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OSRS F2P Money Making Guide 2023

02 Jul 2020, 01:10

OSRS F2P Money Making Guide 2023

In this OSRS F2P Money Making guide, we will be discussing the ways you can earn OSRS gold fast without paying for RuneScape membership.

This has been a hot topic among Old School RuneScape players since it seems that pay-to-play players have an unfair advantage against free-to-play players when it comes to making money in Gielinor.


F2P players have to go an extra three miles whenever they wish to get themselves something nice while most P2P get them easily.

Low Requirement OSRS F2P Money Making Methods

Wilderness Looting

Wilderness looting is one of the most popular money making methods with fresh level 3 accounts.

Scavenging in the Wilderness can get tedious and requires a player to be quite concentrated on the task, but it is a completely zero requirement money making method that helps build up capital for future ventures. Deposit the loot you scavenged from the battlefield at the nearby Edgeville bank.

Players might find using an OSRS client that allows color-coding item names on the ground by their value to be extremely advantageous. Truth be told, this method can be really painful otherwise.      

Concentrate on expensive items such as Adamant arrows and in an hour or so you will have some OSRS gold ready to be invested.

wilderness money making in osrs

Buy Low, Sell High

Now that we have some starting money, we can begin investing. The popular saying “buy low, sell high” might sound very obvious and is often used when referring to the stock market. We are not dealing with stocks today, though, or flipping on the Grand exchange for that matter, but merchanting.            

Gielinor is home to many gods, monsters, magical beings, mythical races, and whatnot. One can get lost in this wondrous fantasy world.

One can also be forgiven for forgetting the many NPC shops that are scattered throughout the world. Very often items from these shops can be bought low and sold high on the Grand Exchange (GE) for guaranteed profit.

Sometimes the opposite is true – in rare cases, it’s profitable to buy from GE and sell to a shop. An example of the former case is a clothes shop in Varrock, an example of the latter is the jewelry shop in Port Sarim. There are many such shops around Gielinor. Find the ones that work best for you.

shop and trade osrs items in runescape grand exchange

Mining Iron Ore

Mining is always a decent option to make more OSRS gold. Mining Iron ore requires level 15 Mining, takes only a few minutes of Mining Copper and/or Tin ore, and is very accessible. Sell the Iron ore you mine on the GE, it can’t be simpler.

Smelting Bars

Smelting metal bars can sometimes be surprisingly profitable. Even if it is moderately profitable, you are leveling your Smithing skill which will help you a lot in the long run.

Start with Bronze, go to Iron, and then Silver if the price for Silver ore is right.

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Medium Requirement OSRS F2P Money Making Methods

Mining Gold Ore

At level 40 Mining you can mine Gold ore and with level 40 Crafting you can access the Crafting guild with plenty of Gold veins. Selling Gold ore can be lucrative, especially with access to the Crafting Guild.

Without level 40 Crafting you will have to settle for mining Gold ore somewhere else with fewer Gold veins and more competitors, forcing you to hop worlds and inevitably get that ugly “too many login attempts” screen.

earn OSRS gold by mining ore

Wine of Zamorak

Despite what you might think of Zamorak himself, his famous wines do catch a good price on the GE and can be used for good ends.

To execute this OSRS F2P money making method you will need to be brave since the Chaos temple you are going to plunder is located in deep Wildnerness. There you will need to use a Telekinetic grab spell on Wine of Zamorak.

The spell requires level 33 Magic, Air, and Law runes to cast. Bring Air staff with you and runes for teleportation, some food, and energy potion(s).             

The Chaos Temple in deep Wildnerness is located south-west of the Lava Maze and north of the Forgotten Cemetary.                            

P.S. Wine of Zamorak can also be made via Cooking skill at level 65 like normal Wine, just with Zamorak’s grapes instead of normal ones.

wine of zamorak osrs gold making

Nature Runes

The creation of Nature runes is a privilege exclusive to P2P players. The glass is half-full, however, because F2P players can still use and acquire these runes. A good albeit dangerous method is to go into deep Wilderness and use a Telekinetic grab spell. The spell is unlocked at level 33 Magic and requires Air and Law runes to cast.

Grab Staff of air to save on runes. Since Wilderness is a PvP location, it is recommended to have food, runes for teleportation, and energy potion(s).

The concrete location is an island surrounded by lava, southeast of Demonic Ruins. Stay sharp and beware of PKers that would kill you and take Nature runes from your cold, dead hands rather than do the hard work themselves!demonic and nature ruins in old school runescape

High Requirement OSRS F2P Money Making Methods

Wines of Zamorak 2

No, you are not experiencing déjà vu. Yes, this is not a mistake. The reason we’re putting this method on the same guide a second time is that there are two places where you can acquire Wines of Zamorak and earn Old School Runescape GP.

In this case, you must meet all the requirements mentioned in the previous section. This time you will be plundering a different temple, though. This one is located north-west of Goblin Village.

Once you get into the temple, you will need to get up the ladder to the second floor. The catch is that to get there you must have to have a 500 level total and wear Zamorak robes.

Members’ skills are taken into account even if this method is executed on a F2P world which makes it perfect for someone who went on a break from OSRS and is now in need of an OSRS bond.  

As you can see on the map, it is possible to simply run to the bank without using any teleports.

getting the wine of zamorak to make more OSRS gold

Mining Adamantite

Mining is always a consistent money-making method in OSRS, whether you’re doing this at a low, medium, or high level. At level 60 Mining you unlock the ability to mine Adamantite ore. A good spot for this is the mine in Al Kharid.           

Keep in mind that you might need to hop worlds rather often to maintain an effective mining rate. At level 40 Mining you unlock Rune pickaxe and you should use it.

osrs mining adamantite

Mining Runite

For a veteran player, this method is also no surprise. At level 85 Mining you unlock the ability to mine Runite rocks for Runite ore. It is one of the more profitable ways to make OSRS gold, as it is always the case the higher your skill in any area gets.        

There is only one location where F2P players can access Runite rocks and that is the northern point of Lava Maze which is in deep Wilderness. Prepare accordingly.

making more OSRS gold by mining runite

Chopping Yew Trees

Cutting down innocent Yew trees might be the least profitable high requirement method on this list, but it is not so painful as mining Adamantite ore and getting “too many login attempts” screen from hopping worlds constantly or risking getting PKed while mining Runite ore in deep Wilderness.              

Yew trees only give in to the swings of players who have level 60 Woodcutting or higher. Use the best axe available to you (Rune) for the best results. The upside of this method is that it’s very relaxed.         

The two best spots to cut Yew trees are northern Varrock and southern Edgeville.

chopping yew trees in osrs

Final Thoughts About OSRS F2P Money Making

We hope that you will find our little guide handy and finally become rich enough to impress your RuneScape girlfriend. Nobody takes a pauper seriously!

The more practical players might be interested in some powerful OSRS items instead.

If you feel like all this effort is not worth it to save a few bucks, you can always buy RuneScape gold, and skip this annoying part of the game.

Before you bid our page farewell and get back to playing your favorite game there are a couple of things you should know.

First, the higher your skill level is, the better money-making methods you unlock in OSRS.

Second, the fastest way to the stars is with a membership, whether you are just starting training your character or are already quite advanced.



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