FAQs about upcoming Loyalty Program (launch time 18th of June)

How does the Loyalty Program work? It’s very simple! 1)     Spend money in our shop 2)     Get points 3)     Redeem those points for exclusive prizes!* *Applies only to registered users What are the Loyalty Tiers and their benefits? Loyalty Tiers are the levels of loyalty of our customers! The higher your Tier is, the more points per purchase you get. For example, a Bronze... Read more >>

Selling RS gold and using Skrill

If you wish to earn an extra buck or two, selling your Runescape gold is a wise and clever move. If you are a capable player, a skiller, a PK’er or just have lots of GP – sell it and make it into cold hard cash. Probemas has been successfully operating in the RS gold trading market for many years now. Thousands and thousands of completed transactions later we would like to introduce a new way to sell gold. Use Skrill. Skrill is an Online Wallet offering instant money transfers... Read more >>

Buy Runescape Gold with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Buying RS Gold with Bitcoin is super easy and safe. The process of getting Bitcoin is fairly simple. You can buy Bitcoins with your Credit/Debit card and then use them anonymously for your online purchases. Bitcoin transaction for both OSRS & RS3 Gold is instant. In addition to this, you can get $10 worth of free bitcoin (which equals to about 9M OSRS) when you buy more than $100 worth through this link https://www.coinbase.com/join/5c0ab475dcb3e91758f0e6cf Make sure to use the... Read more >>

Top 5 most common questions about Runescape Gold Buying (RWT)

  1)   Question: Are you guys legit? Answer: This is the most common and the funniest question we get. Just think about it. Even if someone’s intentions were really bad, would he actually say it out loud? Of course we are legit, but you shouldn’t be asking us that question; check out what other people say about us instead! https://www.trustpilot.com/review/probemas.com - reviews collected from verified customers. https://www.facebook.com/probemas/reviews -... Read more >>

How to Buy RS Gold Without Getting Banned

If you are worried about getting banned or flagged by Jagex for purchasing Runescape 3 or OSRS gold from Probemas – relax. Even though chances of ending up on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ are practically non-existent, there is still a considerable concern amongst first-time buyers and also returning customers about being caught. Probemas makes sure that its customers are safe and protected yet if you have any looming or existing concerns about buying gold and getting... Read more >>

Trust no one – or how even JMods may scam you

  Well well well… Who could have thought that a JMod (probably, highly likely and almost 100% proof indicates that it was Mod Jed) would involve themselves in something this dirty? Even though they do players dirty by not launching mobile on iOS, removing free staking on Duel Arena etc., but they also steal from their player-base. Fantastic isn’t it? So what happened? As an article in “Newsweek” states, Mod Jed found himself right in the middle of a controversial... Read more >>

Sell your Runescape account (NOT BUYING ANYMORE!!)      

  So you are looking to sell your Runescape account, huh? Tired of wasting your life and GP in the Duel Arena or Wildy? Then sell your OSRS account right here to Probemas! [We don't buy RS3 accounts at the moment] All jokes aside, we are not just a gold selling and buying website anymore, you can sell your account safe and secure. If you are still here and interested in selling or how the entire procedure works – read the article down below to get more information! How to... Read more >>

Runescape OSRS Duel Arena update (Staking Tax & Removal of Items)

Hey guys, as you may or may not have seen – Oldschool Runescape Duel Arena received a major update. The ‘Sand Casino’ we fell in love with has been reworked. In short, item staking has been removed, and only GP and platinum tokens can be used for stakes. This was done to ‘tackle odds staking and Real World Trading’ while, in reality, it just causes harm to the community. In general, this move creates more problems than benefits for the community. Let us explain! Duel... Read more >>

Everything you need to know about Runescape Mobile Beta

The wait is finally over. You can sit back, unlock your mobile device and fully immerse yourself in the RS mobile experience. So, it’s finally out, huh? Well, that is not entirely true. As of today, you can only play this game if you are a member and have an Android device. This means that both F2P players, along with iOS users will have to wait for their chance to play Runescape on the go. Even though it is officially listed as a “Closed beta” on the official Runescape... Read more >>

Runescape botting risks

Everyone seems to be looking for the easy way out. That is precisely why Runescape players turn to gold farming faster than you can say ‘Why am I banned now?’… In this article we will try to show you what is macroing or gold farming and why is this method not worth your while. Runescape botting Farming or macroing is a process when a person or a programme, usually called a bot, do specific tasks to gain skills or in this case earn money. Lots of bot clients are scripted... Read more >>

Runescape bonds – know all about it

First things first, it is totally not worth it! Bonds are genuinely an expensive way of obtaining a Runescape membership and let us explain why. Bonds In real life, bonds are investments with guaranteed returns. In Runescape, however, they are items which you can keep, sell or trade to obtain a Runescape membership, wealth or status. In its essence, bonds are a guarantee from Runescape and an entitlement to benefits. Many players, up to this date, have no clue what these magical bonds... Read more >>

Runescape gold for sale – where  to buy?

So you have decided to buy OSRS or RS3 gold, but don’t know where to buy it. Lucky for you, Probemas has an extensive and informative guide on gold purchases in the world of Runescape. Read the article to find out where and how to buy Runescape gold. Without further ado, let’s begin! First steps before buying Know your needs and understand how much time would it take to earn that money. For real players, it might take tens if not hundreds of hours. So yet another question... Read more >>

The best site to buy RS gold

2018 is a new chapter for Runescape gold trade. Conditions have never been better for players to buy GP online. However, at the same time, numerous scammers, liars and other non-legit sellers are emerging in numbers. So in this article, Probemas would like to show and inform you guys, how to stay safe and choose the best site to purchase gold on Runescape. Get familiar with the market You cannot just walk to the mall and buy the first pair of shoes you see. The same applies to Runescape... Read more >>

How to use Runescape gold?

Money money money must be funny, in the rich man's world. As Abba sung these lines in the 1970’s and 80’s, people had no idea about Runescape. Thirty years later we have a thriving million player ecosystem that has a strange currency called GP. Runescape gold is a very intriguing subject, and in this article, Probemas would like to give insights on how you can use OSRS and RS3 gold. Sell it If you want to earn real-life cash, an easy way is to sell your Runescape gold. Probemas... Read more >>

Runescape mobile release date (exact date revealed)

Move over Tinder, Runescape mobile is coming! Wave your free time goodbye as the game we all love and will become more accessible in the near future when it comes to handheld electronic devices! Playing something on your phone had transformed from minimalistic pixelated 80’s like gaming to modern and immersive experiences with titles like GTA became available on the go. Runescape has finally embraced this tendency as luckily for us players; it is officially coming to mobile devices!... Read more >>

How to avoid scams in Runescape?

Scamming, scamming, scamming – you sneaky little rascal of Runescape! Pretty much every player has faced or ended up on the wrong side of scamming throughout their playing careers. In this article, we will look over the most notorious and famous scams. Probemas will highlight the most used tactics of scammers and help you avoid them in the future! Luring Luring has been around since the first days of wilderness. Luring is essentially tricking a player to get his good items and come... Read more >>

How much is OSRS gold worth in 2018?

  Have tons of gold, and you do not know for how much you can sell? Or, maybe you want to become the next Zezima and take the RS world by storm with your new wealth? Read the article below to find out how you can track OSRS gold prices and get the best deals while keeping your real funds safe and RS pockets heavy! Runescape gold - basics Gold in Runescape can only be obtained in-game. Players get it while carrying out tasks, selling goods or looting drops along with a few other... Read more >>