and Tricks For Beginners

18 Jan 2021, 06:24

OSRS Ironman Guide: Best Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Introduction to Ironman Mode on Old School Runescape 

Ironman Mode is an account type, released on 13 October 2014, that requires the player to be entirely self-sufficient.

Ironmen are locked out of or restricted in most forms of interactions with other players such as interacting in trades, most group-combat-related content such as GodWars, Corporal Beast, etc., and for obvious reasons, unable to make use of the Grand Exchange.

To start your account as an Ironman, one must speak to the Iron Man tutor before being teleported by the Magic Instructor out of Tutorial Island.

There will be an option to convert it to a standard account (or to a regular Ironman if you choose to be a Hardcore or Ultimate Ironman) at any point after the tutorial by talking to the tutors in Lumbridge, but this conversion is permanent, and an account cannot be remade an Ironman. 

Best OSRS Ironman Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Enough with the chit-chat, you are probably here because you've already created your Ironman Old School Runescape account, you've already experienced the mode, and you are after some tips and tricks that will help you complete Ironman challenges that all seem new to you.

Well, that's why we have created this OSRS Ironman Guide because aside from having the best OSRS services, the best OSRS gold prices, and all that you can ask for, we also got RuneScape experts that can provide you with some secret Ironman tricks that will surely help you out in your adventure! 

TIP 1: Early-Game - Choose your Path wisely! 

A very big game-changing decision is what and how to build up your adventure as soon as you exit out of Tutorial Island. Playing Ironman mode might seem as if you are just about to play a normal account with some restrictions, but trust us, a few wrong decisions will get you in situations that are not so easy to manage but can definitely be avoided!

There are multiple paths you can choose and work on, however, the following path we're going to disclose to you is the one that is well-known for providing the best progressive experience for your Ironman account alongside some fantastic unlocks and gains!

The Artisan Path

There are a couple of skills in Old School Runescape that due to the lack of thought process given to them one might not really figure out their true potential and long-term benefits.

Firemaking, Construction, Fletching, and Woodcutting complimented with Thieving and Agility are the skills that require early attention if following this path. So how exactly does this work? 

Once you've completed Tutorial Island and of course, locked yourself in as an Ironman, the first thing you are going to do is to steal from various men and women wandering in Lumbridge. 

The Aim of this is not to get level up your Thieving skill but for us to get some early gold to proceed to the next steps that we'll get into shortly. The amount of gold you must get is around ~400 coins.

Do not worry about getting stunned while thieving, as a Normal Ironman Account (This does not apply to Hardcore Ironman at ALL COST so be careful!), you will not be punished for deaths so use them at your advantage! 

Once you are done with collecting gold head over to Bob's Axes shop and purchase your first steel axe and head straight over to the top of Lumbridge castle and light the logs that spawn there until you reach level 15 Firemaking.

Minigame teleport to Clan wars and head over to the woodland area between Ardounge and Port Khazard. While in this area you'll be focusing on getting to level 35 woodcutting as well as also burning the logs you cut to receive some fire making experience.

Once done, you'll make your way to Ardy marketplace and focus on getting to level 20 thieving by utilizing the cake stall - we recommend banking all the cakes you get, this will be critical when following this path, you'll understand why soon!

Once you hit that awesome level 20 thieving, you'd want to move over to the Silk Stall and again steal and bank Silk until you reach 30 thieving.

We recommend taking a short break at this point, remember breaks are important for one's wellbeing, however, the purpose of this break will be to cool down and be able to sell the Silk back to the Silk Stall Owner - this should get you approximately ~10,000 OSRS Gold.

Visit the Estate Agent while in Ardy and purchase your house.

Head to the north of Ardy and using a spade Dig up clue hunter gloves and boots, these are located at the exact spot as shown in the image below:

estate agent osrs in ardy

Once that's done you'd want to head over to Barbarian Assault, deposit all your items from your inventory to the bank chest available there and pick up the planks available that spawn in the area.

You'd want to collect around ~150 planks, for now, these will be very helpful in getting your first construction levels that will be crucial for the main activity that you'll be doing when following this path!

Using the minigames teleport you'll want to make your way to Clan Wars. 

PRO TIP: Entering and exiting the portal at clan wars will recharge your run energy, prayer, and stats - you will want to use this as much as possible, especially when you get your hands on Ring of Duelings that will enable you to teleport to Clan Wars without having to wait for the Minigame Teleport Cooldown.

Take out your Steel axe and a tinderbox and make your way to the southwest area of Castle Wars. You'll be staying here chopping trees and burning logs until you reach 50 Firemaking.


You've finally made it to the part where you'll find out why all this was needed!

Take a Guess, where do you think all this is going to lead up to?

osrs wintertodt guide for ironman mode


What is so special about this minigame is that you'll be able to make use of this minigame while benefitting from gaining not only experience in Construction, Firemaking, Woodcutting, and Firemaking but you'll also get your hands on a fantastic amount of Supply Crates!

These Supply Crates will reward you with an insane amount of OSRS gold and supplies while also allowing you to try your luck at getting your hands on the Firemaking Pet, Dragon Axe, and the Tome of Fire! 

To conclude, you're going to have to carry out a very important decision that will reflect on what you'll be doing for a couple of weeks or months, and that's how long you're going to stick to Wintertodt.

Probemas recommends that you stick to the grind all the way up to 99 Firemaking, and even though we understand how tempting things can get, we recommend leaving all the Supply Crates in your bank and opening them at a later stage in your adventure due to the simple fact that the higher your stats, the better your reward potential! 

TIP 2: One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure! 

We're pretty sure that you've heard of this old saying, and trust us, this saying goes a LONG way if you are one of those playing Ironman mode on Old School RuneScape.

In a nut-shell what this means is, the simplest and cheapest item you come across during your adventure might turn up to be as useful as a fantastic Scythe of Vitur that you'll one day find yourself grinding after eventually!

So pick up everything you can get your hands on and chuck them straight to your bank, you'll thank us later.

TIP 3: Farming and Bird House Runs

Farm runs and bird house runs are two activities that you should do frequently as soon as you can!

How frequent you do them is totally up to you, but we recommend that you at least do your farming run at least ONCE per day and Bird House Runs TWICE per day, one as soon as you log in and one just before logging out.

These two activities not only provide you with minimal action experience in multiple skills but also allow you to continuously collect resources that will be very important for your Ironman!

TIP 4: Quest Cape

We urge you to fear not from questing, but instead look at them as your ticket to unlocking a lot of FREE Experience, Content Unlocks, and more!

What we are trying to say is that as soon as you can do a quest, just do it! 


nike logo and tagline

TIP 5: Save your 1-Charge Teleport Jewelry

We are pretty sure that at one time or another you've found yourself trying to make some space in your Bank and to do that, you end up dropping a Ring of Dueling with (2) Charges left or a Games Necklace with (1) Charge left. 

You've just lost ~765 gold coins! I bet you wouldn't drop your next 1-charge teleport jewelry now, would you? 

And for those that still haven't understood what we're trying to say, basically just use your Low or High-Level Alchemy on this Jewellery instead of dropping them and you'll be cashing in on some gold! 

TIP 6: You Can Toggle Your Ammunition Pickup Options

Have you ever dreamt of not being forced to pick up your ranged ammunition such as darts, bolts, or arrows? Or perhaps avoid having to manually put runes that you've just looted into your rune pouch that you're carrying? 

Worry-no-more! It is POSSIBLE!

Simply head over to the Tutors' Area in Lumbridge, and by speaking to the Ranged and Magic combat tutor you'll be able to toggle your ammunition pickup options respectively.

Conclusion and About Our Future Ironman Related Topics

I hope that you've enjoyed reading this article! We know we know, it was not something like the usual, Ironman rarely gets a shot at the spotlight unless for IronMEMEs but we're not going down that road this time around.

We've heard many requests for OSRS Ironman-related content, and we are here to let you know that we've got your backs! Expect more Ironman content guaranteed.


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